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Upon Selection

  • Kled Select
    "I find courage unpredictable, it's total insanity you can rely on!"

Upon Starting a Game

  • Kled.start01
    "Them's humans!"
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.start02
        "Naw, they're good eatin'."
  • Kled.start03
    "What was that? Oh, I should go for the decakill? Uh, if you say so."
  • Kled.start04
    "It's my property! All sixty gazillion acres of it!"
  • Kled.start05
    "Holy $%!#, where are we?"
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.start06
        "Guess we'll have to kill our way out!"


While Mounted
  • Kled.attackMount01
    "Slow down so I can kill something!"
  • Kled.attackMount02
    "Get off my lawn!"
  • Kled.attackMount03
    "They's about to be dead!"
  • Kled.attackMount04
    "This land is my land!"
  • Kled.attackMount05
    "Damn trespassers!"
  • Kled.attackMount06
    "Step on my land again, you're done!"
  • Kled.attackMount07
    "How about a long axe in your guts?"
  • Kled.attackMount08
    "You are perturbing my tranquility!"
  • Kled.attackMount09
    "You should run! Skaarl likes his food lively!"
  • Kled.attackMount10
    "Don't interrupt me! I'm trying to start a fight!"
  • Kled.attackMount11
    "Damn city folk!"
  • Kled.attackMount12
    "I'm Kled, and this here's Skaarl. Prepare to die."
  • Kled.attackMount13
    "This is how it's gonna work: I kill you, then I take your stuff."
  • Kled.attackMount14
    "Look, Skaarl! It's dinner time!"
  • Kled.attackMount15
    "You see my welcome sign back there? No? It was your friend's skull!"
  • Kled.attackMount16
    "You will salute when you address me!"
  • Kled.attackMount17
    "Let's get them trespassers!"
  • Kled.attackMount18
    "Why ain't they saluting me? They should be saluting me! Salute me now!"
  • Kled.attackMount19
    "You get my invitation to visit? No? 'cause there ain't one!"
  • Kled.attackMount20
    "Let's do it!"
  • Kled.attackMount21
    "Oh, it's on!"
  • Kled.attackMount22
    "I got your welcoming present right here!"
  • Kled.attackMount23
    "The badgers command your death!"
  • Kled.attackMount24
    "Only coffin's gonna' be this lizard's belly!"
  • Kled.attackMount25
    "Let's get 'em, Skaarl!"
  • Kled.attackMount26
    "I might have to jump off this lizard and put my boot in your watoosie!"
  • Kled.attackMount27
    "Let's get 'em, 'fore they get us."
  • Kled.attackMount28
    "I'm gonna murder you to death!"
  • Kled.attackMount29
    "I will murder your whole family!"
  • Kled.attackMount30
    "My brain is on fire, my soul is strong, and my lizard is hungry!"
  • Kled.attackMount31
    "You mocking me?"
  • Kled.attackMount32
    "He looked at me funny! Get him."
  • Kled.attackMount33
    "You can't take what's mine!"
  • Kled.attackMount34
    "You looking at me? 'cause I'm gonna' kill you!"
  • Kled.attackMount35
    "You can't bushwhack a bushwhacker!"
  • Kled.attackMount36
    "You just justified a preemptive retaliatory strike!"
  • Kled.attackMount37
    "They came looking for a fight? Let's oblige 'em."
  • Kled.attackMount38
    "I am justified, and I am armed!"
  • Kled.attackMount39
    "Howdy!" Kled laughs.
While Dismounted
  • Kled.attackDismount01
    "I'm through running!"
  • Kled.attackDismount02
  • Kled.attackDismount03
    "I'll kill you!"
  • Kled.attackDismount04
    "Now you done it!"
  • Kled.attackDismount05
    "I'll gut you!"
  • Kled.attackDismount06
    "I'll say something witty after I kill you!"
  • Kled.attackDismount07
    "I'm gonna' cut you open and use your spine for a back scratcher, because it is itchy! Very itchy!"
  • Kled.attackDismount08
    "I can only express myself through violence!"
  • Kled.attackDismount09
    "Who sent you?"
  • Kled.attackDismount10
    "Welcome to Noxus!"
  • Kled.attackDismount11
    "This! Is! Noxus!"
  • Kled.attackDismount12
    "I hate you!"
  • Kled.attackDismount13
    "You's trying my patience!"
  • Kled.attackDismount14
    "Come back here and fight!"
  • Kled.attackDismount15
    "My axe talks for me!"
  • Kled.attackDismount16
    "You thought I was done? Kled ain't never done!"
  • Kled.attackDismount17
    "I can't be reasoned with!"
  • Kled.attackDismount18
    "It's go time!"
  • Kled.attackDismount19
    "I ain't stopping!"
  • Kled.attackDismount20
    "You see, Skaarl? I'm doing it alone!"
  • Kled.attackDismount21
    "I'll kill 'em all!"
  • Kled.attackDismount22
    "See, Skaarl? I don't need help!"
  • Kled.attackDismount23
    "Skaarl! You're missing the fun!"
  • Kled.attackDismount24
    "I'm just beginning to fight!"
  • Kled.attackDismount25
    "I'll kick the crap outta' you!"
  • Kled.attackDismount26
    "No trespassing!"
  • Kled.attackDismount27
  • Kled.attackDismount28
    "You're a cockroach, and it's half-past stomping time!"
  • Kled.attackDismount29
    "My brain is full of weasels!"
  • Kled.attackDismount30
    "Serenity now!"
  • Kled.attackDismount31
    "I don't like sharing!"
  • Kled.attackDismount32
    "Oh, you prancing bastard!"
  • Kled.attackDismount33
    "My blood is piss and vinegar!"
  • Kled.attackDismount34
    Kled laughs.
  • Kled.attackDismount35
    "I'm gonna reach down your throat, and turn your lungs into mittens!"
  • Kled.attackDismount36
    "I'm gonna make you wish you were a hallucination!"
  • Kled.attackDismount37
    "You think I don't hear you laughing?"
  • Kled.attackDismount38
    "There's fixing to be two sounds: me hitting you, and---" Kled curses.
  • Kled.attackDismount39
    "Lord Colonel Major Centurion Kled don't run, no he don't!"
  • Kled.attackDismount40
    "I came here to... well, I don't know what I came here for, but I'm gonna' defend it!"
While Violent Tendencies.png Violent Tendencies is Active
  • Kled.attackW1
  • Kled.attackW2
  • Kled.attackW3
  • Kled.attackW4
  • Kled.attackW5
  • Kled.attackW6
  • Kled.attackW7
  • Kled.attackW8
  • Kled.attackW9
  • Kled.attackW10
  • Kled.attackW11
  • Kled.attackW12


While Mounted
  • Kled.moveMount01
    "This land was made for me - and me alone."
  • Kled.moveMount02
    "I hate to advocate violence and insanity, but it's worked for me."
  • Kled.moveMount03
    "Were you just talking, or was it the voices again?"
  • Kled.moveMount04
    "I do not want my lands tamed. I want them unruly and free."
  • Kled.moveMount05
    "I'm from all over. It's next to nowhere and shut the hell up!"
  • Kled.moveMount06
    "I play with guns. I work with an axe."
  • Kled.moveMount07
    "Mushrooms are healthy! Once you get used to the madness and paranoia."
  • Kled.moveMount08
    "A man without a weapon ain't worth listening to."
  • Kled.moveMount09
    "Yeah, I like it out here. Freedom, communing with nature, killing hikers."
  • Kled.moveMount10
    "They ain't ready for us."
  • Kled.moveMount11
    "I keep hallucinating that you can talk."
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.moveMount12
        "Nah, I'm sure it'll pass."
  • Kled.moveMount13
    "Skaarl! This ain't no time for philosophying!"
  • Kled.moveMount14
    "Killing a few things might loosen this up."
  • Kled.moveMount15
    "No more of that! You're upsetting the invisible badgers!"
  • Kled.moveMount16
    "My land begins where I walk. It ends where the sun don't shine!"
  • Kled.moveMount17
    "Damn cowards, making me ride over to kill 'em."
  • Kled.moveMount18
    "Well, maybe I am looking to start a fight!"
  • Kled.moveMount19
    "I do prefer to ride into battle."
  • Kled.moveMount20
    "Yeah, but... then how we gonna' invade both bases at once?"
  • Kled.moveMount21
    "No, I'm positive, I ain't delusional!" Kled mumbles.
  • Kled.moveMount22
    "Of course I'm paranoid! You tried to kill me yesterday!"
  • Kled.moveMount23
    "Nah, them we kill them too! Ain't nobody on my team but you."
  • Kled.moveMount24
    "I came to cut off a piece of that Noxian dream... and I ain't sharing my piece!"
  • Kled.moveMount25
    "Don't try and understand 'em, just rope, throw and brand 'em."
  • Kled.moveMount26
    "I grew up mean and now I'm older than murder."
  • Kled.moveMount27
    "Ain't nothing more beautiful than the Noxian plains... excepting a rich corpse."
  • Kled.moveMount28
    "All we need is open country, but we gonna' take everything they got!"
  • Kled.moveMount29
    "I fight better when I've had my... medicine."
  • Kled.moveMount30
    "No! Planning and strategy? That's city-folk stuff!"
  • Kled.moveMount31
    "Don't need a plan... long as I got this axe."
  • Kled.moveMount32
    "Yeah, they just confirming our suspicions, ain't they?"
  • Kled.moveMount33
    "I don't have trouble communicating. Words is just treacherous bastards."
  • Kled.moveMount34
    "You ready, Skaarl? This day's gonna' require some mindblowing weirdness."
  • Kled.moveMount35
    "Are you ready for anything?"
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.moveMount36
        "Of course you are!"
  • Kled.moveMount37
    "Hey, it's Forward Admiral Major Kled! I ain't been a Mister since ever!"
  • Kled.moveMount38
    "Shh! Them brain weasels probably listening for us."
  • Kled.moveMount39
    "Let's get to killing them interloping intruders!"
  • Kled.moveMount40
    "Was the battle of Falgrim when I first took the rank of Sergeant General Colonel. Least, I think that's what rank they was. Gotta' remember to ask before killing them."
  • Kled.moveMount41
    "Ain't nothing like having the wind on your back and blood on your face."
  • Kled.moveMount42
    "It's your birthday, Skaarl! Let's bake a murder cake!"
  • Kled.moveMount43
    "Well, my foot wanted to meet your ass, and I'm about to give them a shotgun wedding!"
  • Kled.moveMount44
    "Shh! It's time to get violent... and weird."
  • Kled.moveMount45
    "Oh, we find 'em, tie 'em up, then they's like a piñata full of meat."
  • Kled.moveMount46
    "Damnit Skaarl, d'you hide my mushroom juice again?"
  • Kled.moveMount47
    "After we finish murdering these folks, what do you think? Tacos? Yeah, tacos."
  • Kled.moveMount48
    "First, we kill 'em, then we make 'em tell us where they came from."
  • Kled.moveMount49
    "Remember when we sacked Trevail, and that general thought we'd be willing to share the spoils? Pheh! Officers die just as easy as anybody."
  • Kled.moveMount50
    "There ain't no land that ain't mine. Just land I ain't got around to claiming."
  • Kled.moveMount51
    "Just 'cause they're our team don't mean we can trust 'em."
  • Kled.moveMount52
    "They're all trespassers, we're just killing them five first."
  • Kled.moveMount53
    "Yeah, yeah, invade Ionia you said, it'll be fine you said!"
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.moveMount54
        "Fine, you said!"
  • Kled.moveMount55
    "Yeah, reminds me of the siege of Rugg. Lot of men died on its high walls. It was fun."
  • Kled.moveMount56
    "At the gates of Qualthola, they tried using that boiling oil on us, but you can't deep-fry courage!"
  • Kled.moveMount57
    "I know, I know."
  • Kled.moveMount58
    "Would you stop bitching for one minute?"
  • Kled.moveMount59
    "I am deep-fried courage, and an apple pie of angry!"
  • Kled.moveMount60
    "Because I know someone is trying to sneak up on us!"
  • Kled.moveMount61
    "Yeah, they think they so clever! Brains don't win fights, brains is what splatter on you!"
  • Kled.moveMount62
    "Well, you the only thing I trust."
  • Kled.moveMount63
    "Yeah, well, that's what I thought."
  • Kled.moveMount64
    "Shut your hole, you dumb lizard."
  • Kled.moveMount65
    "Well, just 'cause you're a hallucination and I don't speak lizard don't mean I can't understand you!"
  • Kled.moveMount66
    "You do come up with the best ideas."
  • Kled.moveMount67
    "No, it's when I don't drink mushroom juice that I have a problem!"
  • Kled.moveMount68
    "I am Kled! High Major Commodore of the First Legion Third Multiplication Double Admiral Artillery Vanguard Company! You will respect my authority!"
  • Kled.moveMount69
    "We was having a nice conversation, then they showed up... uninvited!"
  • Kled.moveMount70
    "Noxus was created to train the faithful."
  • Kled.moveMount71
    "What are you whining about? I already fed you half a platoon!"
  • Kled.moveMount72
    "Don't you bite me again!"
  • Kled.moveMount73
    "Naw, it's just like the assault on Glorf. You seen one artillery vanguard in a commando fleet action, you seen 'em all."
  • Kled.moveMount74
    "Noxus ends where I say it ends."
  • Kled.moveMount75
    "Ain't much I love. Only this big sky, and this dumb lizard."
  • Kled.moveMount76
    "Let's get some new property."
  • Kled.moveMount77
    "The sky is my roof, the open plains are my bed, and this lizard is the only company I need."
  • Kled.moveMount78
    "This big sky, this green land. Now how could I share this with anyone?"
  • Kled.moveMount79
    "Woo, it's darn pretty round here. Glad it's mine."
  • Kled.moveMount80
    "You can't be lonely when the land is this beautiful."
While Dismounted
  • Kled.moveDismount01
    "This world is rough. You gotta' be tough or die."
  • Kled.moveDismount02
    "Yes, a sane man would run, but I ain't the running kind!"
  • Kled.moveDismount03
    "No-one tells me what to do."
  • Kled.moveDismount04
    "This here land is mine!"
  • Kled.moveDismount05
    "This is just a victory waiting to happen!"
  • Kled.moveDismount06
    "This desert sky's gonna' open up with a rain of heavenly bloodshed and glorious violence!"
  • Kled.moveDismount07
    "I am the brutal instrument of my own destiny!"
  • Kled.moveDismount08
    "Ain't nobody gonna' give you nothing. Gotta' take it yourself."
  • Kled.moveDismount09
    "Impossible ain't a Noxian word."
  • Kled.moveDismount10
    "I didn't become a Rear Forward Brigadier Admiral from running!"
  • Kled.moveDismount11
    "I don't need that lizard! Kled's got his own ideas."
  • Kled.moveDismount12
    "I don't need nothing but this axe... and this gun... and this hat."
  • Kled.moveDismount13
    "Why's all these intruders so far away?"
  • Kled.moveDismount14
    "I know that lizard ain't talking, but I still hear him. Shut up, lizard. Shut up!"
  • Kled.moveDismount15
    "Stop talking, you stupid brain badgers!"
  • Kled.moveDismount16
    "Hey, what was that? Of course I don't need Skaarl... but he helps."
  • Kled.moveDismount17
    "What was that? Run straight into the tower?"
  • Kled.moveDismount18
    "I don't need a team to start a teamfight!"
  • Kled.moveDismount19
    "Sure! I'll kill all of them myself!"
  • Kled.moveDismount20
    "I don't need you Skaarl!"
  • Kled.moveDismount21
    "I said I wasn't not backing off, no how!"
  • Kled.moveDismount22
    "Even if I lose, I win! Just means I get to come back and kill you later!"
  • Kled.moveDismount23
    "I know you're listening, brain weasels! I ain't falling for it!"
  • Kled.moveDismount24
    "I am Sir Admiral Major Kled, and I smell a victory potpourri!"
  • Kled.moveDismount25
    "First thing you learn as a Lieutenant Sergeant Commodore: rely only on yourself."
  • Kled.moveDismount26
    "Skaarl! Come back, buddy! Skaarl?"
  • Kled.moveDismount27
    "Damnit, Skaarl! I hate walking!"
  • Kled.moveDismount28
    "I didn't not earn the rank of Sergeant double Admiral by not running!"
  • Kled.moveDismount29
    "Folks say I got violent tendencies." Kled laughs.
  • Kled.moveDismount30
    "Oh, she'll see, she'll see! She'll come strolling back when I turn them interlopers into a purée."
  • Kled.moveDismount31
    "Ain't nobody tough as Kled! I've got gravel in my guts and a fire in my head!"


  • Kled.taunt01
    "Don't worry, them voices ain't telling me to kill you no more...! Yeah, of course we still gonna' kill 'im."
  • Kled.taunt02
    "You do realise... you're on my property?"
  • Kled.taunt03
    "I figure I'll help you kill 'em... before I kill you."
  • Kled.taunt04
    "Usually I find conversation boring and useless. You remind me I'm right."
  • Kled.taunt05
    "You feel like arguing about something? It'll make what happens later easier for you."
  • Kled.taunt06
    "So... when exactly you planning on getting the hell outta' here?"
  • Kled.taunt07
    "Woo, no sir, I ain't gonna' kill you and feed you to my lizard! Them's just... malicious rumours!"
  • Kled.taunt08
    "Oh, before I forget, what, uh... rank are you, exactly?"
Taunting an Enemy Noxian
  • Kled.tauntNoxian01
    "You may be from Noxus, but you ain't Noxian."
  • Kled.tauntNoxian02
    "Don't mess with Noxus, brother."
  • Kled.tauntNoxian03
    "You know, I like you, brother. As much as I can like a lily-livered jungle-sniffer."
  • Kled.tauntNoxian04
    "You sure you're Noxian? You look a little Ionian to me."
  • Kled.tauntNoxian05
    "Watch your stepping! That's my land you're gallivanting on!"
Taunting an Enemy Aatrox Aatrox
  • Kled.tauntAatrox01
    "Drinking from battle? What kind of dumb crap is that?"
  • Kled.tauntAatrox02
    "Telling people you're a god? Hell, you're barely a paring knife."
  • Kled.tauntAatrox03
    "Something caught in your throat? 'cause you sound desperate!"
When an Enemy Champion Taunts Nearby
  • Kled.interactionTauntEnemy01
    "Say that again! I dare you."
  • Kled.interactionTauntEnemy02
    "Thems fighting words! See, Skaarl? That's why I don't like people."
  • Kled.interactionTauntEnemy03
    "Shut your mouth hole! Them badgers are listening."
  • Kled.interactionTauntEnemy04
    "I'm just a Yordle standing in front of you, asking you to shut the hell up!"
  • Kled.interactionTauntEnemy05
    "Of course, you realise, this means war."


When an Enemy Champion Jokes Nearby
  • Kled.interactionEnemyJoke01
    "So, that's what considered funny in the city, huh?"
  • Kled.interactionEnemyJoke02
    "I got a joke too! It's called me kicking your teeth in!"
  • Kled.interactionEnemyJoke03
    "That it? That was your joke, huh?"
  • Kled.interactionEnemyJoke04
    "Was you making fun of my Skaarl?"
  • Kled.interactionEnemyJoke05
    "Real funny! Knew a funny guy in the Dreckon campaign - took a javelin in the spine, couldn't walk after that. Used him as a coat rack."


  • Kled.laugh01
    Kled laughs.
  • Kled.laugh02
    Kled laughs.
  • Kled.laugh03
    Kled laughs.

When Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard.png Skaarl Gets to Low Health

  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth01
    "Don't get weird on me!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth02
    "Dang nabbit, you're gonna' get us killed!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth03
    "Calm down, you damn-!" Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth04
    "Whoa! Whoa! Don't get excited, now!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth05
    "Don't get your britches all rumpled!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth06
    "Calm down, girl!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth07
    "Whoa, Skaarl, whoa!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth08
    "Skaarl, I got this!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth09
    "Don't you run off on me! Skaarl!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth10
    "Easy, girl, easy!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth11
    "Quit your worryin'!"
  • Kled.skaarlLowHealth12
    "No Skaarl, no! Bad Skaarl!"
When Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard.png Skaarl Deserts
  • Kled.skaarlFlee01
    "Hey! We ain't done!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee02
    "Get back here you-!" Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee03
    "Darn nabbit! You lily-livered flea bucket!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee04
    Kled curses. "What are you doing?"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee05
    "I knew you was a coward!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee06
    "I ain't never forgiving you, you flea-bitten-!" Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee07
    "Go home, get! I never needed you no how!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee08
    "Not again!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee09
    "No, no! The other way! Get back here!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee10
    "The fighting's this way!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee11
    Kled curses. "You stupid, dumb animal!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee12
    Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee13
    Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee14
    Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee15
    Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee16
    Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee17
    Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee18
    Kled curses. "Get back here, you---" Kled curses.
  • Kled.skaarlFlee19
    Kled curses. "I will--- I ain't backing down! I don't back down! Never!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee20
    Kled curses. "Where you going? We got 'em right where we want 'em!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee21
    Kled curses. "Now I gotta' walk!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee22
  • Kled.skaarlFlee23
    Kled curses. "Fine! I'll kill 'em!"
  • Kled.skaarlFlee24
    Kled curses. "I'll take 'em alone!"
When Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard.png Skaarl Returns
  • Kled.skaarlReturn01
  • Kled.skaarlReturn02
  • Kled.skaarlReturn03
  • Kled.skaarlReturn04
    "Now we got 'em!"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn05
    "If you does that one more time I'll skewer you and roast you myself!"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn06
    "Where you been?"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn07
    "Get over here, buddy!"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn08
    "Woo, good timing!"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn09
    "I knew you'd be back."
  • Kled.skaarlReturn10
    "Dang nabbit, I love this lizard!"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn11
    "Boy am I glad to see you!"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn12
    Kled laughs.
  • Kled.skaarlReturn13
    Kled laughs.
  • Kled.skaarlReturn14
    "The badgers command it!"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn15
    "For the brain weasels!"
  • Kled.skaarlReturn16
    "Yeehaw! I knew you couldn't quit me, Skaarl!"

Upon Casting Beartrap on a Rope.png Beartrap on a Rope

  • Kled.spellQ1
    "Gotcha now!"
  • Kled.spellQ2
    "How you like that leash?"
  • Kled.spellQ3
  • Kled.spellQ4
    "Oh, you ain't getting away!"
  • Kled.spellQ5
    "You ain't running!"
  • Kled.spellQ6
    "Just try and run!"
  • Kled.spellQ7
    "You ain't going nowhere!"
  • Kled.spellQ8
    "Get back here!"
  • Kled.spellQ9
    "Thought you wanted to visit!"
  • Kled.spellQ10
    "You think you can run?"
  • Kled.spellQ11
    "I'm gonna learn you about pain!"
  • Kled.spellQ12
    "Come back, I gotta' put an axe in your brain!"
  • Kled.spellQ13
    "Aw, you ain't leaving, are you?"
  • Kled.spellQ14
    "Oops, bear trap in your neck!"

Upon Casting Jousting.png Jousting

  • Kled.spellE1
    "Get 'em!"
  • Kled.spellE2
  • Kled.spellE3
  • Kled.spellE4
    "Get 'em, Skaarl!"
  • Kled.spellE5
  • Kled.spellE6
    "Yip yip!"
  • Kled.spellE7
  • Kled.spellE8
  • Kled.spellE9
  • Kled.spellE10
  • Kled.spellE11
  • Kled.spellE12
  • Kled.spellE13
    "Hee hee!"
  • Kled.spellE14
    "Ha ha!"

Upon Casting Chaaaaaaaarge!!!.png Chaaaaaaaarge!!!

  • Kled.spellR1
  • Kled.spellR2
  • Kled.spellR3
    "Let's get 'em!"
  • Kled.spellR4
  • Kled.spellR5
  • Kled.spellR6
  • Kled.spellR7
  • Kled.spellR8
    "Follow meeeee!"
  • Kled.spellR9
    "No prisoneeeers!"

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • Kled.kill01
    "This is Noxus, son! Winner takes all!"
  • Kled.kill02
    "That'll learn 'em!"
  • Kled.kill03
    "Thought you could take my land, huh? How'd that work out for you?"
  • Kled.kill04
    "How's that dirt taste?"
  • Kled.kill05
    "Don't worry, Skaarl! We'll come back so you can eat 'em later."
  • Kled.kill06
    "Whoops! Looks like I accidentally stabbed you with my long axe - until you were dead!"
  • Kled.kill07
    "You were a visitor, now you're mulch!"
  • Kled.kill08
    "Skaarl, that was what we call a predictable scenario."
  • Kled.kill09
    "I told 'em what was gonna' happen if they came onto my land!"
  • Kled.kill10
    "Next time you visit, bring more stuff I can take!"
  • Kled.kill11
    "I might be a deranged lizard-riding bandito, but I whooped you real good!"
  • Kled.kill12
    "Now, I might have overreacted to you unlawfully entering my property - but I don't think so!"
  • Kled.kill13
    "Ahahahaha! I warned him! I did warn him!"
  • Kled.kill14
    "It's funny, 'cause he died right on the border of my land, and more off my land!"
  • Kled.kill15
    "Glad you could visit!"
  • Kled.kill16
    "Don't let the door hit you on your way to hell!"
  • Kled.kill17
    "They never learn."
  • Kled.kill18
    "Tried to bushwhack a bushwhacker!"
  • Kled.kill19
    "That learned 'em real good."
  • Kled.kill20
    "We didn't come here to teach lessons in humanity!"
  • Kled.kill21
    "Y'all made a nice stabbing bag."
  • Kled.kill22
    "Killing makes me thirsty."
  • Kled.kill23
    "Nothing like a river of blood to send a message."
  • Kled.kill24
    "Y'know, a long time ago, being crazy meant something."
Killing an Enemy Yordle
  • Kled.killYordle01
    "Just 'cause we was kin don't mean I ain't feeding you to Skaarl!"
  • Kled.killYordle02
    "Hey cous', glad you came to visit!"
  • Kled.killYordle03
    "A relative's just another unwanted guest."
  • Kled.killYordle04
    "Afraid I had to cut your visit short."
  • Kled.killYordle05
    "You ain't cute now!"
  • Kled.killYordle06
    "Aw, you are so cute... 'fore I ripped your fuzzy head off!"
  • Kled.killYordle07
    "I could feel bad about killing you, or we could stomp on your corpse!"
  • Kled.killYordle08
    "You was cute - lousy, but cute."
Killing an Enemy Aatrox Aatrox
  • Kled.killAatrox01
    "He died as dumb as he sounded."
  • Kled.killAatrox02
    "And he ain't even had the indignity to call himself a demon."
  • Kled.killAatrox03
    "Never had much to say, but I'm sure glad we shut him up."
Killing an Enemy Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
  • Kled.killCassiopeia01
    "Girl was all messed up."
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.killCassiopeia02
        "I mean, before we killed her. Snake for legs? Crazy!"
  • Kled.killCassiopeia03
    "I guess it's snake dinner tonight!"
  • Kled.killCassiopeia04
    "Was that lady half-snake, or that snake half-human? She is... confusing. Dead, but confusing."
Killing an Enemy Darius Darius
  • Kled.killDarius01
    "Hey, lizard food! What exactly was you general of?"
  • Kled.killDarius02
    "Nice axe! Learn to use it!"
  • Kled.killDarius03
    "Death by my hand!"
  • Kled.killDarius04
    "He wanted to unify Noxus. Guess that makes me a secessionist."
Killing an Enemy Draven Draven
  • Kled.killDraven01
    "KLEEEEEED... naw, it's just Kled."
  • Kled.killDraven02
    "Who wants some Kled?"
  • Kled.killDraven03
    "This is where Kled shines!"
Killing an Enemy Illaoi Illaoi
  • Kled.killIllaoi01
    "Skaarl? You eatin' good tonight! That girl's got some meat on her!"
  • Kled.killIllaoi02
    "And you thought I talked crazy!"
  • Kled.killIllaoi03
    "I gotta' stop the mushroom juice... I swear that girl had some tentacles or something!"
Killing an Enemy Jhin Jhin
  • Kled.killJhin01
    "Bye bye, fancy pants!"
  • Kled.killJhin02
    "Hey, fancy pants! Got your cloak dirty!"
  • Kled.killJhin03
    "I don't know what he was. I just needed him to shut up."
  • Kled.killJhin04
    "I can respect crazy, but what kind of fool reloads in the middle of a fight?"
Killing an Enemy Katarina Katarina
  • Kled.killKatarina01
    "A sinister blade? Heck, girl, Skaarl's got farts more sinister than you was."
  • Kled.killKatarina02
    "I like a girl with moxie."
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.killKatarina03
        "No, obviously she didn't have any! That's the darn point!"
  • Kled.killKatarina04
    "Humans is such easy prey."
Killing an Enemy LeBlanc LeBlanc
  • Kled.killLeBlanc01
    "She had one crazy getup! Them city-folk clothes is getting ridiculous."
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.killLeBlanc02
        "Yeah, I'll try it on later."
  • Kled.killLeBlanc03
    "Go back to Noxus Prime!"
  • Kled.killLeBlanc04
    "All your little city-girl dreams just got stomped."
Killing an Enemy Rek&#039;Sai Rek'Sai
  • Kled.killRekSai01
    "We wrecked that thing!"
  • Kled.killRekSai02
    "Damn varmint left holes all over the yard."
  • Kled.killRekSai03
    "Queen of what? Darn thing made Skaarl look smart!"
Killing an Enemy Riven Riven
  • Kled.killRiven01
    "Pure Noxian girl. Almost liked her. Almost."
  • Kled.killRiven02
    "Seems to have lost your bounce, girl."
  • Kled.killRiven03
    "All that hippy hop! Getting on my nerves!"
Killing an Enemy Sion Sion
  • Kled.killSion01
    "How many times do I gotta' kill him?"
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.killSion02
        "I know!"
  • Kled.killSion03
    "Too stupid to live, too dumb to die."
  • Kled.killSion04
    "I don't think you can eat that one."
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.killSion05
        "He looks a little overripe."
  • Kled.killSion06
    "Huh. I liked him better when he was alive."
Killing an Enemy Swain Swain
  • Kled.killSwain01
    "Tactician? More like bird brain."
  • Kled.killSwain02
    "Master Tactician? He can keep that title."
  • Kled.killSwain03
    "He gonna' taste good deep-fried."
  • Kled.killSwain04
    "I figure he gonna' taste like chicken."
    • Skaarl growls
      • Kled.killSwain05
Killing an Enemy Tahm Kench Tahm Kench
  • Kled.killTahmKench01
    "Well, that shut him up!"
  • Kled.killTahmKench02
    "Finally, some silence."
  • Kled.killTahmKench03
    "I knew he was a liar, 'cause he used them big words."
Killing an Enemy Talon Talon
  • Kled.killTalon01
    "I've seem some dumb outfits, Skaarl, but a cape made out of knives? Woo, ha! That took the cake!"
  • Kled.killTalon02
    "Another dead city boy, thinking he could sneaky-sneak on my land."
  • Kled.killTalon03
    "Let that be a lesson for all them sneaky-sneaks!"

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Kled.ward01
    "I keep my eyes open - all the time."
  • Kled.ward02
    "I ain't paranoid - I'm ready. Real ready."
  • Kled.ward03
    "They's always trying to sneak up on us. Trying, that is."
  • Kled.ward04
    "I know them trespassers is somewhere..."
  • Kled.ward05
    "Them sneaky-sneaks ain't gonna' sneak on us, no sir!"
  • Kled.ward06
    "It's mine, and I got my eye on it!"
  • Kled.ward07
    "Yeah, any of them varmints sneak up on us, we'll know."
  • Kled.ward08
    "It ain't paranoia if everyone is out to get you."
  • Kled.ward09
    "Paranoia... means having all the facts."
  • Kled.ward10
    "There's no such thing as paranoia; your worst fears can come true at any moment."
  • Kled.ward11
    "Paranoia is just another word for ignorance."
  • Kled.ward12
    "Total paranoia is just total awareness!"

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Kled.recall01
    "Skaarl! Skaarl!"


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