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Upon Selection

  • Maokai Select
    "I do your bidding... for now... "


  • Maokai.attack1
    "Begone vile magics!"
  • Maokai.attack2
    "I will punish their imprudence."
  • Maokai.attack3
    "Reckless mages."
  • Maokai.attack4
    "I will end this misuse of magic."
  • Maokai.attack5
    "They will know my remorse."
  • Maokai.attack6
    "Do you want to see twisted?"


  • Maokai.move1
    "This power... I cannot control!"
  • Maokai.move2
    "Torment me no longer!"
  • Maokai.move3
    "To rest... if only I could."
  • Maokai.move4
    "This life was not meant to be."
  • Maokai.move5
    "You should not defy nature!"
  • Maokai.move6
    "There is no escape."
  • Maokai.move7
    "I once had peace."
  • Maokai.move8
    "Return me to the forest... "
  • Maokai.move9
    "I would end this burden, but it always returns."


Maokai bounces a Sapling Toss.png Sapling on his foot, throws it in the air and eats it. The Sapling Toss.png Sapling then comes out of his arm and returns to his hand.
  • Maokai.joke1
    "Nature is the truest form of balance. Eat and avoid being eaten."
  • Maokai.joke2
    "Animals are lazy. We plants produce our own food."


Maokai throws a Sapling Toss.png Sapling on the ground and stomps it.
  • Maokai.taunt1
    "Is this what they call getting stumped? Hahaha!"
  • Maokai.taunt2
    "Nature can be a real mother. Hahaha!"


Maokai's Sapling Toss.png Sapling and Sap Magic.png left arm begin to laugh before Maokai silences them.
  • Maokai.laugh1
    Maokai growls.
  • Maokai.laugh2
    Maokai growls.
  • Maokai.laugh3
    Maokai growls.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Do not defy nature!"
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "So this is what they call getting stumped."


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