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  • Classic Lucian Skingallerybutton
  • Hired Gun Lucian Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 22-Aug-2013
  • Striker Lucian Skingallerybutton
    750 RP / 18-Jun-2014
  • PROJECT: Lucian Skingallerybutton
    1350 RP / 08-Sep-2015


  • Lucian was designed by Daniel 'ZenonTheStoic' Klein. His lore was written by 'RiotRunaan'.
  • Lucian is voiced by Patrick Seitz, who also voices KogMawSquare.png Kog'Maw, and RenektonSquare.png Renekton.
  • The two pictures in the post where Lucian was officially revealed show an L engraved into one pistol and an S in the other. The L stands for Lucian, the S for Lucian's late wife - Senna. After Senna's soul was trapped by ThreshSquare.png Thresh, Lucian started using Senna's pistol as well as his own.
    • In game, the gun in Lucian's right hand — the less ornate white one — is his. The gun with the more intricate design is his wife, Senna's.[1]
    • Due to his leaked concept art some people speculated that the S and L that are engraved on the guns stood for "Shadow" and "Light," respectively, due to the guns having a light and dark theme. This idea was strengthened by his reveal where he said: "Not just anyone can wield these weapons. You need a pure heart. A fearless mind. An inner light that outshines all the darkness in the world. Once I had that light. Now I'm not so sure." This lead people to believe that he would have shadow- and light-based abilities.
  • Lucian's leaked champion title was "the Gun Templar;" however, when he was released his title changed to "the Purifier."
    • In the Polish reveal he was referred to as the Gun Templar, potentially due to a miscommunication.
    • It's also interesting to note that the first time his teaser was revealed the Riot poster was named Lucian the Gun Templar, however it got changed into Lucian, the Purifier.
  • Lucian's theme, The Purifier's Resolve, was composed and performed by The Crystal Method.
    • Lucian's log-in screen is the first login to have an animated sequence before the actual log-in.  The animation also shows the soul of his wife, Senna.
    • The Crystal Method did a live performance of The Purifier's Resolve as part of the opening ceremony for the Season 3 World Championship Finals and can see their whole performance here.
  • The Culling.png The Culling was the first ability in the game to directly scale with attack speed until changed in patch 5.22. It is also a new mechanic that allows him to fire backwards while moving.
  • When first revealed in the Public beta, The Culling.png The Culling could deal over 10,000 damage with a build consisting of 5 x Nashor&#039;s Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth and Rabadon&#039;s Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap. Subsequent changes to the ability's AP ratio has seen this build's damage output being reduced to 3800.
    • A build consisting of 5 x Zephyr item.png Zephyr and The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster will achieve the same amount of damage while also granting stacking CDR and movement speed, and decent attack damage and lifesteal for while The Culling.png The Culling is on cooldown.
    • It should be noted, however, that The Culling's damage scales more efficiently with attack damage builds than attack speed builds.
      • Due to the Marksman Update, this is now invalid.
  • Lucian's recall animation is the same pose performed by John Preston, the protagonist of Equilibrium. A side by side comparison can be seen here.
  • Lucian's dance is a reference to Revolver Ocelot from the Metal Gear series. A side by side comparison can be seen here.
  • Lucian is currently the only champion whose ability previews are demonstrated with a skin enabled, shown on Ardent Blaze and The Culling.
  • This was the first champion to ever get a Chroma pack for his classic skin.

  • LucianSquare.png Lucian's taunt "Death at the door? Hmph, no, I am the one who knocks." is a reference to a well-known quote from the Breaking Bad television series.
  • LucianSquare.png Lucian's quote "Everybody deserves a second shot." may be a reference to a double tap - a shooting technique where two shots are fired at the same body part within a few seconds of each other.
    • It may also be a reference to LucianSquare.png Lucian's passive, Lightslinger.png Lightslinger, which resembles a double tap.
LucianSquare.png Hired Gun Lucian [S|L]
  • It was hinted prior to Lucian's release that his release skin would have "four eyes", referencing sunglasses.
  • It seems to be a reference to both Morpheus and The Twins from The Matrix.
  • Its Recall.png Recall animation features Lucian taking out red and blue vials before drinking from the blue one, another reference to the Matrix.
  • The weapon LucianSquare.png Hired Gun Lucian wields in his left hand closely resembles the Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade.
  • Hired Gun Lucian will fire a specially animated 'exploding' bolt when a basic attack procs a critical hit.
  • Lucian shares the same theme with Graves Graves.
  • His recall animation strongly resembles the MARVEL character Deadpool's style (as does Lucian in general).
  • It also seems to be that Vel&#039;Koz Vel'Koz's tentacles are in the background and left foreground of the splash art.
LucianSquare.png Striker Lucian [S|L]
  • He greatly resembles famous football player, Edgar Davids.
  • He shares this theme with Ezreal Ezreal.
LucianSquare.png PROJECT: Lucian [S|L]
  • The theme behind Lucian's LucianSquare.png PROJECT skin is one of the possible outcomes for Runeterra. In this alternate, apocalyptic future, Lucian is part of the PROJECT Initiative, where members are augmented with cybernetics and other futuristic technology.
  • On his promo page, he can be seen equipped with several enhancements:
    • S-10 Lightcaster, Ion Caster Core fires light beams charged via secondary focusing chamber. Ions channeled through primary chamber yield additional charges.
    • L-20 Lightcaster, activated Heavy Light Amplifier fires tracking flare capable of long range target acquisition. Unit compatible with Ion Caster Core.
    • L-21 Cluster Chamber, accessible from the L-20 Lightcaster, the Cluster Chamber fires a cross like beam towards the selected target that temporarily incapacitates a target.
    • Fixed Energy Rails, accessible from both the S-10 and L-20 Lightcasters, the pistols when synced fire a fixed beam towards a targeted location.
    • MC-X Firing Piston, gives the user additional movement on a battlefield.
    • Unknown, coded as The Culling.png The Culling.
  • His description is as followed: "Piercing flame, he, cast in light. I see his vision, free from shadow, a blazing melody. Beyond the light, nothing, purity bound in fury..."
    • His fully decrypted description is a voice clip: "His aim remains true."
  • In his splash art, ZedSquare.png PROJECT: Zed's shadow can be seen being shot at by Lucian.
  • On the 2016 promo page, if you type in "VENGEANCE", a quote will pop-up: 13- "Our enemies require corrective action."
  • He shares this theme with AsheSquare.png PROJECT: Ashe [S|L], EkkoSquare.png PROJECT: Ekko [S|L], FioraSquare.png PROJECT: Fiora Fiora [S|L], KatarinaSquare.png PROJECT: Katarina [S|L], LeonaSquare.png PROJECT: Leona [S|L], MasterYiSquare.png PROJECT: Yi [S|L], YasuoSquare.png PROJECT: Yasuo [S|L], and ZedSquare.png PROJECT: Zed [S|L].


  • Lucian is from Demacia.[2]
  • Lucian's reveal on the Russian website featured a different image of the second gun. In this image, it is made apparent that the stone is in fact a memorial plaque for Lucian's "beloved wife" Senna.
  • By stealing Senna's soul, Thresh Thresh became Lucian's enemy, and compelled him to devote his life to ridding the world of the Shadow Isles threat, including each and every one of its inhabitants.


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Lucian League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

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