Life steal (LS) is an offensive stat that restores health to the wielder on all basic attacks, including abilities that modify their basic attacks (such as FioraSquare Fiora's Lunge Lunge and EzrealSquare Ezreal's Mystic Shot Mystic Shot). It is a percent of the basic attack, plus physical damage from modifiers on the attack (such as Sheen item Sheen's Spellblade), but not on-hit effects (such as Muramana item Muramana's Shock).

Life steal is calculated from the actual damage done to an enemy, after armor and all other forms of damage reduction. All champions have 0% base life steal. It can be increased with items, runes, and some champion abilities.

Increasing life steal


Item Cost Amount Availability
Bilgewater Cutlass item Bilgewater Cutlass1500 Gold 10 %Common
Blade of the Ruined King item Blade of the Ruined King3400 Gold 12 %Common
Doran's Blade item Doran's Blade450 Gold 3 %Classic
Guardian's Hammer item Guardian's Hammer950 Gold 10 %Howling Abyss
Mercurial Scimitar item Mercurial Scimitar3600 Gold 10 %Common
Ravenous Hydra item Ravenous Hydra3500 Gold 12 %Common
Vampiric Scepter item Vampiric Scepter900 Gold 10 %Common

Champion abilities

Note: Only the life steal buff effect of these abilities is shown here, to read more information on each of these abilities, follow the link on each of them.



See Healing reduction for more information.


Last updated: June 8, 2017 - V7.11