Champion Select

  • Lee Sin Select
    "Your will, my hands."
  • Lee Sin.move8
    "We do what we must."


  • Lee Sin.attack1
    "Strike firmly!"
  • Lee Sin.attack2
    "Their heartbeats quicken."
  • Lee Sin.attack3
    "Worry not."
  • Lee Sin.attack4
    "I'll see this through."
  • Lee Sin.attack5
    "Act free of doubt."


  • Lee Sin.move1
    "Quiet steps."
  • Lee Sin.move2
    "Extend your senses."
  • Lee Sin.move3
    "Where am I needed?"
  • Lee Sin.move4
    "Find your center."
  • Lee Sin.move5
    "I will atone."
  • Lee Sin.move6
    "Master yourself, master the enemy."
  • Lee Sin.move7
    "Waste not a minute!"
  • Lee Sin.move8
    "We do what we must."


  • Lee Sin.taunt1
    "Force is meaningless without skill."
  • Lee Sin.taunt2
    "You have not earned victory this day."


  • Lee Sin.joke
    "Blindness is no impairment against a smelly enemy."


  • LeeSin.laugh1
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSin.laugh2
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSin.laugh3
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSin.laugh4
    Lee Sin laughs.

Upon Starting a Game

  • LeeSinGodFist.start01
    "I search for a worthy opponent."
  • LeeSinGodFist.start02
    "The first step to transcendence."
  • LeeSinGodFist.start03
    "They fear my approach. They will flee before me."
  • LeeSinGodFist.start04
    "They will die by my hands."
  • LeeSinGodFist.start05
    "They dare to challenge a god? Let them try."
  • LeeSinGodFist.start06
    "They will tremble in awe."


  • LeeSinGodFist.attack01
    "You lack conviction."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack02
    "If you believe yourself worthy, fight."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack03
    "Your confidence is no substitute for skill."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack04
    (laughs) "I am not a man. I am a god."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack05
    "You will fall before my divinity."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack06
    "Even a blind man can see your weakness."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack07
    "Your soul is already given up."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack08
    "A challenge."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack09
    "Admitting your limits is the first step to failure."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack10
    "Only the best will be legends."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack11
    "Adapt and learn, or perish."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack12
    "You waste my time."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack13
    "I will prevail, and you will die."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack14
    "Approach, and be tested."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack15
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack16
    "This is truth."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack17
    "Feel the might of the heavens."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack18
    "I consider retreat an insult."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack19
    "The first truth is pain. There are no other truths."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack20
    "These fists have crushed mountains."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack21
    "I demand excellence."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack22
    "You lack discipline."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack23
    "Your flawed training betrays you."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack24
    "I will reveal your limitations."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack25
    "Kneel before your god."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack26
    "My victory is inevitable."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack27
    "You will kneel."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack28
    "I grow tired of your weakness."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack29
    "The earth will tremble."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack30
    "You cannot escape."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack31
    "Fall before me."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack32
    "Behold, the power of a god."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack33
    "Can you hear my fists?"
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack34
    "You must be quicker."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack35
    "I have mastered speed as well."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack36
    "A blade of grass stands in my path."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attack37
    "Your skill is lacking."
Attacking an Enemy Lee Sin Lee Sin
  • LeeSinGodFist.attackLeeSin01
    "You are... a disappointment."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attackLeeSin02
    "Train, and one day you may achieve my greatness."
Attacking the Dragon Dragon
  • LeeSinGodFist.attackDragon01
    "A spirit brother?"
  • LeeSinGodFist.attackDragon02
    "You too will fall before me."
Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  • LeeSinGodFist.attackBaron01
    "You will be a stepping stone to my greatness."
  • LeeSinGodFist.attackBaron02
    "Finally, a challenge."


  • LeeSinGodFist.move01
    "Today's triumph will feed the fire in my soul."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move02
    "Let them come."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move03
    "A thousand battles, a thousand victories."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move04
    "I will conquer like the flame. All will fall to ash before me."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move05
    "Each battle brings me one step closer to perfection."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move06
    "Mortal fear is irrelevant."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move07
    "The mark I leave will last an eternity."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move08
    "I will test the limits of my divinity."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move09
    "I am the fiery hand of the heavens."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move10
    "I move with purpose."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move11
    "I see all."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move12
    "With certainty."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move13
    "Perfection is near. It will be mine."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move14
    "I expect nothing but perfection."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move15
    "I will crush this world."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move16
    "Godhood is mine alone."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move17
    "My might echoes like thunder."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move18
    "The world is power, the world is force."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move19
    "They flee at my approach."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move20
    "The fire of true divinity is glorious."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move21
    "They will tremble in awe."
  • LeeSinGodFist.move22
    "Celestial fire courses through my veins."
Upon Moving Near an Ally Ward
  • LeeSinGodFist.moveWard01
    "Mortal sight - but it will suffice."
  • LeeSinGodFist.moveWard02
    "Vision worthy of a god."


  • LeeSinGodFist.joke01
    "Divinity can be an extreme fire hazard."
  • LeeSinGodFist.joke02
    "This world is beneath me - literally."
  • LeeSinGodFist.joke03
    "Just wait until I reach super ultimate god-level tier."
Upon an Enemy Champion Joking Nearby
  • LeeSinGodFist.interactionJokeEnemy01
    "You seek to amuse a god? You have failed."
  • LeeSinGodFist.interactionJokeEnemy02
    "You make a joke in the face of your destruction? That is funny."


  • LeeSinGodFist.taunt01
    "Come closer so you may witness my divine power."
  • LeeSinGodFist.taunt02
    "Let us fight. Even the patience of a god has limits."
  • LeeSinGodFist.taunt03
    "Return to your home and raise your future failures."
  • LeeSinGodFist.taunt04
    "Immortality is a gift you do not possess."
Upon an Enemy Champion Taunting Nearby
  • LeeSinGodFist.interactionTauntEnemy01
    "Come and say that to my fist."
  • LeeSinGodFist.interactionTauntEnemy02
    "I hold myself to a higher standard."
  • LeeSinGodFist.interactionTauntEnemy03
    "You taunt a god?" Lee Sin laughs.
Taunting a Dead Enemy Champion
  • LeeSinGodFist.tauntCorpse01
    "You have gained no enlightenment in death."


  • LeeSinGodFist.laugh01
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSinGodFist.laugh02
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSinGodFist.laugh03
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSinGodFist.laugh04
    Lee Sin laughs.

Upon Casting Safeguard.png Safeguard

  • LeeSinGodFist.spellW11
    "Divine intervention!"
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellW12
    "Safety to my allies!"
Upon Casting Safeguard.png Safeguard on a Ward
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellW1Ward01
    "Opportunities multiply as they are taken."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellW1Ward02
    "When they believe you are far, strike close."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellW1Ward03
    "This world is without challenge."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellW1Ward04
    "My victory will be absolute."

Upon Casting Iron Will.png Iron Will

  • LeeSinGodFist.spellW21
    "I feast on your dread!"
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellW22
    "Your fear makes me hungry!"

Upon Casting Dragon's Rage.png Dragon's Rage

  • LeeSinGodFist.spellR1
Upon Casting Dragon's Rage.png Dragon's Rage after Resonating Strike.png Resonating Strike
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellRInsec01
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellRInsec02
    "That was too easy."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellRInsec03
    "It's not arrogance if your skill is unmatched."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellRInsec04
    "They will witness my power."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spellRInsec05
    "Mortals are so fragile."

Upon Buying an Item

  • LeeSinGodFist.itemFirst01
    "I am appeased - for the moment."
Upon Buying any Item
  • LeeSinGodFist.item01
    "What mortal trinkets."
  • LeeSinGodFist.item02
    "This will do."
  • LeeSinGodFist.item03
    "An offering for the gods."
Upon Buying Boots of Speed item.png Boots of Speed
  • LeeSinGodFist.itemBoots01
    "Quickness is the essence of victory."

Upon Killing a Jungle Camp

  • LeeSinGodFist.killJungleCamp01
    "Everything flows from mastering the task at hand."
  • LeeSinGodFist.killJungleCamp02
    "I will break them, one bone at a time."
  • LeeSinGodFist.killJungleCamp03
    "It is mine."
  • LeeSinGodFist.killJungleCamp04
    "They crumble before me."
  • LeeSinGodFist.killJungleCamp05
    "As I will it."

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • LeeSinGodFist.kill01
    "Do not worry, death builds character."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill02
    "Your failure is proof that I am superior."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill03
    "I take no pleasure in besting the weak."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill04
    "I saw your mistakes all too clearly."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill05
    "You were... unremarkable."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill06
    "Consider yourself honoured."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill07
    "Excellence is not for everyone."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill08
    "You lacked confidence."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill09
    "You were unworthy."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill10
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill11
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill12
    "Such a meagre fight. I am hungry for more."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill13
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill14
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill15
    "Too easy."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill16
    "The key to immortality? Being better than everyone else."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill17
    "True divinity shows no mercy."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill18
    "You may weep in the next life."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill19
    "I accept your failure."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill20
    "My form was beyond your comprehension."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill21
    "From nothing, became nothing, is nothing once more."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill22
    "Courage is not enough."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill23
    "My will is magnificent."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill24
    "Witness the might of the heavens."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill25
    "There is no running from a god."
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill26
  • LeeSinGodFist.kill27
    "Not even close."
Upon Killing an Enemy Lee Sin Lee Sin
  • LeeSinGodFist.killLeeSin01
    "He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior."
Upon Killing an Enemy Ahri Ahri
  • LeeSinGodFist.killAhri01
    "Not cunning enough, little fox."
Upon Killing an Enemy Akali Akali
  • LeeSinGodFist.killAkali01
    "You hesitated."
Upon Killing an Enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  • LeeSinGodFist.killAurelionSol01
    "Even a star dragon is no match for a god."
Upon Killing an Enemy Bard Bard
  • LeeSinGodFist.killBard01
    "A symphony of heaven... is the sound of my fist."
Upon Killing an Enemy Illaoi Illaoi
  • LeeSinGodFist.killIllaoi01
    "Your god has abandoned you."
Upon Killing an Enemy Irelia Irelia
  • LeeSinGodFist.killIrelia01
    "Your strategy has fallen before my fists."
Upon Killing an Enemy Ivern Ivern
  • LeeSinGodFist.killIvern01
    "Better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener in war."
Upon Killing an Enemy Jhin Jhin
  • LeeSinGodFist.killJhin01
Upon Killing an Enemy Karma Karma
  • LeeSinGodFist.killKarma01
    "Ionia's spirit is now mine."
Upon Killing an Enemy Kennen Kennen
  • LeeSinGodFist.killKennen01
    "Your final moment is at hand."
Upon Killing an Enemy Kindred Kindred
  • LeeSinGodFist.killKindred01
    "All the lesser spirits will fall before me."
Upon Killing an Enemy Master Yi Master Yi
  • LeeSinGodFist.killMasterYi01
    "I will meditate on your insignificance."
Upon Killing an Enemy Rengar Rengar
  • LeeSinGodFist.killRengar01
    "Easy prey."
Upon Killing an Enemy Riven Riven
  • LeeSinGodFist.killRiven01
    "There is no challenge in a broken spirit."
Upon Killing an Enemy Shen Shen
  • LeeSinGodFist.killShen01
    "You were... out of balance."
Upon Killing an Enemy Syndra Syndra
  • LeeSinGodFist.killSyndra01
    "Even unleashed, your power was limited."
Upon Killing an Enemy Tahm Kench Tahm Kench
  • LeeSinGodFist.killTahmKench01
    "A lesser spirit consumed by hunger."
Upon Killing an Enemy Thresh Thresh
  • LeeSinGodFist.killThresh01
    "All those souls and not enough to save you."
Upon Killing an Enemy Udyr Udyr
  • LeeSinGodFist.killUdyr01
    "Your instincts have failed you."
Upon Killing an Enemy Vi Vi
  • LeeSinGodFist.killVi01
    "Crude power and no technique."
Upon Killing an Enemy Volibear Volibear
  • LeeSinGodFist.killVolibear01
    "More a whimper than a roar."
Upon Killing an Enemy Wukong Wukong
  • LeeSinGodFist.killWukong01
    "You have failed your test."
Upon Killing an Enemy Yasuo Yasuo
  • LeeSinGodFist.killYasuo01
    "Your fate has been decided."
Upon Killing an Enemy Zed Zed
  • LeeSinGodFist.killZed01
    "Nothing but a shadow."
Upon Scoring First Blood
  • LeeSinGodFist.firstBlood01
    "Is it victory if there is no challenge?"
  • LeeSinGodFist.firstBlood02
    "Your sacrifice pleases me."
Upon Going on a Killing Spree
  • LeeSinGodFist.spreeKillingSpree01
    "Will no-one rise to my challenge?"
  • LeeSinGodFist.spreeKillingSpree02
    "Your prayers have been answered."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spreeKillingSpree03
    "If you do not fight, you have already lost."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spreeKillingSpree04
    "They are so fragile."
  • LeeSinGodFist.spreeKillingSpree05
    "God-like? Ha. I am a god."
Upon Scoring an Ace
  • LeeSinGodFist.ace01
    "Order has returned."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ace02
    "Their bones are weak."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ace03
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSinGodFist.ace04
    "The first of many."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ace05
    "Such feeble will."
Upon Scoring a Quadrakill
  • LeeSinGodFist.killQuadrakill01
    "I need no weapon. I am the weapon."
  • LeeSinGodFist.killQuadrakill02
    "I am hungry for a challenge."
Upon Scoring a Pentakill
  • LeeSinGodFist.killPentakill01
    "Is no-one here my better?"

Upon Destroying a Turret

  • LeeSinGodFist.tower01
    "It falls easier than a child's toy."
  • LeeSinGodFist.tower02
    "I will tear them down, stone by stone."
  • LeeSinGodFist.tower03
    "It is their will I crush."

Upon Using a Health Potion item.png Health Potion

  • LeeSinGodFist.useHealthPotion01
    "It tastes like their tears."
  • LeeSinGodFist.useHealthPotion02
    "Nectar. Ambrosia. Tasty."
  • LeeSinGodFist.useHealthPotion03
    "Fighting makes even a god thirsty."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • LeeSinGodFist.ward01
    "My eyes will be everywhere."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward02
    "A god is aware of all things."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward03
    "I see endless opportunity."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward04
    "Vision allows perfection."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward05
    "I see future opportunities."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward06
    "Awareness is a state of mind."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward07
    "Seeing with your eyes is for mortals."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward08
    "I am all-seeing."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward09
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward10
    "My third eye sees all."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward11
    "Endless opportunity."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward12
    "There is no hiding from a god."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward13
    "I will witness their cowardice."
  • LeeSinGodFist.ward14
    "Foresight is true knowledge."
Upon Placing a Ward in the Enemy Base
  • LeeSinGodFist.wardEnemyBase01
    "A mortal house is so easily entered."
Upon Destroying an Enemy Ward
  • LeeSinGodFist.wardDestroy01
    "Sight is useless to those without vision."
  • LeeSinGodFist.wardDestroy02
    "Vision is for the worthy."
  • LeeSinGodFist.wardDestroy03
    "Their vision was unworthy."
  • LeeSinGodFist.wardDestroy04
    "Their sight is no match for mine."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • LeeSinGodFist.recall01
    "A true victor knows when to engage."
  • LeeSinGodFist.recall02
    "Another time."
  • LeeSinGodFist.recall03
    "Await my return."

Upon Death

  • LeeSinGodFist.death01
    "Death only frightens the timid."
  • LeeSinGodFist.death02
    "Death is beneath me."
  • LeeSinGodFist.death03
    "I do not fear death, only mediocrity."
  • LeeSinGodFist.death04
    "I will return."
  • LeeSinGodFist.death05
    "I did not see that coming."
Upon Respawning
  • LeeSinGodFist.respawn01
    "Divinity cannot be constrained."
  • LeeSinGodFist.respawn02
    "Divine fire burns from within."
  • LeeSinGodFist.respawn03
    "Skill must be tested."