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  • Sorry about takin so long to reply to your comment on Diana's page, I hope I helped you decide though! =)

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    • Hey its no problem! I just was looking for a new AP mid to really get into. I loathe playing my favorite champion in the game now, so I need some new champs. I've been playing Diana semi-recently but felt I was doing it sub-optimally. You seemed knowledgable so I asked if you had any tricks. Diana seems to act as if she were Kassadin during laning, she cant really do a whole lot until level six. Im glad I played Kassadin as my first champion ahaha.

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    • Well, I hope I helped you with my reply!  To add on to it, pre-lvl 6 is Diana's weak point. If you are vsing a burst champion, then you need to keep them close to you as long as you can. Ex: Katarina Shunpo's to you- Q ontop of yourself, activate W, and autoattack. When she is about to outrun you, use E and get more damage on her. However, if you are against a sustained DPS mid like the new bruiser mid meta, then its best to just play safe until lvl 6, recall to get an AP item or two, and try to nuke em down.

      I'm sure Diana can fill that void that Malza-...er...Vlad left in your heart!

      I like to build glass-cannon Diana early-mid game and switch to some sustain late game (in my opinion, its the most useful way to play her. Though my friends have proven that she is a good disrupter/tank with CDR and tanky items.)

      Typical core build: Sorc shoes, Rod of Ages, Rabadon's Deathcap, Deathfire Grasp (this item takes some getting used to on Diana with its activate), Zhonya's Hourglass, and a situational item such as a Frozen Heart or Guardian Angel.

      • One thing that I see alot of AP mid's -not- doing now a days is building defensive. Diana is melee, so she is very vunerable to poke. So if you ever fall behind in your lane buy an early Abyssal Scepter! Very soon, their damage will be next to nothing and you'll start winning those trades :)

      Early skill order depends on whether or not your jungler is going to gank mid. If you have a gank coming, go Q - W - E, if not go Q - W - Q - E for the extra damage on her Q. Max Q > W > E and of course get her ulti whenever its up!

      My Diana Mastery page is 25-2-3 getting a point in Summoner's Wrath, 3 points in Fury, 4 points in Sorcery, maxing every AP mastery and getting 3 points in Havoc.  In the Defense Tree I get 2 points in Perseverance. And in the Utility Tree I get 3 points in Meditation.

      • I currently use my Akali runepage for Diana because she benefits early-game from that extra AD (has secured me many kills when my Q would take too long to go off of Cooldown in early fights). It is 2 Greater Marks of Penetration+7 Greater Marks of AD,  9 Greater Seals of Armor,  9 Greater Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resistance,  and 3 Greater AP Quints.  The 7 AD marks can easily be substituted for full Magic Pen. marks if you want though.

      As for tricks with Diana...hmmm...dare I divulge my secret strategies with her? Well, since you like Diana I will :)  Pre-lvl6 is when Diana is in the most trouble. Diana can't win trades using her burst at this lvl, but instead wins sustained fights. If you and the enemy mid are equal health and he engages on you (how DARE he...) then autoattack--W--Q--autoattack  you'll soon proc your passive and the enemy's spells will be on cooldown, so they will most likely run- thats when you use E to pull them back and get another passive proc on them!  Remember that Diana is tankier than your average mid champ ^.^

      • Her lvl6+ combo is Q --> W --> R --> autoattack --> E (when they begin to run) --> autoattack --> Q --> R --> R.   A skill that you'll learn the more you play Diana is deciding whether or not to Q --> R --> R an enemy to kill them. You'll soon get a feel for her damage and know if you can finish someone off with a double ulti or not.

      Thats all that I can think of off the top of my head, but if you have any specific questions please ask them! I love to help out my fellow Diana players =D  Good luck, have fun, and make a new moon rise!

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • on top of the glorious creativity in this comment "Im sure all support mains bitch about that "Oh wah its unfair, AP's get like a million champions a year why I only get one?" Well yeah nobody likes playing support. Especially since AD ranged usually have heads the size of Saturn and like to treat you like a little slave while you run around in circles and heal sometimes or be a complete douchenozzle and go fishing with Blitzcrank."

    (fishing with blitz, lmao so true)

    im borderline obsessed with kefka and feel inclined to contact people when they pose a similiar interest in kefka. lol

    On more league related notes, i completely agree with your views on bot lane and the current supports. its extremely terrible that EVERY game its either u can expect Graves/Ezreal/Corki bot lane with any manner of not quite interesting support. I find the only other truly viable ADC is Kogmaw. his biggest problem and why u don't see him more often is his lack of escape probably. however that isn't much of a problem if you have his void ooze on smart cast and have decent map awareness.

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    • yeah i play on the NA server. my skype and lol names are ructstew. my friend, a long while back, gave me his runescape account which had that name so i just kinda stuck with it even though it makes zero sense.

      i've been reading some posts in the forums today and it seems that kha'zix has solid damage against isolated targets (i already knew that) but its borderline impossible to isolate a guy from minions unless they are terrified of you not knowing that you have low damage. i've been wanting to play kha'zix jungle but the servers went down yesterday when i was about to, so that was cool. lol. i've definetly still got some time before i could say im good with kha'zix cuz he is a very complicated champion.

      yeah im unsure as to how bot lane needs to be changed but it very much needs a rework. i'd say top needs a rework as well only because snowballing is so powerful and easy to accomplish top lane. if you're top and you get first blood that lane is pretty much yours if you know what you are doing. the only reason this isn't too much of a problem is that the jungler could always come in and turn it around. jungle is my least played position (only played it like 5 times) but i play everything else pretty well imo. i almost never lose my lane unless someone else feeds. unfortunately, and this isn't a joke or exaggeration, when i started ranked i lost 20 games in a row due to afkers and feeders. well 12 in a row then won 1 then lost 8 more. so i went on to play draft quite often unless im playing with my brother who only plays ranked. i believe im up 30 wins in draft atm.

      my favorite champ is leblanc but her lack of ability to push a lane, doesn't work out too well in teamfights, and the fact that she is very easily countered by MR leads to me never playing her. after that i'd pretty much tied between Rengar, Fizz, and Cassiopeia. Never play as fizz though because sustain counters him hard which is very common to face off against. i bought Rengar the moment he was released and was very dissappointed because his abilities didn't flow. then whaddya know, hot fix focused on his flow. then he gets nerfed. im very happy with the nerf because im pretty sure that it'll get people to hop off the nerf rengar train for a while and the nerf hardly effects my playstyle. so yeah. im at work right now but i will definetly be on later.

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    • oo i forgot orianna. man i love ori

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    • an anonymous contributor
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