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NamiSquare.png Classic Nami [S|L]
  • "Let the seas reclaim them" and "We are all tied to the ocean" references all life theoretically coming from the ocean.
  • "Eww, whale breath" references a perfume component called Ambergris which comes from the Sperm whale's digestive system.
    • In short that's what Nami thinks of whale puke when smelling perfume.
  • Nami and Gragas Gragas share the quote "Have a drink".
  • Nami and Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks are the only two champions to speak a word while laughing.
NamiSquare.png River Spirit Nami [S|L]
  • She has special quotes in Brazilian localization.
    • Tidal Wave.png "Da nascente, até a sua morte" ("From the fountain to your death")
    • Tidal Wave.png "Enxurrada!" ("Flood!")
    • "Isso é brincadeira de lambari" ("This is lambari's play")
    • "Eles não passam de traíras" ("They are nothing but trairas")
    • "Não desafie a natureza" ("Do not force nature")
    • Her joke mentions Jacarés and the sharks are replaced by piranhas.
    • "Ugh, bafo de piranha" ("Eww, piranha breath")
      • She also references Iara's myth throughout some others.
        • "Sua chama será apagada" ("Your flame will be extinguished")
        • "O rio sumirá com eles" ("The river will sweep them away")
        • "Renascida sob o luar" ("Reborn under moonlight")
        • "Quem você vê no espelho?" ("Who do you see in the mirror?")
        • "Um rio não muda o seu sentido" ("A river does not change its path")
        • "Chegue mais perto" ("Come closer")
        • "Minha inocência foi minha ruína" ("My innocence was my ruin")


NamiSquare.png Classic Nami [S|L]
  • Her eyes are orange-yellow but pinkish-red in-game.
  • Her helmet is black but purple in-game.
NamiSquare.png Koi Nami [S|L]
  • She references 鯉 the eponymous Japanese fish.
    • The sharks from her joke are replaced by these.
      • Her animations imitates them (except Aqua Prison.png Aqua Prison's)
  • Koi is also written 恋 (Japanese: 'love')
    • This might be referencing her Support nature and/or her loving her people so much she braved the depths so they wouldn't claim them.
NamiSquare.png River Spirit Nami [S|L]
NamiSquare.png Urf the Nami-tee [S|L]
NamiSquare.png Deep Sea Nami [S|L]


  • ProfileIcon0575 Iceborn Keeper "Sorry, fresh out of moonstones" implies Gregor knows something about the Marai Tidecallers (or is just making fun of Nami)


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