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Champion Select

    MissFortune Select
    "Fortune doesn't favor fools."
    "Not a problem."


    "The fun begins."
    "Nothing but powder monkeys."
    "I always shoot first."
    "No prey, no pay."
    "Guns blazin'."


    "Step to."
    "Not a problem."
    "I know what I'm doing."
    "Set sail!"
    "Sure you can handle me, summoner?"
    "You've got dangerous eyes... I like that."
    "Don't get cocky."
    "I've got a good feeling about this."


    "Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself respawning at home!"


    "How do you like my guns... Shock, and Awe!"


    Miss Fortune laughs.
    Miss Fortune laughs.
    Miss Fortune laughs.
    Miss Fortune laughs.

Upon Casting Recall Recall

Miss FortuneSquare Arcade Miss Fortune [S|L]
    Miss Fortune plays a game of Duck Hunt before being taunted by Gangplank and shooting the monitor.
Miss FortuneSquare Star Guardian Miss Fortune [S|L]
    A voice plays.

Upon Starting a Game

Upon Transforming

Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircle
Scarlet Fair
  • MF: "Like 'em? They're a Miss Fortune original. One part, particle cannon. Two parts, nice lady."
  • MF: "Let's see how they like these girls."
    • EXO: "They will not like these girls because they will be dead!"
Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircleZero Hour
Zero Hour
  • EXO: "Reminder gravity rounds are dangerously unstable. Aim for the heart!"
    • MF: "You're so good to me."
  • MF: "It'll rip their hearts right out of their chests! Literally."
Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircle Royal Arms
Royal Arms
  • MF: "Just what I've always wanted! A whole lot of missles."
  • MF: "Military tech? Fun!"
    • EXO: "It is fun!"
      • MF: "That's what I like to hear."
Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircle Starswarm
  • MF: "I won't bore you with the details but these stars are alive and they bite."
  • EXO: "Integrating dangerous alien technology"
    • MF: *snickering* "Integrating."


Attack Gun Goddess/Bullet Angel Skin
  • MF: "Somebodies jealous."
  • MF: "That exo suit is so mine."
  • MF: "You don't deserve that hardware."
  • EXO: "Engaging enemy exo skeleton."
Attack with Scarlet Fair
  • MF: "Red and dead."
  • MF: "You want 'em. You got 'em."
  • MF: "Scarlet Fair!"
Attack with Starswarm
  • MF: "Get 'em boys!"
  • MF: "Feeding time!"
  • MF: "Starswarm!"
Attack with Royal Arms
  • MF: "Big money! Big prizes!"
  • MF: "Eat missle!"
  • MF: "The Royal Arms!"
Attack with Zero Hour
  • MF: "Try a black hole!"
  • MF: "The law of attraction!"
  • MF: "Zero Hour!"


Upon Moving for the First Time

  • MF: "A girl, a galaxy, and some names on a list. Isn't that how it always starts ?"
  • EXO: "Prepping for terrestrial combat."
    • MF: "How terrestrial are we talking?"
      • EXO: "Extremely!"
  • EXO: "This is a friendly reminder to aim for vital organs and exposed heads."
    • MF: "Thanks, mom."
  • MF: "Hmm, no one's walking away from this clean."
    • EXO: "Prepping blood scrubbers."
  • EXO: "Greetings! Your arsenal of death is now available."
First move with an enemy Gun Goddess/Bullet Angel
  • EXO: "Enemy exo detected. All safeties disengaged."
    • MF: "Anybody you know?"
      • EXO: "I do not talk about my life friends with my work friends."
  • MF: "There's an exo out there. I'm gonna need a bigger gun."
    • EXO: "Always happy to kill."
  • MF: "Look who showed up, a name to cross off the list."


  • MF: "Please...my EXO could beat you."
    • EXO: "I now have dreams and aspirations."
      • MF: "And you look great!"
  • MF: "Careful, that ego looks fragile. Wouldn't want to bruise it."
Taunt Response
  • EXO: "Reminder! Taunting intelligent weapon platforms is highly discouraged."
  • MF: "Sorry I couldn't hear you over my superior...everything."
Taunting an Ally
  • MF: "Watch and learn but mostly just watch."
Taunting an Enemy Aurelion SolSquare Aurelion Sol
  • MF: "Where I come from, we don't have catty space dragons and we like it that way."
Taunting an Enemy BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank
  • MF: "I try to forget that a thousand years of space junk is floating around forever...then I run into something like you."
Taunting an Enemy BraumSquare Braum
  • MF: "That thing can't stop me."
    • EXO: "Unknown alloy door appears indestructible."
      • MF: "Can we shoot around the door?"
        • EXO: "Yes!"
Taunting an Enemy CamilleSquare Camille
  • MF: "Its a suit. Not a lifestyle choice. How do you even walk?"
Taunting Dark Star Skin
  • MF: "You spawned in the wrong neighborhood, star monster!"
Taunting an Enemy EkkoSquare Ekko
  • EXO: "Temporal Flux Detected. Faint traces of wasted youth, small dreams, zero imagination."
Taunting an Enemy EvelynnSquare Evelynn
  • MF: "You remind me of a species that went extinct...must be lonely."
Taunting an Enemy GangplankSquare Gangplank
  • MF: "You look a lot like a guy who shot me in the head. Good for me, bad for you."
Taunting an Enemy GravesSquare Graves
  • EXO: "Analyzing facial hair. Analyzing offensive weapon. Analyzing body odor."
Taunting Enemy "Handsome Dudes"
  • MF: "Watching my own bounty go up is more exciting than you."
Taunting an Enemy IllaoiSquare Illaoi
  • MF: "I'll take my suit against your god any day of the week."
    • EXO: "Today is Tuesday."
      • MF: "Quiet!"
Taunting an Enemy JhinSquare Jhin
  • MF: "Another assassin after the big bounty, huh? Let's go. I bet that mask is worth something."
Taunting an Enemy Kai'SaSquare Kai'Sa
  • MF: "Is that thing alive? Ugh! This suit is even worse than the other one!"
Taunting an Enemy Kai'SaSquare Bullet Angel Kai'Sa [S|L]
  • EXO: "Inferior exo detected."
    • MF: "Ouch!"
      • EXO: "It is not an insult, it is a fact."
  • MF: "Shoulder Pads are a power move, Kai'Sa, and you can't pull 'em off."
  • MF: "Something smells like machine grease and hard times...oh look, its Kai'Sa!"
Taunting an Enemy NautilusSquare Nautilus
  • MF: "Where'd you get that deathtrap? Confederate Alliance? Royal Military ? Junk Planet ?"
Taunting an Enemy Piltoverian
  • MF: "I've seen your type before. Killed all my friends. So nothing personal, but you gotta go."
Taunting an Enemy Program Skin
  • EXO: "Integration of virtual intelligence sadly incomplete. You are better off dead...which we will make you!"
Taunting an Enemy Tahm KenchSquare Tahm Kench
  • MF: "If I wanted help with my revenge, the last thing I'd ask is a singing catfish in a hat."
Taunting an Enemy Twisted FateSquare Twisted Fate
  • MF: "I don't like card tricks at the bar and I don't like card tricks now."
Taunting an Enemy ViktorSquare Viktor
  • EXO: "Calculating 98.7% chance of glorious robot army turning on its master. You must be so excited!"
Taunting an Enemy Zaunite
  • MF: "Nothing turns me off more than a half baked sewer city."
Taunting an Enemy ZoeSquare Zoe
  • MF: "Stay out of space, kid. Start a blog like everyone else."


  • MF: "EXO, tell me a joke."
    • EXO: "You installed an unshackled AI on the deadliest weapon in known space."
      • MF: "Is that a joke ?"
        • EXO: "It is very funny."
  • EXO: "What did the criminal say to the bounty hunter?"
    • MF: "What did they say?"
      • EXO: "'Oh god! You shot me!Please, I will turn myself in! No! No! No!'. Sound of gunfire. 43 seconds of recorded silence."
Joke Response
  • EXO: "Reminder! Jokes should be funny!"


Upon Killing an Enemy Champ

  • MF: "Bang, bang. I shot ya down."
  • MF: "Thanks for the paycheck. Mwah!"
  • MF: "You got my attention and I got my bounty. Everyone's a winner."
  • MF: "If it's any consolation, you were worth a lot to me."
  • MF: "Aww, you fell funny!"
  • MF: "I'll always cherish our time together...until the money runs out."
  • MF: "Your galaxy thanks you."
  • MF: "Why thank you for your investment...in me."
  • MF: "Cash in hand, meet body in dirt. I think you'd get along."
  • MF: "Feels good to dispense a little justice. Well...not for you. You're dead."
  • MF: "Revenge served hot and fresh everyday."
  • EXO: "Adding death scream to death scream archive."
  • EXO: "Oy moroz, moroz, ni moroz menya./Ой, мороз, мороз,

Не морозь меня." (Oh frost, frost, don't freeze me.)

  • EXO: "Updating bounty board."
  • MF: "Hey, you showed up to this party."
  • MF: "Take a minute. I'll wait."
  • MF: "This is just embarassing."
  • MF: "Somethin'...distracting you?"
  • MF: "No...wait...stay..."
  • MF: "Clean yourself up."
  • MF: "It's not you. It's me."
  • MF: "Sorry, buddy. It's just revenge."
  • EXO: "Enemy frustration levels rising."
Upon Double Kill with Double Up Double Up
  • MF: "Are we too good?"
    • EXO: "I do not know what too good means."
Double Up Double Up Bounce Kills Champ
  • MF: "That one's on the house."
  • MF: "Careful. That second shot burns!"
  • MF: "You're supposed to stand away from the bullets."
  • MF: "Ooo, that looked like it hurt!"
  • MF: "Next rounds on me!"
  • MF: "Remember the time we had together. I won't."
  • MF: "Just follow the bouncing bullet."
  • MF: "There I go killin' again."
  • MF: "Make mine a double."
  • MF: "Good rule of thumb. Never piss me off!"
  • MF: "I love a good revenge story."
  • EXO: "Rating situational awareness at sub-optimal."
  • EXO: "Scrubbing name from revenge list."
Double Up Double Up Bounce kills minion
  • MF: "I take tips."
  • MF: "Oops! My finger slipped."
  • MF: "Money in my pocket."
  • MF: "Sorry, little guy!"
  • MF: "Now, let's try a real target."
Upon Kill with Make It Rain Make It Rain
  • MF: "Awww, I can't turn you in. You're full of holes."
Upon Killing Aurelion SolSquare Aurelion Sol
  • MF: "Stars were made to fall."
Upon Killing Kai'SaSquare Bullet Angel Kai'Sa [S|L]
  • MF: "I think that little jumpsuit needs a tune up."
  • MF: "Give it up, Kai'Sa. Seriously, I'm taking your suit."
  • MF: "Maybe next time, shoulder pads."
Upon Killing EvelynnSquare Evelynn
  • MF: "Don't lay it on so thick. Its unbecoming of a...you."
Upon Killing GangplankSquare Gangplank
  • MF: "That felt good. Now for the real thing."
Upon Killing GarenSquare Garen
  • MF: "Justice! Right..."
Upon Killing GravesSquare Graves
  • MF: "I'm a non-smoker."
Upon Killing Gun Goddess/Bullet Angel Skin
  • MF: "Another day. Another name off the list."
  • MF: "And that is why you never leave a girl for dead on her colony world."
  • MF: "Keep setting them up and I'll keep knocking them down."
  • EXO: "I will mourn the death of...name deleted. No name on file."
Upon Killing IllaoiSquare Illaoi
  • MF: "I'm too old for fairytales!"
Upon Killing KatarinaSquare Katarina
  • MF: "Knives are so 32nd century."
Upon Killing Twisted FateSquare Twisted Fate
  • MF: "Here's some sleight of hand. You're dead."
Upon getting a Pentakill
  • MF: "Oohh, say the words."
    • EXO: "Repopulating bounty board."
      • MF: "Yes!"
  • MF: "Cleaning up the galaxy. Five dirtbags at a time."
    • EXO: "Now scanning for additional dirtbags."

Upon Buying an Item

  • MF: "More guns, more glory."
  • MF: "Mmm, that's the stuff."
  • MF: "Dunno what it is, but I like it."
  • MF: "Everything's a bullet if you believe."
  • EXO: "Integrating new hardware."
  • EXO: "Updating plugins."
Doran's Blade item Doran's Blade
  • MF: "I guess I could...throw it at someone."
Stealth Ward (Item) item Stealth Ward
  • MF: "An essential part of any balance arsenal."
  • MF: "This is how you keep a bounty hunter off your back."
  • MF: "I love wreckin' someone's day."
  • MF: "My eyes on the ground."
  • EXO: "Tactical party crasher acquired."
Use Health Potion item Health Potion
  • MF: "I can always use a drink."
  • MF: "Nice. My tactical beverage."
  • MF: "What is this mixed with?"
  • MF: "This is room temperature."
  • EXO: "Enjoy the great taste of...substance ID not found."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • MF : "It'd sure be a shame if I just left this right here."
  • MF : "Keep an eye out for me."
  • MF : "You're gonna make someone very unhappy."
  • MF : "Of all the galaxy's junk, this is some of my favorite."
  • MF : "Wouldn't wanna get shot in the face and left for dead. Again..."
  • MF : "Wish I'd had one of these back at the colony."
  • MF: "Do your job and I'll do mine."
  • MF: "A little active radar never hurt anyone."
  • EXO: "I see you."
  • EXO: "Now thwarting assassins."

Upon Casting Recall Recall

  • EXO: "Preparing to enter orbit."
    • MF: *snickering* "Enter."
  • MF: "At least they get to watch me leave."
  • MF: "Get a good look. Next time you see me, we won't be friends."

Upon Respawning

  • MF: "Last people who tried to kill me got crossed off my list. Let's give 'em the authentic gun goddess experience."
  • MF: "Every single one of them is dead."
  • EXO: "Greetings! Please select your bullet delivery apparatus."
  • EXO: "Reminder! Revenge on your would-be killers is a refreshing way to start the morning."
  • MF: "I'll finish what they started."
  • MF: "If you're gonna leave a girl for dead, at least buy her dinner first."
  • MF: "Get revenge, get paid. In that order."
  • EXO: "Now running violent revenge protocols."

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Who will fortune favor today?"
Against Player GangplankSquare Gangplank
  • "Get those Remove Scurvy oranges ready, Gangplank!"
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "Don't get cocky. I'll be back!"