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Nashor's Tooth is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1]


Nashor's Tooth item
Nashor's Tooth
Gold 3000 (Gold 1000)
Stinger item
Gold 1100 (Gold 500)
Dagger item
Gold 300
Dagger item
Gold 300
Fiendish Codex item
Gold 900 (Gold 465)

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Passive Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth is 139.94% gold efficient.
    • Nashor's Tooth's gold efficiency is further increased by 12.5% for every 100 ability power obtained (excluding its own ability power).

Similar Items


  • Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth grants a minimum of +27 on-hit magic damage because its passive scales with the 80 ability power obtained from itself, granting +12 extra bonus magic damage along with the 15 base magic damage.
  • Nashor's Tooth's on-hit damage does not affect structures.
  • Nashor's Tooth's high ability power scaling on the passive makes it a potential pick up on technically any AP carry - especially ones that can lock down their opponent effectively.


  • Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth is named after the legendary monster, Baron Nashor Baron Nashor.
  • Nashor's Tooth's icon is a recolor of the icon for Stinger item.png Stinger, from blue to gold.

Patch History


  • Combine cost increased to Gold 1000 from Gold 900.
    • Total cost remains Gold 3000.


  • Attack speed increased to 50% from 40%.


  • Attack speed reduced to 40% from 50%.
  • Ability power increased to 80 from 60.
  • Item Cost increased to Gold 3000 from Gold 2920.


  • Ability power reduced to 60 from 65.
  • Additional Passive - Basic attacks deal 15 (+15% of ability power) as bonus magic damage on hit.
  • Combine cost increased to Gold 850 from Gold 430.


  • Item cost increased to Gold 2500 from Gold 2270.
  • Combine cost increased to Gold 430 from Gold 200.


  • Item cost reduced to Gold 2270 from Gold 2500.
  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 200 from Gold 250.
  • No longer grants any mana regen.


  • Cooldown reduction reduced to 20% from 25%.
  • Item cost reduced to Gold 2500 from Gold 2615.
  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 250 from Gold 400.


  • Item cost reduced to Gold 2615 from Gold 2735.


  • Ability power increased to 65 from 55.
  • Combine cost decreased to Gold 400 from Gold 500.


  • Attack speed increased to 50% from 30%.
  • Mana regeneration per 5 seconds reduced to 10 from 12.


  • Tooltip was updated to match the functionality of the item.


  • Mana regeneration per 5 seconds increased to 12 from 10.



  • Effect is now Unique.

V0.9.22.7: Added

  • Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth:
    • +30% attack speed.
    • +55 ability power.
    • +15% cooldown reduction.


  1. Itemlist on leagueoflegends.com

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