On sale Edit

Bard OriginalLoading RP icon 975 487
Lulu OriginalLoading RP icon 880 440
Xerath OriginalLoading RP icon 880 440
Nidalee OriginalLoading RP icon 790 395
Kog'Maw MonarchLoading RP icon 520 260

Newest skins Edit

Rumble BadlandsBaronLoading RP icon 1350
April 12th
Wukong LancerStratusLoading RP icon 1350
April 5th
Sivir PizzaDeliveryLoading RP icon 1350
March 30th
Galio BirdioLoading RP icon 975
March 30th
Alistar HextechLoading Rare Gem 10
March 27th
Miss Fortune GunGoddessLoading RP icon 2775
March 22th
Illaoi ResistanceLoading RP icon 1350
March 15th

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