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Upon Selection

  • Mordekaiser Select
    "I shall bring great suffering!"


  • Mordekaiser.attack1
    "Time to shred."
  • Mordekaiser.attack2
    "How delightfully painful."
  • Mordekaiser.attack3
    "No pain, no drain."
  • Mordekaiser.attack4
  • Mordekaiser.attack5
    "Your sickness... sustains me."
  • Mordekaiser.attack6
    "Affliction... forever!"
  • Mordekaiser.attack7
    "This whole... living thing is... highly overrated."


  • Mordekaiser.move1
    "Misery loves company."
  • Mordekaiser.move2
    "If I must."
  • Mordekaiser.move3
    "For great... torment!"
  • Mordekaiser.move4
    "We shall see."
  • Mordekaiser.move5
    "Desolation is coming."
  • Mordekaiser.move6
    "So be it... summoner."
  • Mordekaiser.move7
    "You only need to click once, fool!"


  • Mordekaiser.taunt
    "Death would be too good for the likes of you!"


  • Mordekaiser.joke
    "I like my weapons how I like my music... heavy and metal!"


  • Mordekaiser.laugh1
    Mordekaiser laughs.
  • Mordekaiser.laugh2
    Mordekaiser laughs.
  • Mordekaiser.laugh3
    Mordekaiser laughs.
  • Mordekaiser.laugh4
    Mordekaiser laughs.

Upon Death

  • Mordekaiser.dying3
    "No... "

Twisted Treeline Altar Capture Responses

ProfileIcon WestAltar West Altar
  • WestAltar.Mordekaiser1
    "Mordekaiser, are you also a prisoner?"
  • WestAltar.Mordekaiser2
    "I serve you because I must, Mordekaiser."
East Altar
  • EastAltar.Mordekaiser1
    "I serve you gladly, Mordekaiser!"
  • EastAltar.Mordekaiser2
    "Free me, my lord, so I may aid you!"


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