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  • Lulu is voiced by Faye Mata.
  • Lulu is the first champion to:
    • Be announced directly through an 'Art Spotlight'.
    • Be available for play on the PBE before her official release.
    • Have her own login screen and dedicated theme.
    • Use Silence iconDisarm icon polymorph (and so far the only one).
  • Lulu was the last champion to release with 2 skins alongside her Classic one.
  • Whimsy WhimsyHelp, Pix! Help, Pix!Lamb's Respite Lamb's Respite and  Tempered Fate Tempered Fate's are the only abilities in the game that can affect themselves, allies, and enemies.
  • Lulu's abilities grant debuffs whose text changes depending if her target is an ally or an enemy.
  • Lulu grabs her hat and flies on her staff when she casts Whimsy Whimsy on herself.
  • Lulu's production name was 'Waena the Suppordle' (a Support + Yordle portmanteau).[1]
    • Lulu is the diminutive of real-life Germanic name-element *hlūdaz "loud > famous".[2]
    • Pix is the diminutive of *puko from Germanic folklore (cf. spook).
  • Lulu and AnnieSquare Annie are the only champions to originate from a place only they come from (the The Glade and the Voodoo Lands respectively).
  • The things that Whimsy Whimsy turns Lulu's enemies into can be seen in all of her skins' splash arts, including her Classic one.


  • "Yup, that tasted purple" might be referencing Philip J. Fry from Futurama ("Did everything just taste purple for a second?")
  • In Polish localization she says "Po oczach ich, Help, Pix! Pix, po oczach!" ("Go for the eyes, Pix, for the eyes!") referencing Minsc and Boo from Baldur's Gate.


Lulu OriginalCircle Classic Lulu [S|L]
  • She might be referencing Schierke from Berserk.
  • Whimsy Whimsy turns her enemies into two tailed squirrels known as Squills.
Lulu BittersweetCircle Bittersweet Lulu [S|L]
Lulu WickedCircle Wicked Lulu [S|L]
Lulu DragonTrainerCircle Dragon Trainer Lulu [S|L]
Lulu WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Lulu [S|L]
Lulu PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Lulu [S|L]
Chromaskins Chromas: Catseye, Citrine, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone, Turquoise
Lulu StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Lulu [S|L]


  • Lulu and VeigarSquare Veigar's friendship is based on both being outcast Yordle magicians.
  • Lulu and GnarSquare Gnar's friendship is based on their kind and playful nature.


  1. Grumpy Monkey reveals Lulu's previous name
  2. Orel, V. A Handbook of Germanic Etymology, p. 178