This is a list of the champions and their health at level 1, health growth, and health at level 18. This does not contain any health gained from abilities (passive or active), items, runes or masteries.

Under the list you can see three additional champions: Kled Kled, whose passive has independent health scaling, Mega Gnar Mega Gnar, the alternate form of Gnar Gnar who has different base stats, and Sion Sion, who has an infinite-scaling passive that increases health.

Champion Value at level 1 Growth coefficient Value at 18
Aatrox Aatrox580+852025
Ahri Ahri514.4+801874.4
Akali Akali587.8+852032.8
Alistar Alistar613.36+1062415.4
Amumu Amumu613.12+842041.1
Anivia Anivia467.6+701657.6
Annie Annie511.68+761803.7
Ashe Ashe527.72+791870.7
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol550+801910
Azir Azir540+801900
Bard Bard535+892048
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank582.6+952197.6
Brand Brand507.68+761799.7
Braum Braum576.16+872055.2
Caitlyn Caitlyn475+851920
Camille Camille575.6+852020.6
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia525+751800
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath574.4+801934.4
Corki Corki512.76+821906.8
Darius Darius582.24+1002282.2
Diana Diana589.2+902119.2
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo582.52+892095.5
Draven Draven557.76+821951.8
Ekko Ekko580+801940
Elise Elise529.4+801889.4
Evelynn Evelynn572+842000
Ezreal Ezreal484.4+801844.4
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks524.4+801884.4
Fiora Fiora550+851995
Fizz Fizz558.48+862020.5
Galio Galio550+1002250
Gangplank Gangplank540+821934
Garen Garen616.28+84.252048.5
Gnar Gnar510+651615
Gragas Gragas583.52+892096.5
Graves Graves551.12+841979.1
Hecarim Hecarim580.6+902110.6
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger476+751751
Illaoi Illaoi585.6+952200.6
Irelia Irelia607.2+902137.2
Ivern Ivern580+902110
Janna Janna500+701690
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV571.2+902101.2
Jax Jax592.8+852037.8
Jayce Jayce571.2+902101.2
Jhin Jhin540+851985
Jinx Jinx517.76+821911.8
Kalista Kalista517.76+831928.8
Karma Karma522.44+831933.4
Karthus Karthus516+751791
Kassadin Kassadin564.04+781890
Katarina Katarina590+821984
Kayle Kayle574.24+932155.2
Kayn Kayn585+852030
Kennen Kennen535.72+791878.7
Kha'Zix Kha'Zix572.8+852017.8
Kindred Kindred540+851985
Kled Kled340+701530
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw517.76+821911.8
LeBlanc LeBlanc516+801876
Lee Sin Lee Sin570.8+852015.8
Leona Leona576.16+872055.2
Lissandra Lissandra506.12+751781.1
Lucian Lucian554.4+801914.4
Lulu Lulu525+741783
Lux Lux477.72+791820.7
Malphite Malphite574.2+902104.2
Malzahar Malzahar525+751800
Maokai Maokai565+952180
Master Yi Master Yi598.56+922162.6
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune530+851975
Mordekaiser Mordekaiser525+731766
Morgana Morgana547.48+862009.5
Nami Nami489.32+741747.3
Nasus Nasus561.2+902091.2
Nautilus Nautilus576.48+862038.5
Nidalee Nidalee540+801900
Nocturne Nocturne582.8+852027.8
Nunu Nunu535+851980
Olaf Olaf597.24+932178.2
Orianna Orianna517.72+791860.7
Ornn Ornn565.64+902095.6
Pantheon Pantheon579.16+872058.2
Poppy Poppy540+902070
Quinn Quinn532.8+851977.8
Rakan Rakan510+851955
Rammus Rammus564.48+862026.5
Rek'Sai Rek'Sai570+852015
Renekton Renekton572.16+872051.2
Rengar Rengar586.2+902116.2
Riven Riven558.48+862020.5
Rumble Rumble584.4+801944.4
Ryze Ryze558.48+862020.5
Sejuani Sejuani560+952175
Shaco Shaco582.12+842010.1
Shen Shen540+851985
Shyvana Shyvana594.6+952209.6
Singed Singed580+852025
Sion Sion542.64+731783.6
Sivir Sivir515.76+821909.8
Skarner Skarner601.28+902131.3
Sona Sona482.36+771791.4
Soraka Soraka529.04+781855
Swain Swain516.04+902046
Syndra Syndra511.04+781837
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench610+952225
Taliyah Taliyah520+751795
Talon Talon582.8+902112.8
Taric Taric575+902105
Teemo Teemo515.76+821909.8
Thresh Thresh560.52+932141.5
Tristana Tristana542.76+821936.8
Trundle Trundle616.28+962248.3
Tryndamere Tryndamere625.64+982291.6
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate521.76+821915.8
Twitch Twitch525.08+811902.1
Udyr Udyr593.32+992276.3
Urgot Urgot585+882081
Varus Varus537.76+821931.8
Vayne Vayne498.44+831909.4
Veigar Veigar492.76+821886.8
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz507.68+761799.7
Vi Vi582.8+852027.8
Viktor Viktor516.01+781842
Vladimir Vladimir525+841953
Volibear Volibear584.48+862046.5
Warwick Warwick550+851995
Wukong Wukong577.8+852022.8
Xayah Xayah545+801905
Xerath Xerath514.4+801874.4
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao600+922164
Yasuo Yasuo517.76+821911.8
Yorick Yorick580+1002280
Zac Zac615+952230
Zed Zed579.4+801939.4
Ziggs Ziggs524.4+801884.4
Zilean Zilean499.28+711706.3
Zyra Zyra499+741757

Kled with Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard.png Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard

Champion Value Level 1 Growth (per level coefficient) Value at 18
Skaarl Skaarl 400 +65 1505
Kled Kled and Skaarl Skaarl 740 +135 3035

Mega Gnar

Champion Value Level 1 Growth (per level coefficient) Value at 18
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar 610 +108 2446

Sion with Soul Furnace.png Soul Furnace

  • Health Gained: 2 whenever he kills a unit, increased to 10 against large minions, large monsters, and champion kills and assists.

Top 5 Ranged Mages

Top 5 Ranged Mages
Champion Level Top 5 champions
Level 1 1. Ryze Ryze 558.48 health
2. Lulu Lulu 525 health
3. Morgana Morgana 547.48 health
4. Vladimir Vladimir 525 health
5. Bard Bard 535 health
Level 18 1. Ryze Ryze 2020.48 health
2. Morgana Morgana 2009.48 health
3. Vladimir Vladimir 1953 health
4. Bard Bard 2048 health
5. Lulu Lulu 1783 health

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