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  • LeBlanc's loading screen and in-game icon are the first to not focus the actual champion (they focus her Shadow of the Rose Mimic)
  • Mimic Mimic used to be the only ability (currently Relentless Pursuit Relentless Pursuit) that ended up costing 0 mana when fully-ranked.
  • LeBlanc, ShacoSquare Shaco, and WukongSquare Wukong are the only champions with more than one texture per skin (one for themselves and one for the clone spawned by Shadow of the Rose Shadow of the Rose, Hallucinate Hallucinate, or Decoy Decoy).
  • Her byname LeBlanc means "the white" in French and is grammatically masculine (expected feminine form: *LaBlanche).
  • The Black Rose might have been inspired by and/or might be referencing the Black Hand.



LeBlancSquare Classic LeBlanc [S|L]
LeBlancSquare Wicked LeBlanc [S|L]
LeBlancSquare Prestigious LeBlanc [S|L]
LeBlancSquare Ravenborn LeBlanc [S|L]
LeBlancSquare Elderwood LeBlanc [S|L]


  • In her new lore, this secretive, ageless Pale Woman had been leading the Black Rose secret society & masterfully manipulating Noxian historical personnel & events, and still is.
    • LeBlanc is one among her many aliases.
  • In the old lore, Emilia LeBlanc is not an individual but a mantle, with the current one (Evaine) being in charge of the underground society 'The Black Rose', whose members include EliseSquare Elise, SwainSquare Swain, and VladimirSquare Vladimir.
  • LeBlanc set the stage for SwainSquare Swain's ascension to Grand General of Noxus.
    • LeBlanc had spearheaded SionSquare Sion's initial resurrection (assumedly by dispatching EliseSquare Elise to the Shadow Isles, where she first met VilemawSquare Vilemaw) and the current one managed to restore his mind with Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV's blood (the hemomantic ritual was conducted by VladimirSquare Vladimir)
      • How she obtained the Exemplar's blood is unknown, but it is suspected his capture and imprisonment was led by Swain and then she herself impersonated the prince to avoid suspicion from Demacia.
  • LeBlanc is being targeted by KalistaSquare Kalista (whom she betrayed specifically is unknown)