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  • Master Yi dances faster the more total movement speed he has.
  • Master Yi's goggles and his sword can both be seen in the game's Mac Version trailer.
  • Master Yi and Pantheon Pantheon have the highest movement speed in the game (355).
  • Master Yi's current dance references the "Running Man" dance, while his prior dance before his visual update was a reference to the dance segment in Napoleon Dynamite (also shared with Katarina Katarina).
  • Yi (易) is Chinese for 'easiness', 'change', or 'divination', while Master Yi is a pun on 'mastery'.
    • Master Yi's title in the Chinese localization also dubs him as a "Sword Saint", a title given to most master swordmen in history such as Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Wuju Style.png Wuju Style was named after two Riot Games Inc. employees (Andy Woo and Jeff Jew).
    • In the Chinese localization, it is instead named as "Wuji" (無極, lit. Extremeless/Apolar), referencing the grey fielf of a yin-yang symbol. His Wuju Style.png Wuju Style ability in Chinese is also dubbed as "Wuji Jiandao" (無極劍道, lit. Extremeless Sword Path), Jiandao being the pinyin reading of the famous Japanese term "kendou".
  • Highlander.png Highlander was named after as well as references the eponymous franchise.


Master YiSquare.png Classic Master Yi [S|L]
  • He shares quotes with:
  • "The goggles? Just for reading!" and "I will take an eye... as if I don't have enough already" poke fun at how such a ridiculously complex device doesn't have any special use for him whatsoever.
  • "The key to immortality? Not dying" references Highlander.
  • One of his jokes via the Brazilian localization references Woody Woodpecker.
Master YiSquare.png PROJECT: Yi [S|L]
  • "Progress requires only a blade... that produces more blades." is the counterpart to his regular goggles jokes (how many blades can protrude from his sword for every time he uses Highlander.png Highlander)
  • "Those Master Yi goggles are absurd" references his own goggles jokes.
    • He is the third champion to interact with himself (the others being Draven Draven and Trundle Trundle).


Master YiSquare.png Classic Master Yi [S|L]
Master YiSquare.png Assassin Master Yi [S|L]
Master YiSquare.png Chosen Master Yi [S|L]
Master YiSquare.png Ionia Master Yi [S|L]
  • His outfit resembles Irelia Irelia's (might be indicating this is him as a member of the Ionian guard)
  • The Ionian crest can be seen on his robes' tail.
Master YiSquare.png Samurai Master Yi [S|L]
Master YiSquare.png Headhunter Master Yi [S|L]
Master YiSquare.png PROJECT: Yi [S|L]


  • Master Yi taught Wukong Wukong the Wuju Style.png Wuju Style (although the Monkey King uses a Crushing Blow.png staff rather than a sword).


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