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Lord Dominik's Regards is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1] 


Lord Dominik's Regards item
Lord Dominik's Regards
Gold 2700 (Gold 400)
Giant Slayer item
Gold 1000 (Gold 650)
Last Whisper item
Gold 1300 (Gold 425)
Pickaxe item
Gold 875

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Gold Value of Armor Penetration

Gold Efficiency*

  • Lord Dominik's Regards item.png Lord Dominik's Regards is 64.81% gold efficient, without its two passives.
  • Lord Dominik's Regards item.png Lord Dominik's Regards is gold efficient without its Giant Slayer passive, against a target with 53 or more bonus armor.

Similar Items


  • The item was named after Lord Dominik. This summoner was known as one of the community lead of CIS fan-site.

Patch history


  • Attack damage increased to 50 from 40.


  • Bonus armor penetration increased to 45% from 40%.

V5.22: Added

  • Recipe: Giant Slayer item.png Giant Slayer + Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper + Gold 400 = Gold 2700
  • Grants 40 attack damage.
  • Unique Passive – Giant Slayer: Grants up to +15% physical damage against enemy champions with greater maximum health than you (+1.5% damage per 50 health difference, maxing at 500 health difference).
  • Unique Passive – Last Whisper: +40% bonus armor penetration.


  1. Itemlist on leagueoflegends.com

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