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Previous Splash Art

Patch History

  • Violent Tendencies.png Violent Tendencies
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where if Kled leveled up Violent Tendencies while auto attacking an enemy, his 4th hit would not deal bonus damage.
  • Chaaaaaaaarge!!!.png Chaaaaaaaarge!!!
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where using Chilling Smite.png Chilling or Challenging Smite.png Challenging Smite would cause Chaaaaaaaarge!!! to re-route and extend the range of his charge.
  • Jousting.png Jousting
    • Bug Fix: Now can correctly dash through player-created terrain with the second cast.
  • Violent Tendencies.png Violent Tendencies
    • Bug Fix: No longer activates when used on plants or when Kled cancels his basic attack.
  • Violent Tendencies.png Violent Tendencies
    • Bug Fix: The fourth hit now properly procs on-hit effects even when the bonus damage kills a unit.
  • Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard.png Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard
    • Removed: Reduced damage to minions and monsters while dismounted.
  • Chaaaaaaaarge!!!.png Chaaaaaaaarge!!!
    • Movement speed trail duration reduced to 6 seconds from 8.
    • Range reduced to 3500 / 4000 / 4500 from 4500 at all ranks.
  • General
    • Bug Fix: Health bar no longer takes forever to reappear if he dies and is revived by Zilean Zilean's Chronoshift.png Chronoshift at the exact instant he remounts Skaarl.
    • Bug Fix: Sir Kled's joke animation now loops until canceled (like base Kled), rather than stopping after one runthrough.
  • General
    • Clarity: Colorblind mode now changes the color of Skaarl's health bar.
  • Added


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