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A mythical[1] item is an item that is crafted from at least one legendary item. They are more or less pricier than the legendary, advanced and basic items.

Item Name Cost Static Bonuses Additional Info

Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King item

3200g (900g) +25 attack damage
+10% life steal
+40% attack speed
Passive UNIQUE: Your attacks deal 8% of the target's current health in physical damage(60 max vs minions and monsters), down to a minimum of 10.
Active UNIQUE: Drains target champion, dealing 10% of the target's maximum health in physical damage (min. 100) and healing you for the damage dealt. Additionally you steal 25% of their movement speed for 3 seconds - 90 second cooldown. (450 range)
Recipe Bilgewater Cutlass item + Recurve Bow item + 700g

Hextech Gunblade

Hextech Gunblade item

3400g (800g) +40 attack damage
+80 ability power
+10% life steal
Passive Unique: +20% spell vamp
Passive Unique: Reload: Your basic attacks (on hit) and single-target spells against champions reduce the cooldown of this item by 3 seconds.
Active Unique: Deals 150 (+ 40% AP) magic damage and slows the target champion's movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. 60 second cooldown. (700 range)
Recipe Hextech Revolver item + Bilgewater Cutlass item + 800g


Muramana item

750 Mana Charge +1000 mana
+25 attack damage
+25% mana regen
Passive Unique - Awe: Gain attack damage equal to 2% of your maximum mana.
Active Toggle: Your single target spells and attacks consume 3% of your current mana to deal 6% of your current mana as physical damage.
Recipe Manamune item + 750 Mana Charge

Seraph's Embrace

Seraph's Embrace item

750 Mana Charge +1000 mana
+60 ability power
+50% mana regen per 5 seconds
Passive Unique - Insight: Gain ability power equal to 3% of your maximum mana.
Active Unique - Mana Shield: Drains 25% of your current mana to shield yourself for an equal amount for 3 seconds (120 second cooldown).
Recipe Archangel's Staff item + 750 Mana Charge

Champion-Specific Mythical item

These items can only be purchased from the shopkeeper while playing certain champions. They are tier 4 items that are crafted from at least one Legendary item and a recipe.

Item Name Champion Static Bonuses Additional Info

Perfect Hex Core

Perfect Hex Core item

ViktorSquare +6 ability per level

+60 ability power +500 mana

Passive Unique - glorious Evolution: Viktor Viktor has reached the pinnacle of his power, upgrading Chaos Storm.png Chaos Storm in addition to his basic spells.
Recipe: Prototype Hex Core item + The Hex Core mk-1 item + The Hex Core mk-2 item + 1000g


  1. The term used in this item tier is conjectural for lack of any official term released by Riot Games

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