• Lucian's theme 'The Purifier's Resolve' was composed and performed by The Crystal Method (live at the Season 3 World Championship finals)
    • Lucian's is the first login screen to start with an animated sequence (his shows his wife Senna's soul being dragged into Thresh Thresh's Dark Passage.png lantern)
  • The Culling.png The Culling used to be the first ability in the game to directly scale with attack speed (until V5.22) and is the first that allows firing backwards while moving.
  • Lucian's Recall.png recalling references Equilibrium.
    • A side by side comparison can be seen here.
  • Lucian's dance references Revolver Ocelot from Metal Gear.
    • A side by side comparison can be seen here.
  • Lucian was the first champion to ever get a Chroma Pack for his Classic skin.
  • Lucian's title during production was 'the Gun Templar' (was called such in Polish localization and his teaser 'Shadows and Reflections' was signed as such, too)
  • Of Lucian's guns the less ornate one is his (an L is engraved on its side) and the more intricate one was Senna's (an S instead);[1] the letters were at first thought to mean Light and Shadow.
    • Lucian's name derives from Latin praenomen Lucius, from lux (cognate with English light), sharing one same PIE root *leuk- as Lux Luxanna.
    • Senna comes from Arabic سناء Sanāʼ "brightness, sublimity",[2] from root s-n-y (> Sin "moon" & seneh "burning bush").[3]
  • Lucian and Zed Zed perform the 'airplane arms' run when having very high movement speed.



LucianSquare.png Hired Gun Lucian [S|L]
  • Prior to his release he was hinted to have 'four eyes' (sunglasses)
  • His Recall.png recalling references Morpheus while he himself references the Twins (both from The Matrix)
  • His critical strikes fire custom-animated 'exploding' bolts.
  • He shares this theme with GravesSquare.png Hired Gun Graves [S|L].
LucianSquare.png Striker Lucian [S|L]
LucianSquare.png PROJECT: Lucian [S|L]
LucianSquare.png Heartseeker Lucian [S|L]


  • During Shadow and Fortune Lucian traveled to Bilgewater in pursuit of the Harrowing to locate Thresh Thresh. It was then he found out Senna's soul is trapped inside the Chain Warden's Dark Passage.png lantern.
    • Lucian is trying to find passage into the Shadow Isles in order to find Thresh Thresh and free Senna's soul.
  • The order Lucian and Senna belong to may be the remnants of the Blessed Isles' inhabitants who somehow survived Blade of the Ruined King item.png the Ruination.


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