League of Legends Masquerade


The Masquerade ("Fiesta De Máscaras" in Spanish and "Semana da Folia" in Portuguese) is a seasonal event to celebrate Carnival/Mardi Gras in Valoran. This event is only available for both Latin American servers and Brazilian servers but some awards, such as Icons, are available for all servers during this event.


The Masquerade

Masquerade Lore 1

Exists a time of the year in which the people from various corners of the world celebrate the joy of living. Between music and dances, the entire town goes out to show their fantasic costumes, the champions being a source of inspiration. The most creative marchers reinvent their admired characters!

Masquerade Lore 2

Only that sometimes, as distracted that they are in the party, they forget that there are other places, let's say, a bit less colorful... like the Howling Abyss, where life elapses grey for the charming little poros. Is it that they don't have the right to have fun like everyone else?

Masquerade Lore 3

Fortunately, someone showed compassion for these little creatures and decided to prepare them a very special surprise.

Masquerade Lore 4

After a while, this mysterious benefactor (or benefactress?) left a present to the little inhabitants of the lugubrious bridge, something that will doubtlessly leave them very happy. Now the poros will also be able to celebrate the joy of living by donning on costumes of their favorite champions!

Masquerade Lore 5

Would be possible that we ever discover who's behind all of this? This is but one of the many surprises that brings... The Masquerade.

The Festival's Muse has Landed

Anivia FestivalQueenSkin

The Festival Queen is here

And so the drums will sing out

The Festival Queen is here

And so the dancing may begin

Welcome, bird of paradise

Wings up! Wings up, up, up

Welcome, bright muse

Wings down, wings down, down, down

Thank you, Samba Queen

For letting us begin

Thank you, Samba Queen

You hatched the party from its egg.

Days of Masquerade

Masquerade Lore 6

Champions celebrating The Masquerade

Poro Masquerade

2014 Masquerade site picture featuring a PoroSquare Poro

Attention, ladies and gentlemen! In each day of this event, there will be a set of three skins with discounts available for them in the Store during 48 hours! Don't lose this chance with any of these offers for you to expand your collection.

February 13 - Temple of the Celebration

February 14 - Long Live Nature

February 15 - Historical Warriors

February 16 - Marine Blessing

February 17 - At the Edge of Joy

Attention, beautiful people! The days 14th and 15 February you'll earn double IP on each match. Don't let this opportunity pass!

Masquerade 2016

Masquerade Parade

Poro Party!

Pay attention, beautiful people, because now we're serious. The moment for the poros to show all their happiness, enthusiasm, and rhythm, has come! In each day of this event, a carnival team will go out to animate and enchant acquaintances and strangers with their incredible costumes. For you to celebrate as well, you'll be able to download a set of avatars, Facebook covers, and desktop backgrounds with different poros in costume. Come back every day and complete your collection!
― Riot

The link to the Masquerade and Porofolia sites can be accessed from here and here.

  • Aatrox Poro
  • Ahri Poro
  • Amumu Poro
  • Anivia Poro
  • Annie Poro
  • Ashe Poro
  • Azir, Jax, and Lissandra Poros
  • Blitzcrank Poro
  • Braum Poro
  • Caitlyn Poro
  • Corki Poro
  • Darius Poro
  • Definitely Not Blitzcrank Poro
  • Dr. Mundo Poro
  • Draven Poro
  • Ekko Poro
  • Ezreal Poro
  • Fat Poro
  • Fiddlesticks Poro
  • Gangplank Poro
  • Garen Poro
  • Gnar Poro
  • Gragas Poro
  • Graves Poro
  • Heimerdinger Poro
  • Janna Poro
  • Jarvan IV Poro
  • Jinx Poro
  • Karthus Poro
  • Kalista Poro
  • Kennen Poro
  • Kindred Poro
  • Lee Sin Poro
  • Leona Poro
  • Lucian Poro
  • Lulu Poro
  • Lux Poro
  • Malphite Poro
  • Malzahar Poro
  • Master Yi Poro
  • Miss Fortune Poro
  • Mordekaiser Poro
  • Morgana Poro
  • Nami Poro
  • Nasus Poro
  • Nautilus Poro
  • Nidalee Poro
  • Nunu Poro
  • Olaf Poro
  • Rammus Poro
  • Renekton Poro
  • Rengar Poro
  • Riven Poro
  • Rumble Poro
  • Ryze Poro
  • Sejuani Poro
  • Shaco Poro
  • Shen Poro
  • Skarner Poro
  • Sona Poro
  • Soraka Poro
  • Syndra Poro
  • Tahm Kench Poro
  • Taric Poro
  • Teemo Poro
  • Thresh Poro
  • Tristana Poro
  • Tryndamere Poro
  • Twisted Fate Poro
  • Urf Poro
  • Vayne Poro
  • Veigar Poro
  • Velkoz Poro
  • Vi Poro
  • Viktor Poro
  • Vladimir Poro
  • Volibear Poro
  • Wukong Poro
  • Xin Zhao Poro
  • Yasuo Poro
  • Zed Poro
  • Ziggs Poro


Promotions Mordekaiser Poro

Poro Mordekaiser at the bottom of the Promotions' page

  • Is possible that the mysterious benefactor/benefactress is LoL's next upcoming champion, and this year's Masquerade page being the teaser. KalistaSquare Kalista received a similar teaser from Brazil's forums.
  • This site may also be teasing a possible FiddlesticksSquare Surprise Party Fiddlesticks reworked splash art.
  • At the bottom of the Promotions page appears a Poro using a MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser costume, this is likely referring to the memes related to him and Brazil.
  • During the 14th of February, if you log in into the official page, reCAPTCHA had a chance to showcase an image saying "I LOVE YOU" for the user to write.

  • Festival Queen Anivia


Wings of Revelry Festival Queen Anivia - League of Legends

Wings of Revelry Festival Queen Anivia - League of Legends