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  • Malzahar shares quotes with:
    • "Without question". - MalzaharSquare 
      e / AkaliSquare 


Malzahar OriginalCircle Classic Malzahar [S|L]
  • The scene depicted has him summoning a Void Swarm Void Swarm.
Malzahar ShadowPrinceCircle Shadow Prince Malzahar [S|L]
Malzahar VizierCircle Vizier Malzahar [S|L]
Malzahar DjinnCircle Djinn Malzahar [S|L]
Malzahar OverlordCircle Overlord Malzahar [S|L]
Malzahar SnowDayCircle Snow Day Malzahar [S|L]
Malzahar BattleBossCircle Battle Boss Malzahar [S|L]


  • Even though Malzahar (and KassadinSquare Kassadin) are both Shuriman their ties to the Void directs all their focus to the ancient city of Icathia and what lies within it.
    • Malzahar might be attempting to make Icathia rise again just like AzirSquare Azir did with the Ancient Shuriman capital.
      • It is uncertain whether or not he is aware of the AzirSquare rise XerathSquare of NasusSquare the RenektonSquare Ascended.
        • Even if so, making way for the Voidborn takes precedence over a handful of actually mortal demigods that can be overrun by infinite hordes anyway.
  • Malzahar was brainwashed into believing the Void overrunning Runeterra is an inevitability and this in turned prompted him to become its prophet.
    • KassadinSquare Kassadin is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He glimpsed into the Void and his resolve to fight it only strengthened.
      • In the new lore: Malzahar was only indirectly responsible for sending Kassadin's Kai'SaSquare daughter into the Void: she innocently replicated a sacrificial ritual to opening a portal into the Void, and the resultant earthquake destroyed her village.
      • In the old lore: Malzahar goaded the Void Walker into joining forces with him, going so far as to sending KassadinSquare Kassadin's Kai'SaSquare daughter into the Void itself.
  • The one resposible for luring Malzahar to Icathia might have been the same entity Aurelion SolSquare Aurelion Sol suspects of commanding all the Void incursions into Runeterra.
    • Malzahar in turn lured Kog'MawSquare Kog'Maw into Runeterra.
      • It could be speculated the hivemind entity is the Mouth of the Abyss' 'Daddy', the 'Terror who is coming'.
        • In short Kog'MawSquare Kog'Maw might be foreshadowing a cataclysm on an interdimensional scale so large the Rune Wars will seem a children's brawl in comparison.