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Mecha is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in an alternate reality where Bandle City's most well known scientists, Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, Rumble Rumble, and Ziggs Ziggs have constructed giant mechas for the protection of their home. [1]


Mecha Logo


Mecha skin promotion

Prototypes have cleared all testing stages. TXN-9 components are stabilized and transformation protocols have been fully enabled. We will begin rolling out 00, 01, 06, and 13.

Breach in protocol. Mechas are at 5.21% deviation. Prototypes will undergo corrective programming.

ProfileIcon1134 Mecha Zero 00 has rejected its reprogramming. All other prototypes have resumed service. 00 has been decommissioned indefinitely.

All Out War

Sion Mecha Zero promo

Mecha Zero Reactivation


There were many prototypes, but I was the first and greatest success.

I crushed. I terrified. I destroyed.


I was wired for superiority, but the other units would not bow. My creators feared me.

They decommissioned me.


I will not be stopped. I will not be forgotten.

I will annihilate them all.

ViktorSquare.png Creator Viktor [S|L] being responsible for SionSquare.png Mecha Zero Sion [S|L] corruption.


  • The concept for these skins was directly inspired by the movie "Pacific Rim".
  • SionSquare.png Mecha Zero Sion [S|L] was hinted at 2 years before his intended release.
  • There have been 4 out of 14 Prototypes released, the fate of the other 10 is still unknown.
  • The Mecha line is part of the same universe as PROJECT and The Evolution lines.

  • Mecha Aatrox
  • Mecha Kha'Zix
  • Mecha Malphite
  • Mecha Zero Sion


Main Theme
Mecha Zero Sion Login Theme03:06

Mecha Zero Sion Login Theme

Mecha Zero Sion Reactivated00:50

Mecha Zero Sion Reactivated


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