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Welcome to the League of Legends Wiki, the wiki about League of Legends that you can edit!
We currently have 2,613 articles about the free-to-play MOBA video game created by Riot Games.

Free champions

Season Seven: Week 11 (January 17th, 2017)
  1. Akali Akali
  2. Evelynn Evelynn
  3. Ezreal Ezreal
  4. Jax Jax
  5. Karma Karma
  6. Leona Leona
  7. Lucian Lucian
  8. Singed Singed
  9. Skarner Skarner
  10. Viktor Viktor

Featured Game Mode

On sale

Current Sale:
January 17th, 2017 - January 20th, 2017
Quinn OriginalLoading
RP 975 487
IP 6300
Lissandra OriginalLoading
RP 975 487
IP 6300
Orianna OriginalLoading
RP 880 440
IP 4800
Kassadin OriginalLoading
RP 790 395
IP 3150
Malphite GlacialLoading
RP 1350 675
Gangplank SpecialForcesLoading
RP 975 487
Special Forces
Thresh BloodMoonLoading
RP 975 487
Blood Moon
Cho'Gath LochNessLoading
RP 520 260
Loch Ness

Newest skins

Azir WarringKingdomsLoading RP 1350
January 12th
Gangplank DreadnovaLoading RP 1350
January 12th
Garen WarringKingdomsLoading RP 1350
January 12th
Vi WarringKingdomsLoading RP 1350
January 12th
Karma WinterWonderLoading RP 1350
December 14th
Graves SnowDayLoading RP 1350
December 14th
Braum SantaLoading RP 1350
December 14th
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We welcome the latest addition to the League, Camille, the Steel Shadow.
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