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Champion Background Strategy Skins & Trivia


  • Classic Skin
  • Dragon Knight Mordekaiser
  • Infernal Mordekaiser
  • Pentakill Mordekaiser
  • Lord Mordekaiser



  • Mordekaiser's quotes are also metal references.
  • His quote , "No pain, no drain!" is a direct reference to his own mechanic , as he will not "drain" any shield for  Iron Man if he doesn't hit anything (the "pain")
    • It's also a reference to the song "No pain, no Gain" , by the German metal band Scorpions
  • Mordekaiser breaks the fourth wall on occasion, saying "You only need to click once, fool!" when he is ordered to move.
  • "So be it... Summoner." Is a direct reference to Return of the Jedi from the Star Wars saga when the Emperor says to Luke Skywalker: "So be it... Jedi."
  • Mordekaiser's quote, "Time to shred" is a reference to Shredding, a type of guitar play : consists of performing a very fast and hard melody solo , which is particularly common in Heavy Metal.
  •  Mordekaiser shares the same quote with  Evelynn"If I must."
  • Mordekaiser shares a quote with  Renekton"Carnage!"
  • Mordekaiser's quote "For great...torment!" is similar to  Heimerdinger's quote "For great science!".


  • Mordekaiser shares a Pentakill skin theme with  Karthus,  Sona,  Yorick and  Olaf.
  • Dragon Knight from Dota 2 shares a similar color scheme with Dragon Knight Mordekaiser.
  • Lord Mordekaiser originally had a spike on its belt, which was removed for suggestiveness. This could still be seen during the loading screen for a couple patches, but has since been corrected.
    • The skin in question may have been a reference to William Murderface's codpiece from the television show Metalocalypse.
  • Lord Mordekaiser skin resembles Lord Sauron from Lord of the Rings franchise.
    • To be specific, it also resembles the other Dark Lord from Tolkien works, Melkor/Morgoth from The Silmarillion, Sauron's master and the first Dark Lord.
    • It also resembles the first Overlord from the Overlord videogame franchise.
    • It also resembles the Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40000 Universe (the Chinese image is very similar to Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising cover).


  • Mordekaiser originally came from the Shadow Isles but is currently stalking the slums of Noxus.
  • Mordekaiser is in the metal band Pentakill with  Karthus,  Olaf,  Sona and  Yorick. According to the Journal, the band is said to be successful across Valoran.
  • The altars on the Twisted Treeline suggest :
    • "I serve you, because I must, Mordekaiser."-Western Altar, "I serve you gladly, Mordekaiser." -Eastern altar , Mordekaiser had(s) some high rank in the Shadow Isles, fortunately evidenced by his old lore which said that he was an undead general.
    • "Mordekaiser is not to be trusted, Hecarim!"-Western Altar, taking in count that Hecarim fights for the Shadow Isles, Mordekaiser actual goals aren't linked to the Isles, but to his personal benefits.
      • "Are you also a prisoner Mordekaiser"-Western altar, likely means that Mordekaiser affiliation to the Shadow Isles is forced, and he fights this by following his personal objectives, not of the Isles.
      • Apart from the altars, this quote (from his old lore) "The common perception is that the encompassing armor protects him, I fear that – for the fragile time being – it actually protects us."―Rozuel Fecirem, somewhat confirm the Western Altar quote, as his armor might be his prison.
  • Mordekaiser and  Hecarim know each other, and are stated to have similar beliefs, but disagree when it comes to how they achieve their goals.


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