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On the League of Legends Wiki, some users have access to additional technical functions and tools which allow then to perform maintenance tasks and revert vandalism with greater ease. Any member of the community with extra rights received them via community vote, and is trusted to use them well. Any member of the community is eligible to apply for these rights; read the sections on each of the different groups below for more information.

Users with rights, while being trusted members of the community, are not any better or more important than anyone else. They do not have an extra vote, or veto power, and their votes are weighted equally with that of users that do not have added rights.

Different access levels

User access levels

Users with additional rights have access to features of the wiki which are not available to others. A guide for requesting these rights can be found at League of Legends Wiki:Requests for Permissions.


Bureaucrats are able to assign other users moderator, administrator or bureaucrat rights after passing a community vote.


Some bureaucrats are also CheckUsers, and can check what IP address a user is using to prevent abuse. See the CheckUser policy.


Administrators are trusted users who have access to a wide variety of tools and features, generally for general maintenance and dealing with vandals. Administrators are able to:

  • Do everything that a moderator can do.
  • Protect pages from editing, if they have been heavily vandalized.
  • View deleted pages and comments.
  • Mass delete pages and comments created by the same user in one click.
  • Edit the Wiki's interface files.
  • Edit the Wiki's filters.
  • List of Administrators


Moderators are users who moderate the wiki, deal with vandals and trolls, and are able to delete vandalism and block those who cause it. Moderators are able to:

  • Do everything that a chat moderator and rollback editor can do.
  • Block a user or IP address from editing the wiki.
  • Edit pages which are otherwise protected from editing.
  • Delete offensive comments or pages, assuming that they violate the League of Legends Wiki's policies.
  • Move files, and not create a redirect when moving any files or pages.
  • Not be affected by rate limits on page moves, account creations and file uploads.
  • List of Moderators

Chat moderators

Chat moderators are another group of users on the LoL Wiki, which are signified by a star next to their name in chat. Their main concern is keeping the peace in chat. They are able to kick and ban people from the chat.

Rollback Editors

Users with rollback rights have access to the following abilities:

  • The ability to quickly revert all edits by one user on one page, with a single click of a button.

Rollback can be requested on any administrator's talk page, or on the Requests for Permissions page.

Requesting access

Access to any of these rights can be requested at League of Legends Wiki:Requests for Permissions. After a period of voting, if the candidate has a clear majority of users supporting them then they will be granted the requested rights.

Removal of access

Rights are removed from users who have been inactive for 45 days, as inactive users have no further need for them. A user may also have rights removed if found guilty of abusing them. Anyone that has user rights may request removal of them as well.

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