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  • Kindred are Runeterra's death given flesh and name.
    • Lamb ends those who have accepted their fate.
    • Wolf chases those in denial of their end.
      • Morality and actions in life do not matter, only the way one chooses to die.
  • Kindred are a mythical being, known only in legends and folktales. They have many names (Ina and Ani, Farya and Wolyo, others, but they are always Lamb and Wolf, the Kindred) and their masks are a universal symbol of theirs, yet their existence 'per se' is only known to the dead or those few who almost were.
    • The Noxian Karthus tally-men illustrate a case of pseudo-worship.
  • In 'A Good Death' the actress Magga encountered the Eternal Hunters in Demacia (pre-Jarvan III) while it was not yet her time. This depiction is the in-game one (just like how gamblers see Tahm Kench Tahm Kench and how he himself is seen in-game)
  • Their omnipresence grants Kindred many insights.
  • Wolf was first spotted in Amumu 'Curse of the Sad Mummy'.



KindredSquare.png Classic Kindred [S|L]
KindredSquare.png Shadowfire Kindred [S|L]
KindredSquare.png Super Galaxy Kindred [S|L]


  • One of the many legends surrounding the origins of the Kindred tell of 'a pale man with dark hair' (Runeterra's own Grim Reaper) who was 'very lonely' and so split himself 'right down the middle' so he 'would always have a friend'.
    • Assuming there is some fact to this tale, one can extrapolate that his emotions (materialized in his dark hair) became Wolf, while his rationale (materialized in his pale self) became Lamb.
      • This would 'explain' why the Kindred are two halves of a whole and why one has what the other lacks (Lamb's cold reason, Wolf's hot instinct)


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