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Upon Selection

  • Malzahar Select
    "Oblivion awaits!"


  • Malzahar.attack1
    "It is done."
  • Malzahar.attack2
    "Mortality is weakness."
  • Malzahar.attack3
    "We demand sacrifice."
  • Malzahar.attack4
  • Malzahar.attack5
    "Their time is short."
  • Malzahar.attack6
    "For the Void."


  • Malzahar.move1
    "Icathia beckons."
  • Malzahar.move2
    "As was foreseen."
  • Malzahar.move3
    "In due course."
  • Malzahar.move4
    "Second sight ordains it."
  • Malzahar.move5
    "It is in motion."
  • Malzahar.move6
    "At once."
  • Malzahar.move7
    "We are timeless."
  • Malzahar.move8
    "Do not challenge fate's will!"
  • Malzahar.move9
    "Without question."


  • Malzahar.taunt1
    "Come mortal, witness your demise!"
  • Malzahar.taunt2
    "Bow to the void! Or be consumed by it!"


  • Malzahar.joke
    (Burps) "I think a Voidling just came out!"


  • Malzahar.laugh1
    Malzahar laughs.
  • Malzahar.laugh2
    Malzahar laughs.
  • Malzahar.laugh3
    Malzahar laughs.
  • Malzahar.laugh4
    Malzahar laughs.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Your fate cannot be avoided!"
Against Player Kassadin Kassadin
  • "You shall never stop us, Kassadin."
  • "Your gifts should be used in service of the Void, Kassadin."
Player Team Victory
  • "The Void will never accept defeat."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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