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  • How long am I blocked and how am I supposed to defend myself if I get constantly attacked by another user?

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    • I forgot to mention that a third moderator is blindly reverting my edits without any sense.

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    • Thanks for providing more specific instances of the thread, it's very hard to follow upwards of 50 messages without a serviceable history page, especially when things get deleted to the point where the discussion changes dramatically.

      When I mentioned you not being constantly attacked, I was more referring to the fact that you were also involved in fight; It's quite important to accept that both parties are at fault in a lot of arguments, and that both parties are hurt. I'm not going to say much more about this case in this respect, except that neither you nor Deshiba have ill intent (that is, you weren't actively seeking to antagonize one another before you joined, nor during the conflict).

      If you could provide me with a link to "joking around with the moderator [who banned you]", it'd be much appreciated.

      Finally, while I am flattered by your compliment, I assume good faith and believe that the moderators and administrators you were angry at are just as concerned with the wiki and its environment as I am. At the end of the day we're all working towards a common cause. Answering your question of "a polite way to deal with this": If I feel that decisions are made that aren't good, I will bring it up and do something about it (An example is this appeal). And, like you have done, it's entirely possible to raise a concern with the issues on the wiki. The Administrator Board is (though unused until recently) a good way to seek redress in this manner, as you will have a direct link to administrators and if people try to "censor" you, they will show up on the revision history page.

      This of course is true in the opposite sense; my decision can be overturned by someone else if they believe that they are correct, but I'm hoping that mine remains, as it's quite clear that the issue's been resolved or is on the verge of being resolved on this side.

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