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Morgana OriginalCircle Original Morgana
Chromaskins Chromas: Ebony, Pale, Toxic
  • Concept art of her shows that she was planned to wield a weapon described as an 'elecric whip with metal tips'.[3]
Morgana ExiledCircle Exiled Morgana
Morgana SinfulSucculenceCircle Sinful Succulence Morgana
Morgana BladeMistressCircle Blade Mistress Morgana
Morgana BlackthornCircle Blackthorn Morgana
Morgana GhostBrideCircle Ghost Bride Morgana
Morgana VictoriousCircle Victorious Morgana
Morgana LunarWraithCircle Lunar Wraith Morgana
Morgana BewitchingCircle Bewitching Morgana


  • Morgana despises her sister KayleSquare Kayle and wishes to destroy her.


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