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PC Gamer

Maokai Maokai and his release date were leaked from the March 2011 issue of the 'PC Gamer' magazine.

Maokai PCG

Champion Sneak Peek: Maokai, the Twisted Treant

By ByronicHero [1]

Sometimes, when you look at the League of Legends champion lineup, it's easy to feel like you've seen it all. You've seen Lux light mages, Ryze thorn mages, Singed mad scientists, LeBlanc illusionists, Shen ninjas, and Garen warriors with gigantic swords. But there's something that this next champion has that none of them do: roots. That's right, while you may have been engaged in epic, pitched battles with Trundle trolls, Galio gargoyles, Sion ogres, Fiddlesticks scarecrows, Alistar minotaurs, Amumu mummies, and mutant Rammus armadillos, I bet you've never had to fight a tree before! Introducing Maokai Maokai, the Twisted Treant; a groundbreaking new champion in the League of Legends whose bark may or may not be worse than his bite. You decide.

Champion Update: Maokai

By Conor 'fizzNchips' Sheehy [2]

Maokai Maokai's the latest champ to go into the champion update workshop, and has come out the other end with some fancy new bark to wear on all of his skins!

Maokai Screenshots

Just like Singed Singed, Maokai's rig was in a fairly good spot while the rest of his look was a bit... well... old. So we changed it up, updating his model, textures, spell effects, and a few of his animations on his base model and each of his skins!


2014 FIFA World Cup League Of Legends Login Screen With Music02:28

2014 FIFA World Cup League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

Login Screen

2014 FIFA World Cup Theme
Related Music

KNKL SHOW 204 MAOKAI VU Process!27:00


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