Champion Sneak Peek: Miss Fortune

By ByronicHero [1]

With the recent increase in ninja population at the Institute of War, there has been some PR backlash amongst pirate enthusiasts. For those like myself, who proudly sail under the Black Flag, Riot Games has asked me to inform you that you have not been forgotten! Every scurvy dog has his day, and very soon, you shall have yours!

To appease these constituents, we have our latest pirate champion coming up! Her name is Miss Fortune Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter, and she's got everything a lady buccaneer should offer. I mean, just check out the pair on her! Those are some seriously huge, enormous, titanic Impure Shots.png pistols she's got there! That's right, pistols. What did you think I was talking about? So start getting excited! Miss Fortune will be sailing into your port, soon!

Champion Update: Miss Fortune struts to PBE

Beauty and danger

There are few who can match Miss Fortune Miss Fortune in either. One of Bilgewater's most infamous bounty hunters, she built her legend upon a swathe of bullet-riddled corpses and captured ne'er-do-wells. The booming echoes of her Impure Shots.png twin pistols in the port city's reeking wharfs and scavenger shanties are sure signs of another warrant from the Bounty Board being settled.

As part of the Bilgewater: Burning Tides event, we're updating Miss Fortune's visuals, while tweaking her gameplay a little. [2]



Miss Fortune gains gradually increasing movement speed after not taking damage for a few seconds.

[New] Strut now has increased scaling based on level, and only falls off when Miss Fortune takes direct, non-periodic damage.

Double Up
Double Up

Miss Fortune fires a shot through an enemy to hit an enemy behind them, dealing physical damage to the first and increased physical damage to the second, applying on-hit effects to both.

[New] If the first shot kills the target, the bounce damage increases.

Impure Shots
Impure Shots
  • Passive: Miss Fortune's basic attacks deal stacking bonus magic damage.
  • Active: Miss Fortune gains bonus attack speed for a few seconds.

[New] Activating Impure Shots enables Strut.png Strut.

Make It Rain
Make It Rain

Miss Fortune rains hundreds of bullets down onto a targeted area, damaging and Slow icon slowing enemies inside.

Bullet Time
Bullet Time

Miss Fortune plants her feet and unleashes a barrage of bullets in a cone in front of her over a few seconds that damage all enemies within the cone.

Miss Fortune VU Screenshots

Miss Fortune's in a fairly healthy state. The slight changes we've made emphasize her core strengths and shave some hidden power in favor of clarity. Fancy design speak aside, the TLDR is your Bullet Time.png ultimate barrage of bullets remains unblemished, but we've removed Grievous Wounds from Impure Shots.png Impure Shots.

Digging into some of the other smaller changes, the updated Strut.png Strut means shields will keep her Strut.png passive up when fleeing or engaging and we've replaced Grievous Wounds on Impure Shots.png Impure Shots with new surprise strutting: activating her Impure Shots.png W now grants Miss Fortune's Strut.png passive instantly.

We've cleaned up the bounce logic for Double Up.png Double Up (yes, we've done this before) and improved visual feedback when the ability fails. Now you'll see a dud bullet plop onto the ground a bit behind the first target if there isn't anything to hit.

Make It Rain.png Make It Rain's a slick package of utility wrapped in a hail of bullets, so we've increased the early rank slow, although it doesn't scale up quite as fast. Overall, we've reduced the duration but kept the damage the same. This'll make the damage slightly more consistent, and provides clarity for both Miss Fortune MF and anyone caught in pig-iron Make It Rain.png precipitation.


Miss Fortune's donned a new model for almost all of her skins (her Miss FortuneSquare.png Arcade [S|L] self was already pretty snazzy) and her base, although we've kept the familiar look you'll recognize from her splash art. With new run animations, we've made it easier to tell when her Strut.png passive is up.

We've also taken the opportunity to gussy up her spell effects. Make It Rain.png Make It Rain, for example, now kicks up dust from the dirt lanes or splashes into the river depending on where it's targeted. You'll see a few other improvements to readability and general upkeep bringing her art in line with current standards, but that's the gist of how we've given the bloody-haired Bounty Hunter new paint and polish in this update.

Miss Fortune VU models

2016 Season Update

Miss Fortune Miss Fortune's always been the wombo comboiest of League's champs, so we're souping up her Bullet Time.png ult and adding in a new mechanic to highlight her Love Tap.png trigger-happy tendencies. [3]

Bullet Time.png Bullet Time now lasts longer and fires increasing waves of bullets as she levels her Bullet Time.png ult, while we're moving Strut.png Strut over to her Impure Shots.png W and giving her a brand new Love Tap.png passive tentatively titled... Love Tap.png Love Tap. With it, Miss Fortune MF will deal increased damage to targets other than the one she last shot at. She has two Impure Shots.png guns, and by constantly switching targets, she'll deal huge amounts of pain to multiple victims. Finally, Impure Shots.png Impure Shots doesn't last as long, but gives her much more attack speed, and crucially lasts longer every time Miss Fortune deals extra damage with Love Tap.png Love Tap.

Love Tap
Love Tap

Miss Fortune deals bonus damage whenever she attacks a new target.

Double Up
Double Up

Miss Fortune fires a shot through an enemy to hit another enemy behind them, dealing more damage to the second target. Both strikes can apply Love Tap.png Love Tap. If the first target is killed, the second target will take bonus damage.

  • Passive: After a few seconds of not taking direct damage, Miss Fortune gains bonus movement speed. After a period of time, she gains additional movement speed.
  • Active: Miss Fortune gains bonus attack speed, in addition to the full movement speed bonus of Strut's passive. Love Tap.png Love Taps prolong the attack speed bonus - duration gains are doubled against champions.

Make it Rain
Make It Rain

Miss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air that rain down at a location, dealing damage and Slow icon slowing enemies.

Bullet Time
Bullet Time

Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her for a few seconds, dealing damage per wave. Bullet Time can Critical strike icon critically strike for bonus damage.


Captain Fortune - Login Screen01:32

Captain Fortune - Login Screen

Captain Fortune Theme
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