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  • Maokai was named after Maokai Xiao (his concept artist [1]) while the name itself is an anagram for 'I am oak' as well as Chinese for 茂凯 ('lush (vegetation)-triumphant')
  • Maokai has the highest Level 18 base armor (96.7)
  • Maokai's dance references the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • Tabs for Jarvan IV Jarvan IV and Lee Sin 'blindmonk' can be seen during Maokai's 'Art Spotlight'.
  • For Maokai's Visual Update Twisted Advance.png Twisted Advance's rooting was made to resemble Grasping Roots.png Grasping Roots'.


MaokaiSquare.png Classic Maokai [S|L]
MaokaiSquare.png Totemic Maokai [S|L]
MaokaiSquare.png Festive Maokai [S|L]
MaokaiSquare.png Haunted Maokai [S|L]
MaokaiSquare.png Goalkeeper Maokai [S|L]
MaokaiSquare.png Meowkai [S|L]
MaokaiSquare.png Victorious Maokai [S|L]


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