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  • Classic Skin Skingallerybutton
  • Koi Nami Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 07-Dec-2012
  • River Spirit Nami Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 02-June-2014


  • Nami was designed by Classick.[1]
    • Nami was originally going to be named after Classick as "Romlariel", but this was decided against.[2]
  • The name "Nami" (波) has several different meanings in Japanese, but is commonly translated as "wave," as in ocean waves.
  • The name "Nami" is also a component for the term "tsunami" (津波) which was borrowed from Japanese vocabulary.
  • Nami's concept and "people" (The Marai) are inspired by the mermaid, a mythical creature, typically related to the sea.
  • The tiny sharks in Nami's joke are visually similar to the Pressman Toy Corporation board game Let's Go Fishin'.
  • Nami's lore draws some parallels with the Dinotopia series, where the safety of a fictional utopia was owed to the power of "sunstones".
    • As part of the story, the last of the sunstones were dying and the only known remaining supply resided beneath the ocean.
  • Nami's ability, Ebb and Flow.png Ebb and Flow, is a reference to the movement of water, often in relation to natural tides.
  • Nami's passive ability, Surging Tides.png Surging Tides, was originally named "Celerity".[3]
  • Nami's first ability, Aqua Prison.png Aqua Prison, was originally named "Hydro Blast".[3]
  • Nami's second ability, Ebb and Flow.png Ebb and Flow, was originally named "Surging Tides", which is now the name of her passive, Surging Tides.png Surging Tides.[3]
  • Nami's third ability, Tidecaller's Blessing.png Tidecaller's Blessing, was originally named "Aqueous Empowerment".[3]
  • If you search the item shop for 'hat' while playing Nami, you will find Boots of Speed item.png Boots of Speed. This is a reference to The Little Mermaid.


  • Nami's quotes, "Let the seas reclaim them," and "We are all tied to the ocean," are references to the theory that all life came from the ocean.
  • The "Eww, whale breath," quote is a reference to Ambergris, a component of perfume which is a substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. In short, the smell of perfume is the smell of whale's puke to her.
  • Nami shares a quote with GragasSquare.png Gragas: "Have a drink"
  • Nami, along with FiddlesticksSquare.png Fiddlesticks, are the only two champions to say a word in their laugh emotes.
  • In Brazilian version NamiSquare.png Spirit River Nami has special quotes.
    • While ulting she says "Da nascente, para a sua morte (From the fountain, to your death)" and "Enxurrada! (Flood!)"
    • She also has various quotes while attacking and moving.


NamiSquare.png Original Nami [S|L]
  • Nami's eyes were originally red in her classic art but was later changed to orange-yellow. On Nami's in-game model, her eyes are still pinkish red.
  • Nami's helmet in her classic art is black, but in game her helmet is distinctly purple.
NamiSquare.png Koi Nami [S|L]
  • Koi Nami is based on the Japanese koi (鯉) of the same name.
  • When Koi Nami does her joke, three koi are called out during the animation instead of three tiny sharks.
  • Koi Nami has koi fish animations applied to all of her skills except Aqua Prison.png Aqua Prison.
  • Koi also means 'love' in Japanese if written as 恋. This may refer to her nature as a support or her love for her people.
NamiSquare.png River Spirit Nami [S|L]
  • River Spirit Nami is a reference to Iara - a figure of Brazilian mythology said to live in bodies of fresh water and lure men into a spell by singing to them.
  • In the Brazilian version, this skin gains special quotes for attacking and using her ultimate.


  • The Ghost Viking's quote to NamiSquare.png Nami; "Sorry, fresh out of moonstones." might mean that the moonstones came from the Howling Abyss, and that the moonstone bearer had taken the last one already. He could also just be taunting her and her people's hardships in delivering said moonstone to its intended target.


Main Theme
Nami League Of Legends Login Screen With Music01:19

Nami League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

Login Screen

Nami's Theme
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League of Legends Music Tidecaller

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