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  • In short, I like it.

    Since for some reason I can't post (yes, I'm kinda new to this) directly on your custom champion page, Il do it here. Feel free to disagree, just my opinions. :D

    So, I have a new suggestions for your champion, Hamos.

    Passive: A really nice source of sustain. However, it's a little over the top. If I'm assuming that minion damage will stop the healing, and that it's 1% max health per second. Your healing up really fast. With proper management, his healing is a monster. If he goes, say, jungle, he easily out-sustains a lot of meta junglers. In short, I don't feel like it's fair to them that you get to regen more health per second than Garen.

    W: Okay, as Zelmawiz said before, OP. An AOE suppresion is simply overpowered. This has to be changed.

    Now, I kinda want to think about how this guy's kit would work. He's a sand dragon who controls sand, and he's big. I like the idea.

    I think if you nerfed the healing a little, for something like this.

    Passive: If Hamos has not taken damage in the last 12 seconds, his health regen is boosted by 75%. Taking damage will put this passive back on cooldown. Once Hamos reaches level 9, the cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds.

    Why 12/8 seconds? Most poking abilities, (Diana Q, Zed Q, Lux E) have cooldowns that are around (average) 8 seconds long. By giving it a 12 second cooldown, you give his opponents counterplay potential, to negate his sustain in lane. Why 8 seconds? When the above start getting cooldown reduction, they will be able to poke Hamos out of lane quickly.

    For Q, I focus on his identity as a Tank. He soaks up damage, so he needs something to encourage this.

    Q: Sand Veil

    After a 0.5 second delay, Hamos creates a vortex at target location that lasts for 10 seconds. Enemies inside take magic damage every second and are slowed. If Hamos stays inside the vortex (radius 450) he gains a shield that lasts for 4 seconds and absorbs 30+number of seconds in vortex x 20 damage.

    This ability serves as a strong poke based ability that allows him to zone his opponenets while also giving him the ability to protect himself from harass. In teamfights, he can place this vortex to soak up damage or split the enemy team.

    W, your OP skill. Maybe changing it would help a lot. We can't have all of his abilities AOE, or else he'd be Shyvana 2.0 (seriously)

    W: Sand Strike

    For the next 6 seconds, Hamos gains lifesteal and his auto attacks shred his target's armor.

    A nice extra source of sustain in lane. The passive won't be really active much in lane, and this allows him to sustain. Also, it increases his teamfight potential by shredding the opponents armor, allowing your ADC to deal more damage to their tank.

    E: Quick Sand

    Hamos binds a target enemy in quick sand, rooting them for a short duration and dealing magic damage.

    A good source of peel, required on him.

    R: Mirage Blitz

    For the next 20 seconds, Hamos's attacks become 350 ranged, and he dashes upon an auto attack. He gains bonus attack damage and armor for the duration. Any enemies hit by his auto attacks are also slowed for 1 second.

    If required, this serves as not only a good peel, but also a good way to stick on enemy carries.

    That's all I really have for your champion concept on Hamos. Give me a shout if you found this helpful!



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