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  • Morgana has the highest Level 18 base Attack Damage amongst ranged champions (115)
  • Morgana's dance references Tourner Dans Le Vide by Indila.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Morgana might have been named after Morgan le Fay from the King Arthur mythos.
    • She was first called 'Morgana Le', then 'Morgana Hex', until finally dropping the last name and being just 'Morgana'.
    • Her name derives from Proto-Celtic[1], whose meaning is debatable:
      • Most straightforwardly *Mori-genā "sea-born";
      • Or Morā-riganis "phantom queen".
  • Kayle and MorganaSquare Morgana's story resembles the struggle between Michael & Satan, dating back to Early Christianity[2].


MorganaSquare Exiled Morgana [S|L]
MorganaSquare Sinful Succulence Morgana [S|L]
  • This is her while she ran her bakery in Noxus (now a food cart)
  • This skin features in the Season 3 mastery Biscuiteer mastery 2013.png Biscuiteer's icon.
MorganaSquare Blade Mistress Morgana [S|L]
MorganaSquare Blackthorn Morgana [S|L]
MorganaSquare Ghost Bride Morgana [S|L]
MorganaSquare Victorious Morgana [S|L]
MorganaSquare Lunar Wraith Morgana [S|L]
MorganaSquare Bewitching Morgana [S|L]


  • Morgana despises her sister KayleSquare Kayle and wishes to destroy her.


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