This page refers to a Policy that is in effect on the League of Legends Wiki.
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This Manual of Style outlines a standard of clean, consistent formatting for champions' articles on the League of Legends Wiki. Please try your best to keep to the advice outlined in this article so others may use your edits as an example when creating and editing their own articles.

These guidelines are a summary of the most important guidelines for the Champions, but a more expansive set of guidelines can be found on Wikipedia at League of Legends Wiki:Manual of Style.

About the Articles

This Manual of Style is directly aimed to outline consistent formatting for the individual champion's pages.


Main Page

Each champion main page is comprised of its main body (takes the name of the champion only) and its subpages. It includes the following templates (each one is input as {{Template name}})

  • {{Section top}}
    • Acts as spacing at the top of each page.
  • {{Champion info|Champion name}}
    • Displays a champion's stats.
  • {{Champion tabview}}
    • The 'heart' that houses every subpage. They will be elaborated on below.
  • {{C-bot}}
    • Displays a list of all available champions, including some canceled ones.

Every subpage is named as [[Champion name/Subpage name]] and can be browsed via the main one. They are 8 in total, each beginning with {{Section top}} and ending with {{Section bot}} (stores any input references to external sites) and are named as follows:

  • Abilities
    • Displays a champion's abilities.
  • Strategy
    • Displays a champion's spotlight video, their official tips for playing as and against, as well as user-input tricks.
  • Background
    • Displays a champion's lore.
  • Quotes
    • Displays a champion's in-game voiceover lines.
  • Development
    • Displays a history of the champion's creation, creators, as well as any relevant media files.
  • History
    • Displays everything related to a champion's past, such as previous lore/abilities/spotlight videos/quotes/splash art as well as their patch history from their release to the present.
  • Skins
    • Displays a champion's complete skin catalogue with their release dates and prices, as well as official screenshots if available.
  • Trivia
    • Displays a champion's color text regarding themselves/lore/development/quotes/skins.
External Site References

Any time an external site is references, it must be so at the end of the first paragraph (if transcribing to the Wiki) or at the end of the very first subtitle that follows the main title (never at the end of the latter itself)

  • The format for referencing is as follows <ref>[Site URL Reference name]</ref>
    • Reference names will display at the bottom of the corresponding subpage ({{Section bot}} stores them) and they usually share naming with the article being references (e.g. Champion Reveal: X, X Q&A, etc.) or, if quoting someone, their name followed by what they are talking about (e.g. X on Y)