This is a list of champions and their mana at level 1, mana growth and mana at level 18. No abilities that increase mana will be included in this list.

Champion Value at level 1 Growth coefficient Value at 18
Ahri Ahri334+501184
Alistar Alistar278.84+38924.8
Amumu Amumu287.2+40967.2
Anivia Anivia396.04+501246
Annie Annie334+501184
Ashe Ashe280+32824
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol350+501200
Azir Azir350.56+421064.6
Bard Bard350+501200
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank267.2+40947.2
Brand Brand375.6+421089.6
Braum Braum310.6+451075.6
Caitlyn Caitlyn313.7+35908.7
Camille Camille338.8+32882.8
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia334+631405
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath272.2+40952.2
Corki Corki350.16+34928.2
Darius Darius263+37.5900.5
Diana Diana297.2+40977.2
Draven Draven360.56+391023.6
Ekko Ekko280+501130
Elise Elise324+501174
Evelynn Evelynn315.6+421029.6
Ezreal Ezreal360.6+421074.6
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks400.12+561352.1
Fiora Fiora300+40980
Fizz Fizz317.2+37946.2
Galio Galio400+401080
Gangplank Gangplank282+40962
Gragas Gragas400+471199
Graves Graves322.2+401002.2
Hecarim Hecarim277.2+40957.2
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger307.2+40987.2
Illaoi Illaoi300+40980
Irelia Irelia338.8+32882.8
Ivern Ivern450+601470
Janna Janna350+641438
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV302.2+40982.2
Jax Jax338.8+32882.8
Jayce Jayce357.2+37986.2
Jhin Jhin300+501150
Jinx Jinx245.6+451010.6
Kalista Kalista231.8+35826.8
Karma Karma374+501224
Karthus Karthus372.48+611409.5
Kassadin Kassadin397.6+671536.6
Kayle Kayle322.2+401002.2
Kayn Kayn410+361022
Kha'Zix Kha'Zix327.2+401007.2
Kindred Kindred300+35895
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw322.2+401002.2
LeBlanc LeBlanc334+501184
Leona Leona302.2+40982.2
Lissandra Lissandra304+601324
Lucian Lucian348.88+38994.9
Lulu Lulu350+551285
Lux Lux384+471183
Malphite Malphite282.2+40962.2
Malzahar Malzahar300+551235
Maokai Maokai377.28+431108.3
Master Yi Master Yi250.56+42964.6
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune325.84+35920.8
Morgana Morgana340.8+601360.8
Nami Nami377.24+431108.2
Nasus Nasus325.6+421039.6
Nautilus Nautilus334+471133
Nidalee Nidalee295.6+451060.6
Nocturne Nocturne273.8+35868.8
Nunu Nunu283.56+42997.6
Olaf Olaf315.6+421029.6
Orianna Orianna334+501184
Ornn Ornn340+451105
Pantheon Pantheon317.12+31844.1
Poppy Poppy280+40960
Quinn Quinn268.8+35863.8
Rakan Rakan315+501165
Rammus Rammus310.44+33871.4
Ryze Ryze400+501250
Sejuani Sejuani400+401080
Shaco Shaco297.2+40977.2
Singed Singed290.6+451055.6
Sion Sion325.6+421039.6
Sivir Sivir284+501134
Skarner Skarner272.2+40952.2
Sona Sona340.6+451105.6
Soraka Soraka350.8+601370.8
Swain Swain374+471173
Syndra Syndra384+601404
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench325+401005
Taliyah Taliyah340+601360
Talon Talon377.2+371006.2
Taric Taric300+601320
Teemo Teemo267.2+40947.2
Thresh Thresh273.92+441021.9
Tristana Tristana246.76+32790.8
Trundle Trundle281.6+451046.6
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate265.84+38911.8
Twitch Twitch287.2+40967.2
Udyr Udyr270.4+30780.4
Urgot Urgot300+451065
Varus Varus360.48+33921.5
Vayne Vayne231.8+35826.8
Veigar Veigar392.4+521276.4
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz375.6+421089.6
Vi Vi295.6+451060.6
Viktor Viktor324+501174
Volibear Volibear270.4+30780.4
Warwick Warwick280+35875
Wukong Wukong265.84+38911.8
Xayah Xayah340+401020
Xerath Xerath366.96+441115
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao273.8+35868.8
Yorick Yorick300+40980
Ziggs Ziggs384+471183
Zilean Zilean360.8+601380.8
Zyra Zyra334+501184
Non mana champions
Champion Value at level 1 Growth coefficient Value at 18
Aatrox AatroxManaless champion (uses health, blood)
Akali AkaliManaless champion (uses energy)
Dr. Mundo Dr. MundoManaless champion (uses health)
Garen GarenManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Gnar GnarManaless champion (uses rage)
Katarina KatarinaManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Kennen KennenManaless champion (uses energy)
Kled KledManaless champion (uses courage)
Lee Sin Lee SinManaless champion (uses energy)
Mordekaiser MordekaiserManaless champion (uses health)
Rek'Sai Rek'SaiManaless champion (uses fury)
Renekton RenektonManaless champion (uses fury)
Rengar RengarManaless champion (uses ferocity)
Riven RivenManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Rumble RumbleManaless champion (uses heat)
Shen ShenManaless champion (uses energy)
Shyvana ShyvanaManaless champion (uses fury)
Tryndamere TryndamereManaless champion (uses fury)
Vladimir VladimirManaless champion (uses health, bloodthirst)
Yasuo YasuoManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Zac ZacManaless champion (uses health)
Zed ZedManaless champion (uses energy)

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