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A Monster is a classification for neutral units in League of Legends. Monsters do not fight for either team, unlike minions, and will not automatically attack a champion unless they are attacked.

Monster behavior: movement, attack, and leash

Monsters reside in the jungle, and will not move from their designated camp until attacked, in which case the monster will move towards and attack the nearest champion, up to a certain distance from its spawning point ("leash" distance); if the monster is unable to attack any target or reaches its leash range, it will walk back to its original spawn point, regenerating to its full health. If attacked on its way back, it tries again to attack a champion. Since monsters attack the nearest champion, they can select a new target after having attacked. There is an internal counter for these target changes, and after having changed target 10 times, a monster will return to its spawning point even if attacked, regenerating its full health at a high rate, practically making it much harder to kill.

  • Monsters do not immediately "forget" champions that hide in bushes, and try to walk into the bush to attack.
  • A monster that can see a champion provides vision of this champion to all of the monsters in its camp.
  • Monster attacks are part melee (wolves, golems, Lesser Wraiths, Vilemaw and Lizard Elders), part ranged (Baron Nashor, Dragon, Young Lizards, Wraiths and Wights).

Monster camp respawn

After a camp has been completely cleared, it will remain empty for an amount of time specific to that camp (called respawn time), then all of the monsters will reappear.

  • A monster camp will not respawn unless all of its creeps have been slain. For example, if the Lizard ElderSquare.png Lizard Elder has been slain, but at least one of the two Young LizardSquare.png Young Lizard companions has not, the Lizard Elder respawn timer will not start until the last Young Lizard has been slain. Jungle invaders may deliberately do this to slow their opponent jungle gold/experience income, at the cost of the gold/experience of the monster(s) left alive.
    • This tactic can be counter-productive if :
      • The enemy team consistently, immediately kills the leftover monsters: in that case, not killing the last small monster is just a plain loss of gold/xp.
      • You dominate the enemy jungle, and expect to steal the enemy camp again when it respawns.
    • As a matter of fact, at high ranked levels, this tactic is rarely witnessed because junglers and teams are very consistent in clearing jungle camps - especially the buff camps.


Summoner's Rift
Twisted Treeline

Killing Monsters

As a general rule, like for any unit killed, killing a monster rewards its killer with gold and experience points. The experience is split between allied champion within a 400-unit range, while the gold goes to the last hitting champion. And like minions, the gold and experience rewards from slaying monsters increases as the game progresses.

Additionally, certain monsters offer greater rewards, like a buff or a gold global reward (some rewards go to the entire team, some to all of its living members). Some of the buffs granted are transferred to the enemy killer champion.

List of Monsters and Rewards

This table lists the initial statistics each monster grants, and the value of gold and experience granted when killing it.

  • The monsters spawn level 2 (6 for the DragonSquare.png Dragon) in Summner's Rift.
  • The monsters spawn level 1 in The Twisted Treeline.

Over time the monsters will grant additional rewards; monsters will level up after having been killed, except Dragon, Baron, and Vilemaw, who will level up throughout the game. Check the individual monster pages to see these level up values.

Camp Initial Rewards Health Damage Resistances Initial Spawn Respawn Time
Elder RazorbeakSquare.png Crimson Raptor +41 Gold; +210EXP 1200 45 Ar:15; MR:0 1:55 1:40
RazorbeakSquare.png Raptor  × 3 +9 Gold; +30 EXP 250 16 Ar:5 MR:0 1:55 1:40
Greater Murk WolfSquare.png Greater Murk Wolf +53 Gold; +213 EXP 1320 42 Ar:9; MR:0 1:55 1:40
MurkwolfSquare.png Murk Wolf  × 2 +16 Gold; +45 EXP 420 16 Ar:6; MR:0 1:55 1:40
KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug +60 Gold; +225 EXP 1440 73 Ar:12; MR:-10 1:55 1:40
KrugSquare.png Krug +14 Gold; +75 EXP 540 35 Ar:12; MR:-10 1:55 1:40
GrompSquare.png Gromp +62 Gold; +300 EXP 1600 83 Ar:15; MR:0 1:55 1:40
Rift ScuttlerSquare.png Rift Scuttler +50 Gold; +75 EXP 750 0 Ar:60; MR:60 2:30 3:00
Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel +36 Gold; +150 EXP; Crest of Insight.png Crest of Insight 2000 73 Ar:20; MR:0 1:55 5:00
SentrySquare.png Sentry  × 2 +20 Gold; +75 EXP 400 12 Ar:8; MR:0 1:55 5:00
Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback +36 Gold; +150 EXP; Crest of Cinders.png Crest of Cinders 1800 80 Ar:20; MR:0 1:55 5:00
CinderlingSquare.png Cinderling  × 2 +20 Gold; +75 EXP 400 12 Ar:8; MR:0 1:55 5:00
DragonSquare.png Dragon +25 Gold; +75 EXP to the killer and nearby allies; 1 stack of Dragon Slayer.png Dragon Slayer to all teammates 4940 230 Ar:21; MR:30 2:30 6:00
Baron NashorSquare.png Baron Nashor +25 Gold and +300 Gold to all teammates; +900 EXP all teammates; Exalted with Baron Nashor.png Hand of Baron to all living teammates 8800 500 Ar:120; MR:70 20:00 7:00

Camp Initial Rewards Health Damage Resistances Initial Spawn Respawn Time
WraithSquare.png Wraith +42 Gold; +140 EXP 1200 55 Ar:15; MR:0 1:40 1:15
Lesser WraithSquare.png Lesser Wraith  × 2 +12 Gold; +30 EXP 250 20 Ar:5 MR:0 1:40 1:15
Giant WolfSquare.png Giant Wolf +48 Gold; +142 EXP 1320 42 Ar:9; MR:0 1:40 1:15
WolfSquare.png Wolf  × 2 +14 Gold; +30 EXP 420 16 Ar:6; MR:0 1:40 1:15
Big GolemSquare.png Big Golem +66 Gold; +150 EXP 1440 73 Ar:12; MR:0 1:40 1:15
GolemSquare.png Golem +18 Gold; +50 EXP 540 35 Ar:12; MR:0 1:40 1:15
VilemawSquare.png Vilemaw +190 Gold; +? EXP to all teammates; Crest of Crushing Wrath.png Crest of Crushing Wrath to all living teammates 4831 113 Ar:75; MR:45 10:00 5:00


  • Monsters experience range reduced to 400 from 800. Monsters have been remade with new spawn timers, gold and experience. Gold and experience gain from killing monsters now scales over time.


  • Added small amounts of experience to various jungle monsters in order to maintain current jungling paths without the necessity of the Awareness mastery (which increases experience gained)


  • Jungle monsters that previously had negative magic resistance now have magic resistance of zero.


  • Monsters experience range reduced to 800 from 1250.


  • Monster AI has been improved and will now attempt to switch to a nearby target when you leave their leash range. Monsters can now reaggro if anyone in their camp is attacked while they are retreating.

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