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  • NamiSquare Nami belongs to the Vastaya race and tribe known as the Marai, possibly from Latin mare ('sea'). They are the Vastaya inhabitants of the Guardian's Sea, near the coastline of Mount Targon.



Nami OriginalCircle Classic Nami [S|L]
  • "Let the seas reclaim them" and "We are all tied to the ocean" references all life theoretically coming from the ocean.
  • "Eww, whale breath" references a perfume component called Ambergris which comes from the Sperm whale's digestive system.
    • In short that's what Nami thinks of whale puke when smelling perfume.
  • Nami and GragasSquare Gragas share the quote "Have a drink".
  • Nami and FiddlesticksSquare Fiddlesticks are the only two champions to speak a word while laughing.
Nami RiverSpiritCircle River Spirit Nami [S|L]
  • She has special quotes in the Brazilian localization.
    • Tidal Wave "Da nascente, até a sua morte" ("From the fountain to your death")
    • Tidal Wave "Enxurrada!" ("Flood!")
    • "Isso é brincadeira de lambari" ("This is lambari's play")
    • "Eles não passam de traíras" ("They are nothing but trairas")
    • "Não desafie a natureza" ("Do not force nature")
    • Her joke mentions Jacarés and the sharks are replaced by piranhas.
    • "Ugh, bafo de piranha" ("Eww, piranha breath")
      • She also references Iara's myth throughout some others.
        • "Sua chama será apagada" ("Your flame will be extinguished")
        • "O rio sumirá com eles" ("The river will sweep them away")
        • "Renascida sob o luar" ("Reborn under moonlight")
        • "Quem você vê no espelho?" ("Who do you see in the mirror?")
        • "Um rio não muda o seu sentido" ("A river does not change its path")
        • "Chegue mais perto" ("Come closer")
        • "Minha inocência foi minha ruína" ("My innocence was my ruin")


Nami OriginalCircle Classic Nami [S|L]
  • Her eyes are orange-yellow but pinkish-red in-game.
  • Her helmet is black but purple in-game.
Nami KoiCircle Koi Nami [S|L]
Chromaskins Chromas: Smoke, Sunbeam, Twilight
  • She references the the brocaded Japanese carp, 錦鯉 nishikigoi; in contrast to any carp, simply koi.
    • The sharks from her joke are replaced by these.
  • Coincidentally, koi is also the kun-yomi reading of 恋 "love".
    • However, in Old Japanese, the two words were pronounced differently: 鯉 [kʷopʲi] with front /i/; & 恋 [kʷopʷɨ] with central /ɨ/.
Nami RiverSpiritCircle River Spirit Nami [S|L]
Nami UrftheNami-teeCircle Urf the Nami-tee [S|L]
Nami DeepSeaCircle Deep Sea Nami [S|L]
Nami SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Nami [S|L]


  • Iceborn Keeper profileicon "Sorry, fresh out of moonstones" implies Gregor knows something about the Marai Tidecallers (or is just making fun of Nami).
  • NamiSquare Nami is searching for the DianaSquare Aspect of the Moon, which is the only one that can create the Moonstone her people need to survive.