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Michael Maurino is a Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games. [1]



He draws pictures and plays video games for a living.

IronStylus is has an almost cult-like following, dubbed the Iron Solari. He also enjoys noodles and is often baited into threads with Leona, who they based off their wife who they themselves have described as "beautiful and extremely tall", [2] and parrots. (They own several.)

He was once one of the more active Rioters on the forums. He continously gives information about champions of Mount Targon, as he has had a signicant deal of interaction with them.

Of the art team, he is the only one who was actually active on the forums, as well as continously involved in champion designing.

Designed Champions


Ironstylus parrot

Ironstylus parrot

IronStylus has also participated in designing the following champions: [3]

Current Visual Upgrade Work


Leona's Zenith Blade (League of Legends) - MAN AT ARMS07:22

Leona's Zenith Blade (League of Legends) - MAN AT ARMS

Man at Arms- Zenith Blade


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