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2010 Snowdown Showdown
Champion Background Strategy Skins & Trivia


  • Classic Skin
  • Cowgirl Miss Fortune
  • Waterloo Miss Fortune
  • Secret Agent Miss Fortune
  • Secret Agent Miss Fortune (old)
  • Candy Cane Miss Fortune
  • Road Warrior Miss Fortune


  • Miss Fortune was designed by Geeves.
  • Sarah Fortune is her real name, Miss Fortune is made to sound like misfortune.
    • This relates to the old sailor myth that women on ships were bad luck.
  • Her Ultimate's name,  Bullet Time, is based off of a term used in movies in which all action goes into slow-motion, a term coined by the Max Payne video game franchise.
  • Her matched pistols ('Shock' and 'Awe') are a reference to a military tactic which dictates the use of overwhelming firepower and battlefield awareness to drain the enemy's will to fight back.
  • Miss Fortune was one of the champions available to be chosen for the Noxian pool during the 2nd Ionia vs. Noxus match. She was one of the selected champions.
  • Miss Fortune could be a reference to Rue Meridian from "The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara" books by Terry Brooks. Rue Meridian is an airship crew member/mercenary that "is capable of charming any man". They are also visually similar. Gangplank may be visually based off her brother, a captain of the ship. 
  • Her twin pistols can be seen in the Mac Version Launch preview video for League of Legends.
  • Miss Fortune appearance in her classic looks is somewhat similar to Elza from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Elza, like Miss Fortune, is also a pirate(sky pirate actually), wears rather revealing attire and equips guns which the barrel have larger circumference at the muzzle.


  • Miss Fortune's selection quote: "Fortune doesn't favor fools!" is likely a spin-off of the latin saying: "Fortuna favet fortis", which translates to "Fortune favors the brave."
  • Some of her quotes are direct references to Han Solo from Star Wars A New Hope.
    • "I always shoot first": Refers to Han's shoot-out with Greedo.
    • "Don't get cocky": A famous Han Solo quote.
    • "I've got a good feeling about this": Han uses a similar phrase.
    • "Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself respawning at home!": An adapted version of one of Han's lines.
  • The French Taunt is a reference to the movie "The Good, the bad and the Ugly".


  • The pose she is in for her old Classic skin artwork resembles the Captain Morgan pose.
  • A poster of her in her classic skin has "Work Hard" written at the bottom in the Mac Launch preview.
  • Waterloo Miss Fortune skin is a reference to depictions of Napoleon Bonaparte at the time of the "Battle of Waterloo".
  • Mafia Miss Fortune, Gangster Twitch, Mafia Graves and Mafia Jinx share a Mafia theme.
  • Secret Agent Miss Fortune gives Miss Fortune a modern espionage Femme fatale theme.
    • Secret Agent Miss Fortune resembles the character of Jessica Rabbit of the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?".
    • Secret Agent Miss Fortune skin closely resembles Ada Wong of Resident Evil Series and Anna Williams of Tekken Series.
  • The background in the second Chinese Secret Agent Miss Fortune splash art alludes to the night street scenes found in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.
    • One of the neon bulletins in the background, 多兰武器坊, translates to "Doran weapon workshop".
    • The bulletin in the top-right corner has an image of Janna. The pose is the same she has in her Tempest Janna Chinese splash art.
  • In the Chinese Art for her Cowgirl Miss Fortune skin, you can see a poster to the left, declaring Bandito Fiddlesticks wanted.
  • The name of the Road Warrior Miss Fortune skin may have been inspired by the movie Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.
    • Her Road Warrior Miss Fortune skin closely resembles the post-apocalyptic clothing worn by people in the same movie.
    • The sawed-off double barrel shotgun design for the skin might have been inpired by Max Rockatansky's sawed-off double barrel shotgun from the same movie.


  • Miss Fortune is searching for the person who killed her mother, a man with red eyes.
  • Miss Fortune has a strong distrust for pirates and she finds herself constantly bickering with the infamous  Gangplank (the only captain to resist her charms) over the direction of Bilgewater politics.

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