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  • Ground Slam Ground Slam leaves an imprint shaped like the Riot Games Inc. logo upon impact.
  • Malphite is one of the few champions that has multiple textures per skin (when Granite Shield Granite Shield is active, when it's on cooldown, and when Brutal Strikes Brutal Strikes is active)
  • Malphite's dance references Capoeira ('Ginga Steps' in particular)
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Brutal Strikes Brutal Strikes is the only ability in the game that deals physical damage but has no AD ratio.
  • By coincidence, Malphite's name resembles Maltese surname Malf[1], possibly related to Etruscan toponymic element *Melp-[2], meaning unknown.


  • "Caught between a rock... and a hard place" is a literal pun on the eponymous idiom.


MalphiteSquare Shamrock Malphite [S|L]
MalphiteSquare Obsidian Malphite [S|L]
MalphiteSquare Marble Malphite [S|L]
MalphiteSquare Glacial Malphite [S|L]
MalphiteSquare Mecha Malphite [S|L]
MalphiteSquare Ironside Malphite [S|L]