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  • Mordekaiser (German: 'murder emperor') comes from Yun 'Stich' Lam's (Colt 'Ezreal' Hallam's girlfriend) online identity.[1]
  • Mordekaiser's title used to be 'the Master of Metal' and was going to be 'the Lord of Death' but after playerbase concerns it was replaced with 'the Iron Revenant' (suggested by NA Summoner Versaka)




MordekaiserSquare.png Classic Mordekaiser [S|L]
MordekaiserSquare.png Infernal Mordekaiser [S|L]
MordekaiserSquare.png Lord Mordekaiser [S|L]
MordekaiserSquare.png Pentakill Mordekaiser [S|L]
MordekaiserSquare.png King of Clubs Mordekaiser [S|L]


  • Mordekaiser is building his strength in the Shadow Isles until he can lay waste to Noxus and reclaim the Immortal Bastion (his old fortress laying at the heart of Noxus Prime)
  • Mordekaiser embarked on a metal-fueled journey to recruit Karthus Karthus, Yorick Yorick, Sona Sona, and Olaf Olaf in order to form Pentakill so they would Smite.png Smite and Ignite.png Ignite the whole of Runeterra with their music. [2]


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