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Champion Update: Morgana

By Conor 'fizzNchips' Sheehy [1]

We've just about finished our latest update on MorganaSquare Morgana, who's now dressed for success and ready to torment live!

Unlike most of our recent work, Morgana's update was predominantly aimed at brushing up the Fallen Angel's readability, meaning we focused on adjusting the gameplay clarity of her abilities. We've widened the visual width of her Dark Binding Dark Binding particle to better represent the actual size of the missile. Now Morg players can judge more accurately whether their Dark Binding Q's going to land, while her enemies can more accurately see where they need to get to avoid getting snared. We also fiddled with Tormented Soil Tormented Soil so that it's a little more visible in brush, and tweaked Black Shield Black Shield so you can better understand if Morg's Black Shield E has been taken out or just faded away. Finally, we made some changes to Soul Shackles Soul Shackles, giving visual and audio cues as the tether ramps up to stun, and adding a new unique sound whenever enemies successfully duck outside the tether's range.

Morgana VU Screenshots

Full Relaunch

Family Transcends All Bindings

By Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles[2]

Finally, let’s talk about another iconic League of Legends duo: Kayle and Morgana. Time has been a pretty kind judge to Morgana, though not so kind to her sister Kayle. For both of the winged sisters, we’ll be evolving their art with a new theme that binds their narratives together and gives them a stronger place in the League universe.

As for their gameplay, Morgana’s has held up well over the years, so if we do change anything, it’ll likely be adjustments to her passive or W in order to better match her new theme. Kayle, on the other hand, will be receiving bigger changes to her kit. We want to preserve Kayle’s identity as a champion who starts as a melee/ranged hybrid champion, and as the game goes on, ascends to become a ranged powerhouse, raining down holy judgement on any she deems unworthy. Not only do we want to preserve this, but we want to embrace it so it’s reflected in more than just her stats, radiating through her entire theme as well. The sisters are still a ways off, so look for more info on their development in the next Roadmap, scheduled for early next year.

Kayle and Morgana Update Teaser


Tales from the Rift - Login Screen

Tales from the Rift - Login Screen

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