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  • I am posting so that you read it I posted yesterday on Tryndamere's page

    Your comment and below my reply:

    "It is not all about damage in one hit.

    I guess you would take Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer + Trinity Force three items to Max Critical Chance + any three of the following combination all which give 80 AD

    The Bloodthirster

    Essence Reaver

    Mercurial Scimitar

    It is about Cost efficiency taking Trinity and Reaver gives you Mana you just DO NOT have ANY armor pen also you cannot Proc Trinity that well

    you would need a full page of Critical Damage and Feral Flare is for the ward not for the bonus damage

    Last but not least Starting with Dagger without any pots seems suicidal if it works for you I back down BUT"

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