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  • Skaarl is from a species called drakalops (immortal, unkillable wind spirits) that embody the desolation of the Noxian Plains)
    • Kled's posters call Skaarl the 'pride of Noxus' and a 'decorated veteran of the battle of Bucket Creek', with the drakalops' gender changing depending on the poster (Skaarl is actually female but Kled is unaware)
  • Kled and Skaarl are the first champion with two health bars (combining to form the highest in-game base health, with Kled's being the lowest as well as having no level growth)
  • Kled is the first champion to swear (albeit censored) in-game.
  • Kled is suspected to be (as) old(er) as Noxus itself (by extension a contemporary of Poppy Poppy's)
    • Kled's military contributions (Battle of Fallgren, Battle of Bucket Creek, Battle of Drugne, Siege of Rugg, Siege of Qualthala, Assault on Glorft, Sacking of Trevail, Draken Campaign, and most recently the Ionian Campaign) might have been what turned Noxus from a tribal confederation into the empire it has become.
  • One of Kled's favorite meals are tacos and probably other sentience.
  • Kled is the most distinguished military person to ever live (most of his titles are made up and/or self granted)
  • Kled's 'mushroom juice' may be derived from the ones Teemo Teemo uses as Noxious Trap.png traps.



KledSquare.png Classic Kled [S|L]
KledSquare.png Sir Kled [S|L]


  • Kled Kled thinks Lux Lux is 'dope'.
  • Kled claims to be related to all yordles (it is unknown why he left Bandle City for Noxus)
  • Kled fought together with Sion Sion back when the latter was still alive but doesn't think much of the new undead abomination.


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