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  • Lissandra was designed by Meddler.[1]
  • Lissandra is the very last living Iceborn, an extinct (well almost) race of powerful humanoids with several magical abilities.
  • Lissandra's appearance is similar to that of Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite of Magic: The Gathering.[2]
  • Lissandra does not use her name within the League in-story. To keep her cover as Lissandra in Freljord she is only listed as "The Ice Witch" in the League.[3]
  • The Ice Witch's original name is Lissandra. When taking over Queen Mauvole she named her successor Lissandra so when the Ice Witch took her identity she reclaimed her own name.[4]
  • Lissandra's lore resembles Ultimecia's story from Final Fantasy VIII where she possesses different sorceresses from different time periods, deceiving people to achieve her goal of ruling the world in all time periods. Her Ice Shard skill resembles sorceress Edea's Ice Strike.
  • Lissandra's character shares a lot of similarities with Akasha from Unreal Tournament III, including their eternal life, accent, quotes, and ambitions to destroy the world.
  • Lissandra also slightly resembles Flemeth from Dragon Age, while Flemeth possesses and takes over her "daughter" Lissandra steals her successors' identity much like Flemeth with her daughters.
  • There's an event between  Ashe,  Sejuani, and Lissandra that is similar to "The Hunt is On!", called, "Battle for Freljord". This makes it a 2nd event to happen in-game but not directly to the lore.
  • Lissandra is, along with Caitlyn, Rumble, Varus, Vi, Xerath, and Ziggs, one of the few champions that can CC themselves.
  • Lissandra is the second champion to feature a monologue on her login screen, the first being  Elise, the third being Lucian and the fourth being Yasuo.
  • If you win a match in the Howling Abyss, 30 seconds later you will hear a monologue by Lissandra talking about the Frozen Watchers, Serylda and Avarosa.
  • Lissandra is blind in the sense that her eyes do not work, mauled by an ursine prior to becoming Iceborn. [5] However, she is capable of sensing her surroundings through ice in a similar fashion to Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender.
    • Prior to losing her sight, Lissandra was an adventurer.


  • Lissandra's joke "Is it cold in here, or is it just me?" is similar to Brand's joke "Is it hot in here or is it just me?!"
  • Lissandra shares a quote with the viking; "I am Iceborn."
  • One of Lissandra's quotes "Plans within plans" is a phrase that is frequently used in the science fiction series Dune



  • Centuries ago, there were three sisters: Avarosa, Serylda and Lissandra. They lived under reign of The Watchers who granted them power and immortality, dubbing them Iceborn. Avarosa started a rebellion against The Watchers, and Freljord was divided. Lissandra supplanted her own successors to hide her immortality, naming her final heir Lissandra so that she may claim her own name back.  Ashe descends from Avarosa and Sejuani from Serylda, making Lissandra their ancient ancestor. [6][7]
  • Anivia and Volibear were aware of the presence of a great evil in Freljord. This great evil is most likely The Ice Witch.
    • Anivia was made aware of it by her ties with Freljord's magic. She felt it slowly being corrupted and turning it into black ice. The Ice Witch's magic is black ice.
    • Volibear was made aware of it by the maelstrom's vision. He saw creatures of ice slaughter the remaining Ursines. These creatures are most likely the Watchers.
  • Trundle made a deal with The Ice Witch after he tried to steal her enchanted ice club, Boneshiver. In exchange for it, he promised her a troll army, once he overthrew the chieftains of each troll tribe with the help of the club.
  • According to Greyor, Lissandra was the leader of the Iceborn before the rebellion, making the Seeker's Armguard hers.
  • Lissandra first met  Quinn and  Valor in the Frostguard city.
    •  Quinn has suspicions about  Lissandra if she is really an ally of Ashe.
    •  Valor doesn't like  Lissandra, maybe because Valor can feel that she is evil.
    • Lissandra and  Quinn later crossed paths again, but this time, Lissandra took her true form without Quinn's knowledge.
  • The Hermit's quote; "You want to be queen too?! Too many queens...", reveals her true intentions.
  • Lissandra could be the one who imprisoned Brand, as hinted in the Howling Abyss AMA.


Login Music

Lissandra's Theme
(music only)
Lissandra & Freljord
(music & lore)
(voice only)
"We have waited so long for this day, we have been so patient. Now, my children, my Frostguard, it is our time.

"I have seen the future, and it is cold. The Watchers return and they are so pleased with you. They will take away your hunger. They will take away your pain. You will be reborn; like me, you will become Iceborn."

"We will take back what is ours. The other tribes won't be able to stop us, they are but snowflakes. And we are an avalanche."

Login Animation

Lissandra League Of Legends Login Screen With Music (With Lore)(02:04)

Enter the Freljord


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