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Matt Marcou was previously working as the eSports Manager of Riot Games Inc. He is now working with marketing at Xfire.

Skills: Hypothetical Argument + 20


Matt was born in a teepee among the Indian tribe of Milwaukee where he lived for 25 years, working out and building his "e" muscles for "e" competition. However, he loved playing with Fire (and Ice) - and discovered his true calling in running eSports competitions and managing eSports teams. Before taking management of Evil Geniuses, Matt sponsored his own group of fledgling pros, known as VerGe Gaming.

Matt comes to us from the professional wrestling organization, SteelSeries, and is very well known and respected in the DotA and eSports community.

Special Ability

Pro-Gamer Crowd Control: Even under times of great stress, Matt has the ability to marshall any group of even the most unruly gamers into an exciting tournament.

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