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Champion Sneak Peak: Mordekaiser

By ByronicHero [1]

Whether you're having trouble spotting your champion during those hectic team fights, or you just happen to be a fan of awesome juggernauts in massive armor carrying gigantic weapons, we may have a solution for you. Allow me to introduce: MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser. If you have ever felt that your champion's aesthetic could be vastly improved by the addition of plate armor covered in metal spikes, this champion should definitely scratch that itch.

Gameplay update: juggernauts

By Colt 'Ezreal' Hallam [2]

Last but certainly not least, we took a look at ol' MordekaiserSquare Morde. Over the years, he's been a consistently difficult champion to balance thanks to his pretty unique mechanics. League's very own man of steel is a Iron Man shielded and manaless AP burst mage who's super slow, lacks crowd control... and is often played in a solo lane. So, rather than committing to balancing him in a patchwork fashion for the next few years, we decided to try something a little crazy. Here goes...

We're trying Mordekaiser out as a duo lane juggernaut, intended to step up in lieu of a regular marksmen pick.


Morde's rework has some pretty unique aspects. For starters, Creeping Death Creeping Death now only deals damage if Morde and his targeted ally stay near each other, a change intended to help entice Morde into duo lanes the way we mentioned. Secondly, even if he's playing in lane with a support, he'll earn full experience from any minion he's able to last hit (support will get their usual half share of XP) This means that Mordekaiser, unless he dies horribly beforehand, will always hit level six way before his lane opponents, and will always have a pretty handy advantage when it comes to bot lane battles and early game DragonSquare Dragon contests.

Speaking of dragon, check this out:

Whenever he deals damage specifically to the dragon, Mordekaiser Children of the Grave curses it - if his team's then able to kill it, Morde summons a Dragon Force specter of dragon that follows him around and fights for him. If you've ever thought about watching dragon and Baron NashorSquare Baron duke it out... well... now you can.


League of Legends Music- Pentakill Mortal Reminder

League of Legends Music- Pentakill Mortal Reminder

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