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This is a list of the champions and their base health, health per level increase, and health at level 18. No abilities passive, active or innate are included in this list. Item-gained health is not included.

Under the list you can see two additional champions: Singed, who starts with additional health, and Sion, who can reach "infinite" health.

Champion Base Increase per lvl Value at 1 Value at 18
Aatrox Aatrox395+854801925
Ahri Ahri380+804601820
Akali Akali445+855301975
Alistar Alistar442+1025442278
Amumu Amumu472+845561984
Anivia Anivia350+704201610
Annie Annie384+764601752
Ashe Ashe395+794741817
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank423+955182133
Brand Brand380+764561748
Caitlyn Caitlyn390+804701830
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia380+754551730
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath440+805201880
Corki Corki375+824571851
Darius Darius426+935192100
Diana Diana438+905282058
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo433+895222035
Draven Draven420+825021896
Elise Elise395+804751835
Evelynn Evelynn380+904702000
Ezreal Ezreal350+804301790
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks390+804701830
Fiora Fiora450+855351980
Fizz Fizz414+865001962
Galio Galio435+855201965
Gangplank Gangplank495+815761953
Garen Garen455+965512183
Gragas Gragas434+895232036
Graves Graves410+844941922
Hecarim Hecarim440+955352150
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger350+754251700
Irelia Irelia456+905462076
Janna Janna356+784341760
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV420+905102040
Jax Jax463+985612227
Jayce Jayce420+905102040
Jinx Jinx380+824621856
Karma Karma383+834661877
Karthus Karthus390+754651740
Kassadin Kassadin433+785111837
Katarina Katarina425+805051865
Kayle Kayle418+935112092
Kennen Kennen403+794821825
Kha'Zix Kha'Zix430+855151960
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw440+845241952
LeBlanc LeBlanc390+754651740
Lee Sin Lee Sin428+855131958
Leona Leona430+875171996
Lissandra Lissandra365+844491877
Lucian Lucian390+804701830
Lulu Lulu415+824971891
Lux Lux345+794241767
Malphite Malphite423+905132043
Malzahar Malzahar380+804601820
Maokai Maokai421+905112041
Master Yi Master Yi444+925362100
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune435+855201965
Mordekaiser Mordekaiser421+805011861
Morgana Morgana403+864891951
Nami Nami365+744391697
Nasus Nasus410+905002030
Nautilus Nautilus432+865181980
Nidalee Nidalee370+904601990
Nocturne Nocturne440+855251970
Nunu Nunu437+965332165
Olaf Olaf441+935342115
Orianna Orianna385+794641807
Pantheon Pantheon433+875201999
Poppy Poppy423+815041881
Quinn Quinn390+854751920
Rammus Rammus420+865061968
Renekton Renekton426+875131992
Rengar Rengar435+905252055
Riven Riven414+865001962
Rumble Rumble450+805301890
Ryze Ryze414+865001962
Sejuani Sejuani440+955352150
Shaco Shaco441+845251953
Shen Shen428+855131958
Shyvana Shyvana435+955302145
Singed Singed405+824871881
Sion Sion403+1045072275
Sivir Sivir378+824601854
Skarner Skarner440+965362168
Sona Sona380+704501640
Soraka Soraka405+764811773
Swain Swain385+784631789
Syndra Syndra380+784581784
Talon Talon440+855251970
Taric Taric468+905582088
Teemo Teemo378+824601854
Thresh Thresh411+895002013
Tristana Tristana415+824971891
Trundle Trundle455+965512183
Tryndamere Tryndamere461+985592225
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate384+824661860
Twitch Twitch389+814701847
Udyr Udyr427+995262209
Urgot Urgot437+895262039
Varus Varus400+824821876
Vayne Vayne359+834421853
Veigar Veigar355+824371831
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz380+764561748
Vi Vi440+855251970
Viktor Viktor385+784631789
Vladimir Vladimir400+854851930
Volibear Volibear440+865261988
Warwick Warwick428+985262192
Wukong Wukong435+855201965
Xerath Xerath380+804601820
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao445+875322011
Yasuo Yasuo430+825121906
Yorick Yorick421+855061951
Zac Zac455+955502165
Zed Zed445+805251885
Ziggs Ziggs390+804701830
Zilean Zilean380+714511658
Zyra Zyra355+744291687

Singed with  Empowered Bulwark

Champion Base Increase per lvl Value at 1 Value at 18
 Singed 458.75 +93.25 552 2137.25

Sion with  Enrage

  • Health Gained: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 per kill
  • This bonus is permanent and doubled for large minions, large monsters, and champions.
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