Champion Select

  • Maokai Select new
    "The Isles will bloom again!"
  • Maokai Ban
    "Your reckoning will come either way."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Maokai.start01
    "Beset by spirits, my home laid to waste... and they call me twisted."
  • Maokai.start02
    "Life can come back, once the earth is turned."
  • Maokai.start03
    "The water of life succumbed to death. The mortals will follow."
  • Maokai.start04
    "Hold tight, my sapling."


  • Maokai.attack01
    "You defile the grove!"
  • Maokai.attack02
    "There is rot within!"
  • Maokai.attack03
    "Your life bloom fades!"
  • Maokai.attack04
    "Life feeds on death!"
  • Maokai.attack05
    "Where men fall, saplings rise!"
  • Maokai.attack06
    "It is good to ungnarl my limbs."
  • Maokai.attack07
    "Bones break before branches."
  • Maokai.attack08
    "The trees have learned violence."
  • Maokai.attack09
    "To find life, I will snuff yours out."
  • Maokai.attack10
    "It is in my nature."
  • Maokai.attack11
    "I refuse to wilt."
  • Maokai.attack12
    "Torment at your peril."
  • Maokai.attack13
  • Maokai.attack14
    "I will sow fear."
  • Maokai.attack15
    "This power is mine to command."
  • Maokai.attack16
    "Vengeance may be hollow, but so is my trunk!"
  • Maokai.attack17
    "How my branches groan!"
  • Maokai.attack18
    "Once this land knew solitude."
  • Maokai.attack19
    "Protect what is pure."
  • Maokai.attack20
    "I'll show you twisted!"
  • Maokai.attack21
    "So much life, stolen."
  • Maokai.attack22
    "Rooted out."
  • Maokai.attack23
    "Life torn from your grasp."
  • Maokai.attack24
    "The blessed waters churn within me."
  • Maokai.attack25
    "In the end, they all scream!"


  • Maokai.move01
    "My heartwood is pure."
  • Maokai.move02
    "Flee into the forest? I am the forest."
  • Maokai.move03
    "I cannot find peace! Not even in the smallest branch!"
  • Maokai.move04
    "Reckless mortals!"
  • Maokai.move05
    "They trample life! I will trample them!"
  • Maokai.move06
    "Drink deep of what magic remains."
  • Maokai.move07
    "The idol is over."
  • Maokai.move08
    "I do nature's bidding... to the very end."
  • Maokai.move09
    "Oh... where did I put that sapling?"
  • Maokai.move10
    "Living or dead, they are all the same."
  • Maokai.move11
    "We must pull up our roots. Darkness corrupts the land."
  • Maokai.move12
    "I will punish their wickedness."
  • Maokai.move13
    "Life here existed in a time before death."
  • Maokai.move14
    "What have you wrought, mortals? What have I?"
  • Maokai.move15
    "Every step defiance!"
  • Maokai.move16
    "A shadow has fallen, as men have fallen."
  • Maokai.move17
    "There is beauty here, even now, in the human's fear."
  • Maokai.move18
    "I will show them what was lost in the ruination."
  • Maokai.move19
    "Human nature? Pah!"
  • Maokai.move20
    "Fight for the saplings!"
  • Maokai.move21
    "Nature's enemies gather."
  • Maokai.move22
    "Stillness is not peace! It is death!"
  • Maokai.move23
    "If I am already lost, I will take them with me."
  • Maokai.move24
    "Once they were human. Now, they are only in my way."
  • Maokai.move25
    "Mortals irritate me, like an itch beneath my bark."
  • Maokai.move26
    "I cannot stop. The forest needs me."
  • Maokai.move27
    "The Mist haunts my every move, yet I resist."
  • Maokai.move28
    "I will end this misuse of magic!"
  • Maokai.move29
    "I will fight for every pebble, every blade of grass."
  • Maokai.move30
    "I once had peace. It is better to have purpose!"
  • Maokai.move31
    "Once my limbs reached for the sky, now for nearest mortal neck!"
  • Maokai.move32
    "I can watch the mortals doom themselves from here."
  • Maokai.move33
    "The green in these plants, it is something I have lost."
  • Maokai.move34
    "Once more into the grass."
  • Maokai.move35
    "Nature conceals darkness."
  • Maokai.move36
    "There is life still untouched by the Mist."
  • Maokai.move37
    "The young sprouts beneath my feet, they tremble."


  • Maokai.joke01
    "The circle of life starts with death."
  • Maokai.joke02
    "If only the humans were vegetarians."
  • Maokai.joke03
    "I love all my saplings, especially how they taste."


  • Maokai.taunt01
    "The seeds of your destruction!"
  • Maokai.taunt02
    "The sapling does not fall far from the treant!"
  • Maokai.taunt03
    "If a human screams in the forest, will anyone hear it?"
Taunting a Shadow Isles Champion
  • Maokai.tauntShadowIslesAlly01
    (Ally) "In the end, darkness destroys itself."
  • Maokai.tauntShadowIslesAlly02
    (Ally) "I am nothing like you! I can't be!"
  • Maokai.tauntShadowIslesAlly03
    (Ally) "For the forest to bloom, I will tolerate your presence."
  • Maokai.tauntShadowIslesEnemy01
    (Enemy) "Come and meet your end - and a sapling or two."
  • Maokai.tauntShadowIslesEnemy02
    (Enemy) "There is still life enough within me to grant you death."
  • Maokai.tauntShadowIslesEnemy03
    (Enemy) "Your existence was not meant to be."
  • Maokai.tauntShadowIslesEnemy04
    (Enemy) "To bleed the bloodless."
Taunting an Enemy Elise Elise
  • Maokai.tauntElise01
    "Oh, what mortals will do for beauty. Kill, and wear pointy shoes."
  • Maokai.tauntElise02
    "Stop putting web in my branches!"
  • Maokai.tauntElise03
    "I hear your skittering, mortal."
Taunting an Enemy Hecarim Hecarim
  • Maokai.tauntHecarim01
    "Trample that blade of grass, horseman. I dare you."
  • Maokai.tauntHecarim02
    "One of many shadows on the Isles. The Shadow of War."
Taunting an Enemy Kalista Kalista
  • Maokai.tauntKalista01
    "It is the Isles that were betrayed!"
  • Maokai.tauntKalista02
    "Spirit of vengeance? And what of the forest?"
Taunting an Enemy Karthus Karthus
  • Maokai.tauntKarthus01
    "The song of life, now silent."
  • Maokai.tauntKarthus02
    "The saplings wish to hear your dirge. Please, sing it... while I destroy you!"
  • Maokai.tauntKarthus03
    "You make me glad I don't have ears."
Taunting an Enemy Mordekaiser Mordekaiser
  • Maokai.tauntMordekaiser01
    "Another pile of bones wearing a crown."
  • Maokai.tauntMordekaiser02
    "Rival to the Ruined King - in ruin."
Taunting an Enemy Thresh Thresh
  • Maokai.tauntThresh01
    "It is torture enough being near you, spirit."
  • Maokai.tauntThresh02
    "A lantern? Ha! The forest is very dark indeed."
  • Maokai.tauntThresh03
    "The soul of the Isles is lost - beyond your grasp."
Taunting an Enemy Yorick Yorick
  • Maokai.tauntYorick01
    "So you're what passes for a hero among the fleshlings?"
  • Maokai.tauntYorick02
    "The Isles have forgotten more than just your name."
  • Maokai.tauntYorick03
    "Have you ever tried to dig through roots? Good luck, human."
  • Maokai.tauntYorick04
    "You would scour the Isles without planting a seed."
Taunting an Enemy Axe-Wielding Champion
  • Maokai.tauntAxe01
    "An axe is no danger if I cut you down first!"
Taunting an Enemy Mage
  • Maokai.tauntMage01
    "Magic came from nature, and will return to nature."
Taunting an Enemy Yordle
  • Maokai.tauntYordle01
    "Yordle! Stay out of my trunk!"
Taunting an Enemy Ahri Ahri
  • Maokai.tauntAhri01
    "I'd like you more if you were a fox."
Taunting an Enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  • Maokai.tauntAurelionSol01
    "You create only destruction, Star Forger."
Taunting an Enemy Bard Bard
  • Maokai.tauntBard01
    "You make me glad I don't have ears."
Taunting an Enemy Darius Darius
  • Maokai.tauntDarius01
    "Strength starts in the roots - and you have none."
Taunting an Enemy Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks
  • Maokai.tauntFiddlesticks01
    "You give sticks a bad name, and fiddles too!"
Taunting an Enemy Garen Garen
  • Maokai.tauntGaren01
    "Stop carving words into my bark! Everyone knows G <3 K!"
  • Maokai.tauntGaren02
    "Demacia's walls will not stop the Black Mist."
Taunting an Enemy Ivern Ivern
  • Maokai.tauntIvern01
    "Kill them with kindness?" Maokai laughs.
  • Maokai.tauntIvern02
    "The sapling of the God Willow."
  • Maokai.tauntIvern03
    "Only men seek redemption."
  • Maokai.tauntIvern04
    "Make like a tree and vacate the area."
Taunting an Enemy Jayce Jayce
  • Maokai.tauntJayce01
    "A voice follows this one! A song, like those in the Mist!"
Taunting an Enemy Kindred Kindred
  • Maokai.tauntKindred01
    "The forest clings to life, and you would end it!"
  • Maokai.tauntKindred02
    "I am no abomination!"
Taunting an Enemy Lucian Lucian
  • Maokai.tauntLucian01
    "The forest clings to life, and you would end it!"
  • Maokai.tauntLucian02
    "I am no abomination!"
Taunting an Enemy Nautilus Nautilus
  • Maokai.tauntNautilus01
    "Darkness gathers on the Isles - from every depth."
Taunting an Enemy Poppy Poppy
  • Maokai.tauntPoppy01
    "Beware the mortals' gifts."
Taunting an Enemy Sona Sona
  • Maokai.tauntSona01
    "You make me glad I don't have ears."
Taunting an Enemy Zyra Zyra
  • Maokai.tauntZyra01
    "A dangerous bloom, that one."
  • Maokai.tauntZyra02
    "The most beautiful flowers have the sharpest thorns."
  • Maokai.tauntZyra03
    "It was a mistake to become human. You will share their doom."
  • Maokai.tauntZyra04
    "You forgot your roots!"
Upon an Enemy Champion Taunting Nearby
  • Maokai.interactionTauntEnemy01
    "Impressive words - but I'm a tree. I don't care."
Upon an Enemy Yorick Yorick Taunting Nearby
  • Maokai.interactionTauntYorickEnemy01
    "Silence, mortal. You only give voice to darkness."
Upon an Enemy Ivern Ivern Taunting Nearby
  • Maokai.interactionTauntIvernEnemy01


Maokai's Sapling Toss.png Sapling and Sap Magic.png left arm begin to laugh before Maokai silences them.
  • Maokai.laugh01
    Maokai growls.
  • Maokai.laugh02
    Maokai growls.
  • Maokai.laugh03
    Maokai growls.

Upon Casting Bramble Smash.png Bramble Smash

  • Maokai.spellQ1
    "Stand back!"
  • Maokai.spellQ2
    "This will leave splinters!"

Upon Casting Sapling Toss.png Sapling Toss

  • Maokai.spellE1
    "Give them room to spread their leaves!"
  • Maokai.spellE2
    "Seek the forest's foes."
  • Maokai.spellE3
    "Away, my sapling."
  • Maokai.spellE4
    "One with nature."
  • Maokai.spellE5
    "Patient as a tree."
Upon Throwing a Sapling Toss.png Sapling to the Red Brambleback Red Brambleback
  • Maokai.spellERedBrambleback01
    "Does this make you uncomfortable, Bramblefoot?"
Upon Throwing a Sapling Toss.png Sapling to a Nearby Ivern Ivern
  • Maokai.spellEIvern01
    "Greenfather, my sapling wishes to meet you."
  • Maokai.spellEIvern02
    "Careful, my sapling. Ivern is watching."
  • Maokai.spellEIvern03
    "The Greenfather spreads life. The Mist will end it."

Upon Casting Nature&#039;s Grasp.png Nature's Grasp

  • Maokai.spellR1
    "Lashing roots!"
  • Maokai.spellR2
  • Maokai.spellR3
    "Wretched souls!"

Upon Buying...

Doran&#039;s Shield item.png Doran's Shield
  • Maokai.itemDoransShield01
    "I wondered what happened to that tree."
Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Maokai.itemIcebornGauntlet01
    "To strike a blow for nature."
  • Maokai.itemIcebornGauntlet02
    "From a land where the trees are hardy and tall... and very, very cold."
  • Maokai.itemIcebornGauntlet03
    "I do tend to punch things."
Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape
  • Maokai.itemSunfireCape01
    "Burn through the Mist."
Warmog&#039;s Armor item.png Warmog's Armor
  • Maokai.itemWarmogsArmor01
    "Is it woven from branches? I can never tell."
  • Maokai.itemWarmogsArmor02
    "To aid the waters within my wood."
  • Maokai.itemWarmogsArmor03
    "Restoring life."

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • Maokai.kill01
    "Wood knocks back!"
  • Maokai.kill02
    "Another shadow."
  • Maokai.kill03
    "To rest, if only you could."
  • Maokai.kill04
    "I would end your burden, but it always returns."
  • Maokai.kill05
    "Enough bark, and there's no need for a bite."
  • Maokai.kill06
    "Blood makes the grass grow."
  • Maokai.kill07
    "Vengeance bears the sweetest fruit."
  • Maokai.kill08
    "Mortals? Hmph."
Upon Killing an Enemy Champion in the Jungle
  • Maokai.killJungle01
    "You would fight the forest in the forest?"
  • Maokai.killJungle02
    "Mortals always invading."
Upon Killing an Enemy Shadow Isles Champion
  • Maokai.killShadowIsles01
    "Begone, vile spirit!"
  • Maokai.killShadowIsles02
    "The Isles will be cleansed."
Upon Killing an Enemy Ivern Ivern
  • Maokai.killIvern01
    "A friend of the forest no more."
  • Maokai.killIvern02
    "Pruning dead branches and odd ones."
  • Maokai.killIvern03
    "Mortal to the end."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Maokai.recall01
    "The grove beckons."
  • Maokai.recall02

Upon Death

  • Maokai.death01
    "Flee, my saplings... "
  • Maokai.death02
    "The forest... "
  • Maokai.death03
    "To the soil... "
Upon Respawning
  • Maokai.respawn01
    "Another blade stuck in my bark."
  • Maokai.respawn02
    "Didn't even notch my trunk."
  • Maokai.respawn03
    "Hope blooms anew."
  • Maokai.respawn04
    "The maelstrom has not ended!"
  • Maokai.respawn05
    "I rage against this curse!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Do not defy nature!"
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "So this is what they call getting stumped."