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  • Classic Skin
  • Classic Skin (Old)
  • Assassin Master Yi
  • Chosen Master Yi
  • Ionia Master Yi
  • Samurai Yi
  • Headhunter Master Yi


  • Master Yi was designed by Ezreal.
  • Yi (易) means "easiness", "change" or "divination" in Chinese.
    • His name in the Chinese servers is written as 易 大师 in Simplified Chinese, and 易 大師 in Traditional Chinese/Japanese. Pronounced in Chinese would be Yì Dàshī, while in on'yomi, it would be I Daishi ("e" "die-she"). [1]
  • Master Yi's name is a pun on the word "mastery".
  • "Wuju" is a reference to two of the developers at Riot Games. Namely, Andy Woo and Jeff Jew.
    • "Wuju", or "Wuji/Mukyoku" (無極 lit. Extremeless), is the grey field a taijitsu (the yin-yang symbol) is traditionally shown on, symbolizing "nothingness". It also nods to an old sword style honed for art in current times. In the Chinese servers, it is written as "Wuji/Mukyou" (无极), which means the same thing. [1]
      • In the Chinese servers, his  Wuju Style's name in Simplified Chinese is written as 无极剑道 and in Traditional Chinese/Japanese as 无极剣道. Pronounced in Chinese is Wújí Jiàndào and in Japanese is Mukyou Kendou, which both literally mean "Extremeless Sword Path"; with "kendo" being a traditional Japanese term for swordsmanship and fencing sports in Japan, hinting that Wuju is a traditional sword style, despite the fact that his pupil  Wukong uses a staff for the art. [1]
    • It bears similarity to "Wushu", the collective name of Chinese martial arts, mostly known as Kung-fu in western countries.
  • Master Yi was one of the champions chosen for the Ionian pool available during the Ionia vs. Noxus match. However, he was not one of the selected champions.
  • The goggles Master Yi wears (known as the Seven Lenses of Insight) seem to be an over-exaggeration of trifocals goggles with night vision, and according to his background, provide a similar effect, allowing him to "see across a wider range of the spectrum".
    • His goggles can also be seen in the preview video for the Mac version of League of Legends.
      • In addition, his sword can also be seen in a later part of the video.
    • His costume and the goggles bring strong resemble to Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell game franchise.
    • His new joke in his rework "The goggles? Just for reading!" references the fact that his goggles provide no actual effect in his gameplay. Master Yi's goggles' utility yields great results when he is ogling over Katarina boobies. [2]
    • One of Yi's new taunts "I will take an eye....as if I don't have enough already." also jokes around with the amount of lenses his goggles have.
  • A fan joke video give birth to a popular troll build called Dunkmaster Yi, focusing on going really fast via building duplicates of the Zeal item with a Wriggle's Lantern, and the catchphrase "get dunked!".
  • Master Yi (sharing with  Pantheon) is the Champion with the highest Base Movement Speed in the game, being 355.
  • Master Yi's dance is a reference to Dee Dee's dance from the Cartoon Network's series "Dexter's Laboratory." A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Master Yi's sword has rings on the back edge resembling an ancient Chinese Dāo variant [3][4] (a curved Chinese blade that predates the katana's creation). He uses both hands to hold it, akin to the posture of Zhǎn Mǎ Dāo [5] or Katana [6] wielders.
  • In terms of some of Yi's artworks (and his initial visual model) and his visual model update, he appears to be left-handed and/or ambidextrous.
  • Master Yi's joke "The key to immortality? Not dying." hints to his beta lore noting at his real age; which he is implied to be over 1000 years old despite physically being no more than 30. It is unknown if this is still the case with his current lore.
    • His age's implication, as well as his ultimate,  Highlander, are possible references to the film Highlander, where many of the characters are immortal and are easily hundreds of years old.
      • The mechanics of his ultimate also nod to "the quickening" effect. In Highlander, if an immortal killed another immortal through decapitation, they would gain their knowledge after an electrical and mostly violent surge. Similarly, upon a kill or an assist, Yi's cooldowns are refreshed as an explosion effect of energy/ki emanates off him (in a manner similar to fireworks), though it is shown as a small flash emanating from his body ever since his rework.
    • Also to nod to the immortals of Highlander is the Chinese name of his ultimate, which is Gāoyuán Xiětǒng (高原血统 in Simplified Chinese, 高原血統 in Traditional Chinese). In Japanese the name is pronounced as Kougen Kettou, both translations literally meaning "Plateau Lineage". [1]


Classic Master Yi

  • His normal skin along with his said Assassin skin has two swordboots with one on each armored leg, though they have very little if not no use at all. His movement animations shows such a thing weighs down his running, but he may have adjusted to this via the skins without the armored legs.
  • As of his rework, in all his skins, Master Yi runs in a more normal fashion.

Assassin Master Yi

  • This skin, Golden Alistar and White Mage Veigar are the only skins priced at 390 RP, making them the cheapest skins, excluding sale prices and free/promotional skins.
  • It was also initially in previous versions a mere black re-color of his default skin, though it can be implied that the dark tone of the skin is meant for covert blending, hence the name of the skin.
  • The reworked of this skin instead features a more ninja-like theme, such as a face mask, a hoodie, a more katana-like sword via the design of its hilt, and two kunai in the place of Yi's swordboots.

Chosen Master Yi

  • It is a direct reference to the Jedi Knights of the Star Wars franchise.
  • After his visual upgrade in 2013, Chosen Master Yi's lightsaber causes a humming sound when attacking.
  • This skin's lightsaber changes colors based upon  Wuju Style's current state: blue (normal), green (passive), red (active). This is similar to the Jedi Knight games which had blue, yellow, and red lightsaber stances; each altered the speed and power of attacks.

Ionia Master Yi

  • It is probably Master Yi's outfit while he is at his usual home, Ionia, or the outfit he wears in some special occasions much like  Blood Moon Akali or   Blood Moon Shen.
  • Additionally,  Irelia's classic skin has the same design and color with his. Also the weapons they hold have the same schematics, which concludes their origins from Ionia.
  • His red color scheme bears resemblance to Sun Jian and the Kingdom of Wu from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, in the Dynasty Warriors adaptions; the tree in the background also bears a slight nod to Jian Ye, the main capital of Wu (via its playable stage version in Dynasty Warriors 4/Shin Sangokumusou 3).

Samurai Master Yi

Headhunter Master Yi

  • His clothing bears many resemblances with the Predator species from the Predator and Alien vs Predator franchises.
  • The skin's helmet and goggles also look very similar to the game Shinobi's main character Hotsuma, who would dash to his enemy similar to Master Yi's  Alpha Strike.
  • In his Chinese artwork, there is the shadowy form of  Cho'Gath behind him, who vaguely resembles the Aliens.
  • His sword pre-work also longer than the dao in his other skins, though with no effect on his auto attack range. The blade is also flipped to the other side in his idle stance, thus causing Yi during his dance, laugh and death to hold it with blade flipped the other way with his right hand (all other skins barring Chosen would show the opposite). This was notably fixed in his rework with the blade being a more proper size in relevance to Yi's other skins, and having it being held properly.
  • He shares this theme with  Rengar,  Nidalee and  Caitlyn.


  • Master Yi's goggles were made and given to him by  Heimerdinger.
  • Master Yi's entire kinfolk were killed with chemical inventions created by  Singed.
  • Master Yi seeks the end of Noxus' predations.
  • Master Yi often spends his time meditating and training near the Great Barrier, south of the Institute of War.
  • Master Yi tutored  Wukong in the art of Wuju. They seem to share similar quotes.


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