• New Map – Summoner's Rift Winter Version is now a playable map.
  • AI Controlled Bots – You can now add two Bots to your Game: Master YiSquare Master Yi and RyzeSquare Ryze.

League of Legends


MorganaSquare Morgana Le remade

  • Soul Siphon Empathize (Innate)
    • Now returns 5/7.5/10% of magic damage dealt by Morgana as health.
  • Dark Binding Dark Binding (Q)
    • Fires a line missile (skill shot), the first unit it encounters becomes unable to move for 4 seconds and takes damage over the duration.
  • Tormented Soil Tormented Soil (W)
    • Duration decreased to 5 seconds from 7.
    • Periodic damage dealt changed to 25/40/55/70/85 per tick from 20/30/40/50/60 per tick (combine with the duration adjustment, this now deals a total of 425 damage over 5 seconds from 420).
    • Cooldown reduced to 14 seconds from 18.
    • Ability power ratio changed to 0.3 from 0.2.
  • Black Shield Black Shield (E)
    • Changed Black Shield to a magic absorbing shield, that causes the bearer to be immune to all magic effects until the shield is burned through magic damage.
    • Shield absorbs 100/200/300/400/500 (+1.0 ability power).
  • Soul Shackles Soul Shackle (Ultimate)
    • No longer stuns on cast, now slows over the duration (still stuns at the end).
    • Damage changed to 175/250/350 from 150/250/350 on start and finish.

SionSquare Sion

  • Stats
    • Attack delay reduced to .05 from .09 (increased attack speed).
    • Base health regeneration increased to 2 from 1.79.
    • Health regeneration per level increased to 0.2 from 0.15.
  • Cannibalism Cannibalism remade
    • Now heals surrounding allies for 25/37.5/50% of damage dealt instead of increasing max health on attack.
  • Enrage Enrage remade
    • Now drains 6/8/10/12/14 health per attack from draining health per second while activated.
    • Kills while this skill is active permanently increase Sion's maximum health by 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 (no cap).

Twisted FateSquare Cardmaster

  • Wild Cards Wild Cards (Q) remade
    • Wild Cards ability moved to the "Q" key and has a new function: Cardmaster throws three cards in front of him which deal damage to each enemy they pass through.
  • Pick a Card Pick a Card (W)
    • Cardmaster draws cards in a sequential order and gets an added effect on his next attack according to the card he has picked.
      • Blue cards add magic damage and the ability to draw another card.
      • Red cards explode, dealing magic damage to all enemies near the target and slowing their movement for 1 second.
      • Gold cards explode, dealing magic damage to all enemies in an area and stunning them for 1.25 seconds.
  • Destiny Destiny
    • Now reveals stealthed units.
    • Destiny will now make Gate Gate instant cast while it is active.

EvelynnSquare Evelynn

  • General
    • Updated selection size and pathfinding radius.
    • Improved Evelynn's ability to chase champions.
    • Size of basic hit particle lowered.
  • Shadow Walk Shadow Walk
    • Added a particle as Evelynn is becoming invisible.
  • Ravage Ravage
    • Updated tooltip; it had incorrect values for –armor.

KayleSquare Kayle

  • Stats
    • Attack speed per level reduced to 1.5 from 2.
    • Attack delay increased to 0.05 from 0.02 (slowed attack speed).
  • Righteous Fury Righteous Fury
    • Duration reduced to 25 seconds from 30.
    • Bonus damage reduced to 30/50/70 from 40/60/80.
    • Splash damage % reduced to 30/50/70 from 40/60/80.
    • Bonus attack range reduced to 350 from 400.

RyzeSquare Ryze

  • Rune Prison Rune Prison
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.4 from 0.24.

SingedSquare Singe

  • Stats
    • Armor increased to 14 from 7.75.
    • Armor per level increased to 3 from 2.25.

TristanaSquare Tristana

  • Rocket Jump Rocket Jump
    • Updated tooltip to correct values (to 60% slow for 2 seconds from 30% slow for 3 seconds).
    • Cast range reduced to 900 from 1000.

TryndamereSquare Tryndamere

  • General
    • Updated selection size and pathfinding radius.
    • Fixed a performance issue regarding Tryndamere's Passive.
    • Tweaked Tryndamere's attack animation.
  • Stats
    • Base health increased to 585 from 550.
    • Health gain per level increased to 95 from 80.
    • Fixed a bug where Tryndamere was not having his health regen increase per level. Health regen per level increased to 0.2 per level from 0.
  • Spinning Slash Spell Slash
    • Cooldown changed to 10 seconds from 8/10/12/14/16.
    • Slash's speed now increases with Tryndamere's movement speed.
  • Mocking Shout Mocking Shout
    • Range increased to compensate for casting issues.
    • Fixed bug where this spell used Tryndamere's facing instead of the targets.
    • Cooldown increased to 14 seconds from 11.
  • Bloodlust Bloodlust
    • Now properly stacks 2/4/6/8/10 times.
    • Made instant cast.
    • Fixed associated issues with incorrect attack speed/critical strike chance values.
    • Bloodlust now adds 5% critical strike chance and 8% attack speed per stack.
    • Changed Bloodlust's hit particle.
  • Undying Rage Undying Rage
    • Fixed bug that caused 1 too many stacks of Bloodlust Bloodlust.

TwitchSquare Twitch

  • General
    • Updated selection size and pathfinding radius.
    • Improved Twitch's ability to chase champions.
  • Ambush Ambush
    • Stealth cooldown increased to 11 seconds from 10.
    • Fixed a Bug with Ambush where the fade into stealth time was too long.
  • Deadly Venom Deadly Poison
    • Poison damage reduced to 2/4/6/8 from 3/5/7.
  • Fixed a bug where Debilitating Poison Debilitating Poison's slow debuff was not properly getting removed by Highlander Highlander.
  • Expunge Expunge
    • Range reduced.
  • Spray and Pray Spray and Pray
    • Hit particle improved.
    • Projectile speed increased.
    • Collision size for spray and pray missiles increased to 40 from 25.
    • No longer procs on hit item effects.

WarwickSquare Warwick

  • Hungering Strike Hungering Strike
    • Added ability power ratio of 1.0.
    • Now deals magic damage.
    • Life drains based on damage Dealt.


Added Aegis of the Legion item Aegis of the Legion

  • Legendary armor/magic resistance/health item
  • Unique Passive: +12 damage/+35 armor/+40 magic resist aura (affects minions).

Added Banshee's Veil item Banshee's Veil

  • Legendary health/mana/magic resist item
  • Unique Passive: Block one negative spell every 25 seconds.

Added Doran's Blade item Doran's Blade

  • Basic health/damage/attack speed item.

Added Doran's Ring item Doran's Ring

  • Basic health/mana/ability power item.

Added Doran's Shield item Doran's Shield

  • Basic armor/health/health regen item.

Added Lich Bane item Lich Bane

  • Legendary ability power/mana item (builds out of Sheen)
  • Unique Passive: When an ability is used, your next physical attack deals your ability power as bonus damage.

Added Madred's Razors item Marduk's Razors

  • Legendary attack speed item
  • Passive: 15% chance on attack to instant kill a minion.

Added Pendant of Zephiris item Pendant of Zephiris

  • Legendary armor/magic resistance item
  • Unique Passive: +25 armor/+30 magic resist aura (affects minions).

Added Stinger item Stinger

  • Legendary attack speed/mana regeneration item
  • Unique Passive: +10% cooldown reduction.

Added Vision Ward item Vision Ward

  • Consumable: places an invisible ward which has true sight (sees invisible units) for 3 minutes.

Remade Thornmail item Thornmail

  • Unique Passive: On being hit, returns 20% of damage taken (20 damage minimum).
  • Now builds out of Cloth Armor item Cloth Armor
  • Armor increased to 70 from 50.
  • Increased recipe cost to 500 from 320.

Remade Zhonya's Ring item Zhonya's Ring of the Mindreamer

  • Unique Passive: Increases ability power by 25%.
    • Mana reduced to 500 from 550.

Abyssal Scepter item Abyssal Scepter

  • Magic resistance debuff aura increased to 40 from 30.

Atma's Impaler item Atma's Impaler

  • Now grants 65 armor from health.
  • Combine cost increased to 800 from 750.
  • Attack damage bonus increased to 2% of max health from 1.5%.

Avarice Blade item Avarice Blade/Kage's Lucky Pick item Kage's Lucky Pick/Philosopher's Stone item Philosopher's Stone

  • Gold gain per 10 seconds increased to 5 from 4.

Boots of Swiftness item Boots of Swiftness

  • Combine cost increased to 570 from 475.

Last Whisper item Last Whisper

  • Fixed a bug which gave it an ability power ratio of 1.
  • Fixed a bug which caused it to do bonus damage based on ability power.

Mejai's Soulstealer item Mejai's Soulstealer

  • Combine cost reduced to 500 from 600.

Regrowth Pendant item Regrowth Pendant

  • Health regen per 5 seconds reduced to 18 from 20.

Soul Shroud item Soul Shroud

  • Made accessible from the health section.

Sunfire Cape item Sunfire Cape

Tiamat item Tiamat

  • Combine cost increased to 500 from 400.
  • Damage decreased to 45 from 50.
  • Updated proc on cast spell tooltips to state that they only take effect on spells with at least one second cooldown.
  • Updated tooltips which had multiple passives to read better.

Summoner Spells

Remade Exhaust Exhaust

  • Exhaust no longer silences, it now blinds the target (100% miss chance).

Clairvoyance Clairvoyance

  • Cooldown increased to 180 seconds from 90.

Flash Flash

  • Cooldown reduced to 210 secondsfrom 240.

Fortify Fortify

  • Cooldown to 270 seconds from 300.

Ghost Ghost

  • Cooldown increased to 210 seconds from 180.

Promote Promote

  • Siegerider's cleave increased to 80% from 40%.

Teleport Teleport

  • Cooldown decreased to 240 seconds from 300.


Awareness mastery 2011.png Awareness

  • Bonus experience awarded reduced to 4/6/8/10% from 4/8/12/16%.


  • Various tooltip fixes and updates.
  • Increased neutral minion respawn time from 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Increased damage of shrine turrets from 400 to 600.
  • Stealth characters (Twitch and Evelynn) will now have their fade timer reset when they take damage while fading.
  • You can now cancel your stealth by re-activating your stealth ability.
  • Enhanced logging for disconnects.


  • Returned minimap to always facing the camera direction.
  • Can no longer focus target an enemy hero from the minimap.
  • Shop items have a gold border if you already own in requirements graph.
  • Shop recipes now show total cost to you as their price in the main shop.
  • Tooltip of items in your inventory while in shop show how much you will get for selling back.
  • You can now view shop items (but not purchase or sell) from anywhere on the map.
  • Shop can be toggled with the P button.
  • Pings can now also be done with alt-left click.
  • You now get the visual range indicator of spells when you mouseover a spell you have learned. This is helpful for PBAOEs (point blank area of effect abilities) like Starcall Starcall.
  • Dead player names no longer appear for dead players. Healthbars now disappear for all dead units.
  • You can now select heroes who are dead through the UI to see their inventories.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Volume being reset to 0 at the end of a game. (Will still need to turn it back up your first game).
  • Fixed a bug where hero bounty was much less than it was supposed to be.
  • Fixed issues with target's items not showing their background image, and not giving tooltips.
  • Fixed issues where health of targets and self in HUD was sometimes slightly incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where some neutral minions names had extra symbols at the end of their names.
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