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Upon Selection

  • Lee Sin Select
    "Your will, my hands."


  • Lee Sin.attack1
    "Strike firmly!"
  • Lee Sin.attack2
    "Their heartbeats quicken."
  • Lee Sin.attack3
    "Worry not."
  • Lee Sin.attack4
    "I'll see this through."
  • Lee Sin.attack5
    "Act free of doubt."


  • Lee Sin.move1
    "Quiet steps."
  • Lee Sin.move2
    "Extend your senses."
  • Lee Sin.move3
    "Where am I needed?"
  • Lee Sin.move4
    "Find your center."
  • Lee Sin.move5
    "I will atone."
  • Lee Sin.move6
    "Master yourself, master the enemy."
  • Lee Sin.move7
    "Waste not a minute!"
  • Lee Sin.move8
    "We do what we must."


  • Lee Sin.taunt1
    "Force is meaningless without skill."
  • Lee Sin.taunt2
    "You have not earned victory this day."


  • Lee Sin.joke
    "Blindness is no impairment against a smelly enemy."


  • LeeSin.laugh1
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSin.laugh2
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSin.laugh3
    Lee Sin laughs.
  • LeeSin.laugh4
    Lee Sin laughs.


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