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Upon Selection

  • Lulu Select
    "Pleased to meet you!"


  • Lulu.attack1
    "They aren't gonna like this."
  • Lulu.attack2
    "Dust em, Pix!"
  • Lulu.attack4
    "A solid giggle should do the trick."
  • Lulu.attack5
    "Let's use all the colors!"
  • Lulu.attack6
    "Too tall... much too tall."


  • Lulu.move1
    "I recommend skipping."
  • Lulu.move2
    "Just a pinch!"
  • Lulu.move3
    "Yup, that tasted purple."
  • Lulu.move4
    "You'll see more with your eyes closed."
  • Lulu.move5
    "Whoa... dizzy."
  • Lulu.move7
    "Nosey dewdrop... "
  • Lulu.move8
    "Never look a tulip in the eye..."
  • Lulu.move9
    "That squirrel looks familiar."


  • Lulu.taunt
    "C'mon you, let's dance! Ha!"
  • Lulu.taunt2
    "Let's go around again! Ha!"


  • Lulu.joke
    "I could go for a twirl... Whoa, whoa whoa ah, wooh!"
  • Lulu.joke2
    "Let's put on our thinking caps! Hmm... hmmhmm, hmmhmm... ah, I got it!"


  • Lulu.laugh1
    Lulu laughs.
  • Lulu.laugh2
    Lulu laughs.
  • Lulu.laugh3
    Lulu laughs.

Upon Casting Whimsy.png Whimsy

  • Lulu.spellcasteffort21
    (Ally) "Zippy!"
  • Lulu.spellcasteffort22
    (Ally) "Vroom vroom!"
  • Lulu.spellcasteffort23
    (Ally) "Tut tut!"
  • Lulu.spellcasteffort24
    (Ally) "Hot foot!"
  • Lulu.spellcasteffort1
    (Enemy) "Adoribus!"
  • Lulu.spellcasteffort2
    (Enemy) "Fuzzy!"
  • Lulu.spellcasteffort3
    (Enemy) "Delightify!"
  • Lulu.spellcasteffort5
    (Enemy) "Transmogulate!"
  • Lulu.spellcasteffort6
    (Enemy) "Cuddly incoming!"

Upon Casting Wild Growth.png Wild Growth

  • Lulu.ultimateeffort1
  • Lulu.ultimateeffort2
  • Lulu.ultimateeffort3
    "Up we go!"
  • Lulu.ultimateeffort4


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