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  • Kled is Iain 'Harrow' Hendry's first champion ever designed.
  • Kled's posters call Skaarl the 'pride of Noxus' and a 'decorated veteran of the battle of Bucket Creek', with the lizard's gender changing depending on the poster.
  • Kled and Skaarl are the first champion with two health bars (combining to form the highest base health in the game, although Kled himself has the lowest one coupled with being unable to be improved)


  • Kled is suspected to be (as) old(er) as Noxus itself (and by extension a contemporary of Poppy Poppy's)
    • Kled's military contributions might have been what turned Noxus into the Empire it is today (in total accounting for the Battle of Fallgren, the Battle of Bucket Creek, the Battle of Drugne, the Siege of Rugg, the Siege of Qualthola, the Assault on Glorft, the Sacking of Trevail, the Draken campaign, and most recently the Invasion of Ionia)
  • One of Kled's favourite meals are Tacos (and probably other sentience)
  • Kled is the most distinguished military person that ever lived (most of his titles are made up and/or self-granted)
  • Skaarl is from a species called drakalops and,as stated by Kled,is immortal and unkillable.
  • The 'mushroom juice' Kled drinks may or may not come from the ones Teemo Teemo uses for his Noxious Trap.png Noxious Traps.


  • Kled is the first champion to swear in-game.
    • However, one of his quotes (Holy shit, where are we?) has a bleep censor on the word 'shit' (mostly for ESRB ratings reasons, as the game is rated T(een) and, should the word be uncensored, it would drive the rating up to M(ature), but according to Odin 'WAAARGHbobo' Shafer it's mainly there for humorous purposes)
  • Kled's quote "Of course, you realise, that this means war." is a line that Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes will use, usually before engaging in combat.
  • "I dont need nothing but this axe... and this gun.... and this hat" Is a reference to the movie The jerk.
  • His quote "What was that? Oh, I should go for the decakill? Uh, if you say so." is a reference to a similar line in Suicide Squad.


KledSquare.png Classic Kled [S|L]
KledSquare.png Sir Kled [S|L]


  • Kled Kled thinks Lux Lux is 'dope'.[1]
  • According to him, he is related to all Yordles. It is currently unknown why he left the Yordles for Noxus.
  • He has fought right beside Sion Sion, though he doesn't think much of the new undead abomination.[2]
  • According to his bio, Skaarl is listed as his friend while the rest of the champions (including himself) are his rivals.[3]


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