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Upon Selection

  • LeBlanc Select
    "The Black Rose shall bloom once more."


  • LeBlanc.attack1
    "Time to make an appearance."
  • LeBlanc.attack2
    "There's no escape."
  • LeBlanc.attack3
    "Watch closely."
  • LeBlanc.attack4
    "What a treat."
  • LeBlanc.attack5
    "Right where I want them."
  • LeBlanc.attack6
    "Surprised to see me?"


  • LeBlanc.move1
    "Where next?"
  • LeBlanc.move2
    "It's all smoke and mirrors."
  • LeBlanc.move3
    "Patience, summoner."
  • LeBlanc.move4
    "Tricky, aren't you?"
  • LeBlanc.move5
    "Are you certain?"
  • LeBlanc.move6
    "Trust me."
  • LeBlanc.move7
    "Classic misdirection."
  • LeBlanc.move8
    "Looks can be deceiving."
  • LeBlanc.move9
    "Would I lie?"


  • LeBlanc.taunt
    "For a moment I thought I'd broken a sweat."


  • LeBlanc.joke1
    "For my next trick I'll make their life bar disappear."
  • LeBlanc.joke2
    "Lying is, like, ninety five percent of what I do."


  • LeBlanc.laugh1
    LeBlanc laughs.
  • LeBlanc.laugh2
    LeBlanc laughs.
  • LeBlanc.laugh3
    LeBlanc laughs.
  • LeBlanc.laugh4
    LeBlanc laughs.


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